Still superstitious fetal dream?This is actually the case, don’t be afraid if you understand it

"Three Kingdoms Volumes Fifty Wu Shu Five Concubine Biography" Pei Yue quoted in "Search God" in this record: "At the beginning, the wife was pregnant and dreaming of the moon, the right to be born.His arms, to sue Jian said: "In the past, the pregnancy strategy, Mengyue entered my arms, and today the dream day also entered my arms, why is it?"It is interesting!"

What does this passage mean?Let’s translate it.

Sun Jian’s wife dreamed that a round of moon entered her arms when she was pregnant.When she was pregnant with Sun Quan, she dreamed that a round of sun entered her arms.At this time, Sun Jian’s wife asked Sun Jian: "What does this dream mean?" Sun Jian told his wife: "The sun and the moon are the essence of yin and yang, which is a symbol of extremely expensive, which probably indicates that our children and grandchildren are prosperousIt’s. "

Regarding this record, we don’t know if it is true or false.However, since ancient times, from history to novels, the dream of fetal dreams has been passed on.In particular, there are many emperors. There are many records of their mothers who dream of some magical things when they are pregnant.So, what is the dream of fetal dreams?Is it not credible?Here, let’s take a look.

Especially in the third trimester, expectant mothers may have all kinds of dreams. For example, some pregnant mothers will dream of the baby’s scene or the baby rushing into her arms to call her mother. What is going on?

Some people say that fetal dreams can predict that pregnancy is related to production.Take Sun Quan, for example, Sun Quan’s mother dreamed that a round of sun entered his arms, and then Sun Quan later achieved hegemony.In fact, there are some research on the fetal dreams, but there is no scientific basis for the analysis of fetal dreams.Regarding the records of Sun Quan, the possibility of the descendants made such a baby dream in order to beautify Sun Quan.Therefore, for the analysis of fetal dreams, expectant mothers can be used to make a reference. Do not be too superstitious. If you affect your mood because of the baby dream, it will not be good.

As the saying goes, "I think about the day and dreams at night." Dreaming of expectant mothers may also be near production during the third trimester, which is too anxious.For example, pregnant mothers dream of being helpless at the crying baby, and may be that the pregnant mother is too worried that she cannot take care of the baby who is about to be born.Therefore, in the face of fetal dreams, expectant mothers do not have to be too anxious, and can take the dream of fetal dreams as an opportunity to interpret her heart.In this case, expectant mothers will understand the problems they are worried, so as to face these issues frankly with the prospective father.

Of course, dreamer of expectant mothers is common and normal.However, if expectant mothers are often awakened by nightmares and they cannot fall asleep when they wake up, so that they should pay attention when they are poor all day. In this way, it is likely to have a bad impact on pregnant mothers and fetuses.So, what should pregnant mothers do in this case?

At this time, pregnant mothers should relax. During their leisure, they should go out and walk away with her husband’s accompaniment, let go of their concerns, and don’t always think about it.When necessary, you can also ask for a doctor.

In short, the analysis of fetal dreams can be listened appropriately, but don’t think of it too mysterious, let alone overly superstition.Relax your mood and don’t be overly anxious.Only in this way can expectant mothers have a better pregnancy period.

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