Still owed 15 months?After being a landlord, the rent has to be discussed!

Ms. Zhou had a house in Zhuji Wanda Plaza, Shaoxing. When purchased in 2019, she signed an agreement with a hotel management company and handed the house to the other party to manage and manage.Ms. Zhou said that from November 2021 to the present, she received only six months of rent, and the remaining fifteen months of rent has not been settled.

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There is a Laotu selected hotel in Zhuji Wanda Plaza, Shaoxing.In the square, the Zhuji Branch of Zhejiang Huanju Hotel Management Co., Ltd. has fully operated and managed by the Zhuji Branch.Ms. Zhou said that when buying a house in 2019, the developer and intermediary company introduced that she signed the "House Entrusted Management Agreement" with the hotel management company at the sales office.Essence

Ms. Zhou, owner of Building E, Building, Zhuji Wanda: (House prices) are more than 630,000, and the real payment is more than 500,000. In the first year, the rent was folded in the house price.

The "House Entrusted Management Agreement" stipulates that the first year’s rent is 5%of the total price of the house, that is, 26,316 yuan, one at one time is deducted from the purchase of the house;36842 yuan, in the fourth year to the tenth year, the annual rent is from the operating profit of the hotel management company, and it is allocated at a proportion of hotel management companies to 20%and Ms. Zhou accounts for 80%.

Ms. Zhou, owner of Building E, Building, Zhuji Wanda: The second year’s rent was received from November 4, 2021, and received the rent in October 2021.

Reporter: From 2021 to the present, how many months do they pay for you?

Ms. Zhou, owner of Building E, Building E, Zhuji Wanda: Six months, the first four months was continuous. After we asked here in the next two months, we will be given to me one after another.

Reporter: June and July this year?

Ms. Zhou, owner of Building E, Building, Zhuji Wanda: Yes.

Reporter: It was still separated in the middle. Haven’t you given a point for rent?

Ms. Zhou, owner of Building E, Building, Zhuji Wanda Plaza: No.

Reporter: What is the total rent for fifteen months?

Ms. Zhou, owner of Building E, Building, Zhuji Wanda: Almost nearly 40,000.

Ms. Zhou said that the monthly rent was received at the beginning of next month. From March last year to May this year, she did not receive the rent that should be received in the 15 months.Previously, because of living in Luzhou and other factors, Ms. Zhou had always contacted the hotel management company through telephone. Until mid -May this year, she and several owners rushed from Luzhou to Zhuji.The negotiations only received a month’s rent last month and this month.

Ms. Zhou, owner of Building E, Building, Zhuji Wanda Plaza: He said that this Thursday will solve you two months (rent) for two months, next Thursday to you for two months (rent), but we have waited for a long time and gave us a one.moon.I said, didn’t you say that for two months for us?He said he would be able to receive it next week.Then we waited for a while, then asked again, and gave us another one, and it was another monthly rent.

Ms. Zhou told reporters that she rushed to Zhuji again on July 10th. Manager Shen of the hotel management company took out the "House Refund Confirmation", which indicates that "the houses and related equipment have been returned without other disputes."The rental settlement of the two parties will be paid by half before July 31 on July 31, and the remaining rent is paid before July 31. The remaining rent is paid before August 31.Who paid multiple matters around July 31, and made a corresponding agreement.Ms. Zhou said that although she signed the "House Retreatment Confirmation", she was still unwilling.

Ms. Zhou, owner of Building E, Building, Zhuji Wanda: I was worried that their white paper and black words would not be written, and they could not fulfill it, because the contract was not fulfilled before, and the hydropower meter helped us divide it. We can rent it.

Reporter: What is your house now?

Ms. Zhou, owner of Building E, Building, Zhuji Wanda Plaza: Now the water heater is implicated with them. We asked the water heater to be divided. At that time, when I bought a house, there was a water heater configuration for us. I also asked this question yesterday. He said that I would supply you hot water.So you don’t use it yourself.

Reporter: How about hot water?

Ms. Zhou, owner of Building E, Building, Zhuji Wanda: The hot water is 45 yuan per ton.

Ms. Zhou hopes to negotiate with the hotel management company again to supplement her specific requirements in the "House Return Confirmation".

Ms. Zhou, owner of Building E, Building, Zhuji Wanda: We feel that the terms inside are not in line and require changes or increases. He (Manager Shen) said that the confirmation letter could not be changed and it was printed by the company.

During the interview of the reporter, the hotel had already called the police. The staff said it was inconvenient to enter the building to shoot, and the reporter left contact information.According to the contact information in the "House Return Confirmation", the reporter called the manager of the hotel management company.

Manager Shen, Zhuji Branch of Zhejiang Huanju Hotel: This group of owners have been mediate on the street yesterday (No. 11). We have called the police and I do not accept the interview.

Reporter: President Shen, I can understand …

(The phone is hung up)

Ms. Zhou said that there are more than 150 houses in Building E of the Zhuji Wanda Plaza. As for whether the other owners in the building have received the rent as scheduled, she is not clear.Zhuji Huandong Street later gave feedback to reporters, and they had made a mediation for the owners and hotel management companies.Ms. Zhou considers this matter through legal channels.

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