Stomach discomfort during pregnancy, what to do with nausea and heart burning?

Eating is a kind of attitude. Eating is a kind of 25 crafts on the eight major cuisine of the old ancestor to prevent us from being hungry.

The pregnant mother temporarily removed the burden of "weight loss". She should have been eating with food with food.Early pregnancy response will endure, and it will endure. When it comes to the second trimester, is it still burning and sour and tossing?

These issues that make it difficult for most people will have a rumor to try to explain it.

It is said that heart burning in the second trimester is because the fetus is growing hair. The more severe the fetal hair grows, the better the fetus.How can this burn the sense of superiority?

Of course, rumors cannot be believed. Speaking of science is the correct posture of our baby.In the middle of pregnancy, the fetus continues to grow, the uterus continues to increase, and the uterus rises to misery the stomach, so many discomfort occurs.

The increase in progesterone in the body has also led to relaxation of the muscles that control the gastric acid reflux in the lower esophagus.Taking advantage of the "relaxation of supervision", the stomach acid is not wrong, and the countercurrent to the lower part of the esophagus makes the stomach uncomfortable burning sensation.

Pregnant mothers who have been tortured by gastric disease before pregnancy are even worse at this time. There is no most uncomfortable, only more uncomfortable.

3 tricks teach you to relieve stomach discomfort during pregnancy

Stomach discomfort is not a disease. Generally, there is no need to take pills. If you want to relieve it, start with your daily diet.

Eat the meal well, burning heart cremation grounds, pregnant mothers should avoid overeating when eating every day, eat as little meals as much as possible, prepare soda biscuits or puppets, and feel chewed when they are burning.

The spicy and greasy taste, refusing hard; cold stimulation is difficult to digest, and the temptation is not shaken.Tobacco and alcohol have been quit, and carbonated drinks are temporarily put down.Don’t make your stomach aggrieved for a while.If the stomach is uncomfortable, the pregnant mother is not good, so don’t hurt each other.

There are restraint in diet, and life habits should not be presumably.Sitting straight during meals, increasing the difficulty of gastrointestinal soreness, and making gastric acid aware of it.

Walk after meals to help the food digestion. Don’t lie on the bed as soon as you get off the dining table.Before going to bed at night, don’t talk well before going to bed before going to bed.When sleeping with a few pillows to raise the head, it can also alleviate the heartburn caused by gastric acid reverse flow.

Mild stomach discomfort is normal, and pregnant mothers do not have to be too nervous.But in a few serious situations, they cannot endure torture silently.

Especially before pregnancy, stomach problems are entangled. When gastric acid reflux occurs in the middle and late pregnancy, gastric disease can easily recur, and even worsen and further seriously.

If the pregnant mother is nauseous and vomiting, the stomach pain is unbearable, and even the blood in the stool. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time and do not take the drug by themselves.

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