Stomach pain during pregnancy?Mom, don’t take it in heart, may be the "help" signal from the baby

Her colleague Xiao Zhang has been pregnant recently. She is very happy because she and her husband have been pregnant for more than two years, but the stomach has not moved. Now she finally pregnant with her child.It was a little painful. At first she didn’t take it seriously, but she felt that it might have been cold recently, just rest, but Xiao Zhang lay on the bed for a few days and found that the stomach still hurts.Simply, I was busy going to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that fortunately Xiao Zhang came to the hospital in time. If he was delayed for a few days, the baby in his stomach might not be guaranteed.

The doctor said that the stomach pain in early pregnancy is likely to be a sign of warning. This is a signal that the baby is "asking for help" to the pregnant mother. Do n’t take it to the hospital for examination.The doctor also said that there are about three causes of stomach pain that causes aura abortion:

1. Beltic pain caused by low progesterone

Periations can thicken the thickness of the endometrium in the early stage, so that the fertilized eggs can more steadily bed in the uterus and can provide nutrients for embryos during embryonic development.When progesterone content is low, the embryonic development is not sound, and it is likely to cause miscarriage.When the progesterone content in the pregnant mother is too low, a sign of warning will occur, which will cause the pregnant mother’s small stomach pain. At this time, the pregnant mother should treat the hospital in time for treatment.

2. Stomach pain caused by too low placenta

The normal embryo should be bed inside the uterus. If the embryo is bed in the lower part of the uterine, it will be close to the uterine mouth when the embryo is slowly developing.In this case, pregnant mothers should pay attention to rest, prohibit all severe exercise, and do not do squatting.

3. Stomach pain caused by overwork

Some women are inherently idle, which is often said "toil". In the early days of pregnancy, they felt that their belly was not big, and the actions were convenient.Husbands make breakfast, and then start organizing the room, pouring flowers, selling vegetables in the vegetable market, etc., busy every day. Such labor may not be much to women before pregnancy, but in the early pregnancyMoms should be avoided. Early pregnancy embryo development is not particularly stable. If the pregnant mother is overworked and the stomach is painful, the pregnant mother should consider whether the fetus is "asking for help" at this time. In the early pregnancy, the pregnant motherBe sure to keep enough rest and not too tired.

Pregnant mothers, do n’t think it ’s a trivial matter when the stomach is painful. Regardless of it, this may be that the baby is asking us for help, and the pregnant mother should pay attention.

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