Stealing forbidden fruit, this year, there are still high school couples who want to rely on crabs to abortion

"Doctor, his stomach pain, is he aborted …" I met two high school students, a boy, a girl, wearing school uniforms in the emergency department.The boy explained to the nurse of the section clinic, "She is pregnant, we want to have a miscarriage, and we eat a lot of crabs. Now she is painful! …"

When I went to the emergency medicine, I heard a conversation between a high school couple when I registered, and I really thundered to me.There are still people who want to eat more crabs this year.Isn’t the high school students very avant -garde now?When I am pregnant, I ’m not going directly to the hospital … I even thought about eating crabs to abortion. This year, the TV series watched too much!

Afterwards, I found a colleague inquiring. These two high school students estimated that they were in the same room in the Qingming Festival. The girls found that they did not come to the holiday. They bought a test strip and two bars. They really became pregnant.I want to solve this matter before the final exam, but I do n’t want to let the parents of both parties know that the two do not know where to find out of pregnancy and do some strenuous exercise and have a miscarriage.Whatever jumping and sitting up.But it has been a few days later and found that there is no sign of abortion.Later, I did n’t know where to learn. Eat more crabs, especially crab feet, which can easily lead to miscarriage.This weekend, the little couple went to the restaurant to order 10 pots of drunk crab feet, pickled crabs, and crab pastes. I planned to rely on these foods to achieve their small goals.

Generally speaking, most people eating crabs will not have a miscarriage.However, crabs are cold in Chinese medicine, and the spleen and stomach of pregnant women are relatively weak. They need to avoid eating cold foods. Otherwise, gastrointestinal dysfunction may occur, and gastroenteritis may occur.The high school girl was eating too much pickled crabs, causing gastroenteritis and stomach pain.In addition, crabs are high -protein foods, and pregnant women occasionally eat in moderation to supplement protein.But be careful when eating, you can eat it before you can eat it. There are many bacteria raw crabs that are prone to infection.

1. Artificial abortion: It is used to directly use the method of equipment to suck the fetal sac and embryo tissue with negative pressure, and then scrape the uterine wall with a scratch, and scrape the residual embryo tissue and molten tissue.The advantage is that they can basically succeed, but the disadvantage is that the chance of injury and the chance of infection will be greater than that of drugs and cities;

2. Drug abortion is a drug that is taken to kill the embryo in orally, and then cooperates with the drug that promotes contraction. The embryo is discharged from the mother under the role of contraction.Clean, you need to do the palace again.

The above is the two ways to abortion in the medical book. It is not said that it can be used to eat crabs and do some strenuous exercise.If these methods are not good, it will cause severe bleeding, which will cause life to danger.Therefore, the above two high school students are properly handled under the guidance of the doctor.

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