Stir -fry pepper

When I had no appetite, I often stir -fry a plate of peppers, and I was steamed buns. After a while, I was filled with my stomach.

It is still because of a period of memory.

Since childhood, I have loved spicy and spicy. As long as I add a few more green peppers to the dishes, my sister and I have been happier than eating big fish.The mother didn’t want us to eat spicy food, she said she was afraid of getting angry and burning her stomach.

Once, my mother went to my mother’s house, and my dad had something to do at home. My sister and I seized the opportunity!

We were holding a small basket and ran to the vegetable garden. Weded the fine and long green peppers. The other dishes were fresh again, and we could not see it.

First rinse the pepper into the water. My sister said that after cutting the peppers, I couldn’t wash it anymore, otherwise I would have to wash the spicy taste. I really wanted to be full of it. What she said, I follow.

We have division of labor, she is in charge, I burn the pot.

When she cut the pepper, she burst into tears and fell off, as if she had been grievances. I looked at it and wanted to laugh, but she was still willing to stop, but just finished with her sleeves a few times.

As soon as the oil in the pot was heated, and a little bubbles came out, my sister couldn’t wait to pour the cut peppers in, pick up the spatula, turn around while squinting, and watch the changes in the peppers in the pot.

After a while, the pot was about to do it. My sister gave me an order, and "a little fire", while scooping the water with scoop, adding it to the pot.

For the first time, he was excited, and the two were in a hurry.

I feel that the vegetables are getting cooked. My sister found two large bowls, and it was full of screams.

My sister and I have a bowl of them. Although not salty enough, and a little confused, but with the meal fragrance of ourselves, we have a big steamed bun, a sip of dishes, how strong it is to eat.

The spicy mouth kept sucking the cold air, stretched out his tongue, and used the slap as a fan, and kept moving up and down.If you can’t stand it, you will push up the cold water for a few mouthfuls, and you don’t feel spicy.

It wasn’t until the two of them had a good stubborn, and the belly was round that it stopped.

After eating a lot of food in the future, I still feel that the stir -fry pepper is the best and the most enjoyable.

I did not expect that a frying pepper once stimulated my taste buds and made me reminiscent.

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