Stop these two tomatoes immediately!One is susceptible to cancer, 1 kind of stomach hurts the stomach, and it will cause death!Every bite is harmful

Tomatoes are sweet and juicy, delicious, and it is appropriate to eat hot summer.More importantly, in addition to the delicious temptation, the health and health effect of tomatoes should not be underestimated.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that tomatoes have the functions of strengthening the spleen, appetizing, refined thirst, stomach stomach to eliminate food, flat liver and heat, and diuretic stools.Modern medicine has found that tomatoes have the effects of sun protection, anti -aging, anti -cancer, digestion, constipation, lowering pressure and lipids, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

From this point of view, the tomato must have a face value, taste and taste, ability and ability, and don’t be too versatile!Don’t you have to "dazzle" quickly?Slow!Xiao Bian reminds everyone that although tomatoes are good, do not eat the following two!

Stop these two tomatoes immediately!1. Ueicant cyan tomatoes are not mature cyan tomatoes, which contain a large amount of toxic substances -dragon sunflower, also known as dragon sunflower, tomato, potato toxins, which are widely existing in potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants.In plants.

Dragon alkali not only has strong irritation and corrosiveness on the gastrointestinal tract, but also has the effects of central paralysis and hemolysis.If the human body takes too much intake, it is easy to poison. If you are light, you can get bitter, numb, and dry in your mouth, and then appear acute gastrointestinalitis such as nausea, vomiting, saliva, abdominal pain, diarrheaIt can even cause death.Dragon alkali is more toxic. The poisonous dose of the human body is 2.8 mg/kg weight, and the poisonous dose of children will be lower!Dragon alkali is high in immature tomatoes, and 58 mg of tomatoes per 100 grams of tomatoes.

What is the concept?For example, a 50 kg adult woman can make it poisonous only 140 mg of sunflower alkali, that is, a slightly larger unburreous green tomato may be "poisoned"!However, the content of alkaline in the tomatoes will gradually decrease with the continuous maturity of the tomatoes. Until the tomato mature is red, it basically disappears, and it will be non -toxic when eating.Therefore, everyone must choose mature tomatoes from picking to eating.

2. Long black spots with tomatoes in the west of tomatoes in the west of the tomatoes, dark spots, and rotten deterioration, which are mainly caused by the contamination of spores.Jianlong spores are a fungus that can metabolize a toxin in the contaminated tomatoes -the intercourse spore toxin.This toxin has carcinogenic and other health risks!It should be noted that intercourse spore toxin not only exists in the dark spots, but it will penetrate and spread from the rotten spots to the non -rotten part.Therefore, it is not possible to remove fungal toxins completely.

Many studies have found that "normal" parts within 2cm of rotten places can still detect fungal toxins.The parts other than 2cm rot are relatively safe.Nevertheless, in general, it is not recommended that you eat long black spots with black spots, especially if a small one should throw it away, don’t take healthy bets!As for a large and small black spots, small and low rotten tomatoes, if you are reluctant to throw it, you must at least dig out the black spots and the flesh within 2cm around.

Well, Xiaobian said here about these two types of tomatoes that are harmful to human health.The following editors share the knowledge of tomatoes that people must know that people must know, let’s take a look together ~

Tomatoes eat well, or eat well?It’s all right, prohibit pulling step on!★ Eating raw, first of all, the weather is warm and hot, steamed and boiled, and many people have poor appetite and poor digestion.At this time, eating tomatoes is not only refreshing, but its unique sour taste also helps stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, promote appetite, and help digestion.

Secondly, tomatoes are rich in natural antioxidants vitamin C, which often helps beauty and beauty.Eating tomatoes raw can maximize protecting these vitamin C as the human body.Generally speaking, adults only need to eat 100 ~ 200 grams of fresh tomatoes a day to meet the daily vitamins needed for the human body.But everyone should pay attention, do not eat tomatoes on an empty stomach.Because tomatoes contain more glue, fruit, persimmon glycol, etc., it is easy to combine with gastric acid to generate block stones.★ Cooked tomatoes can prevent cancer, sun protection, and aging, which is mainly due to the lycopene it contains.

Caimantoine is a lipid -soluble substance, which is often bonded with protein. It is wrapped around the surrounding cells. It must be heated to a certain degree to dissolve and release it from it. The raw absorption rate is very low.Therefore, to take lycopene, you must cook it.

Is it suitable for tomatoes?How can it be!Tomatoes are so good, and they are not suitable for everyone. For example, the following two types of people: ① patients with acute gastroenteritis, acute bacterial dysentery should not eat tomatoes, which will aggravate the disease;Consumption of tomatoes.The previous category is good to understand, what is the latter category?

It turned out that although the tomatoes are not high in purine, it contains more glutamic acid, which can provide raw materials nitrogen for purine synthesis and increase the synthesis of uric acid in the human body.In addition, the phenolic acid contained in tomatoes will inhibit the renal excretion of uric acid, which will increase uric acid and induce gout.However, so far, how many tomatoes to eat will cause gout to be unclear, and it needs to be further studied. Therefore, it can only be suggested that the relevant people should eat as little tomatoes as much as possible.

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