Story: I am still withdrawn when I am pregnant, because the girl’s behavior is known by the man

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There is no impervious wall in the world, but when this wind strikes, she cools from head to the feet.When the remarriage became the fact that she couldn’t change, if she had a hole under her feet, she really wanted to drill in.

But there is no ground hole, so she can only continue her own hot mountain jade.

A blind date and getting married soon after getting married, I seemed to embark on the other side of happiness.However, the accident and surprise tomorrow, no one knows which one comes first. For Shirley, the first is accident.

Say it is unexpected, and it seems to be reasonable.In short: "If you don’t know, you don’t know if you don’t do it."

Yesterday, I went back to my mother’s house. I heard that Xue Li, who had just been engaged in less than half a year, was more than two months pregnant, but the man had to retire.

The reason is that he does not want to marry a girl who is unclean hands and feet. It is the so -called: "Stealing the needle for an hour and stealing gold." Actually, I was thinking that the man was pregnant in Sherry, and he was still trying to retire.People also steal it.

The Sheli family has four brothers and sisters, one sister, one sister, and a brother.She ranked second at home, and her family was poor at that time, so her parents only gave birth, and the raw things were completely handed over to grandpa and grandma.

The conventional generations were kissed, plus grandparents and grandma remembered all day long. In their opinion, as long as you give your children a warm and warm.And they have never taken the matter for their children’s education.

Initially, she stole her grandma’s money, five yuan, and her grandmother thought that her child was greedy, and she didn’t take it seriously.Later, 100 yuan, even a few hundred stolen, and when she roared and scolded, Sherry had already deviated from the order.

Regardless of the child who could find this money, her grandmother only put the money in the valley, and she couldn’t find it again.

And when Grandpa’s money was not stolen at home, she locked her eyes.


The house she stolen at first opened a small sale in our village.In terms of the relationship, it is Grandpa Shirle’s brother, and then Shirley is called Grandpa.

Later, according to the memory of Shirley’s little grandfather, that day, Sherry came to the house to tease his grandson to play. Later, his grandson fell asleep. His name was Xueli back.Then he went upstairs to collect peanuts. Originally, he thought about the work for a while, and closed the door, but the room of the small sales department just closed it, but it was not locked.

Who would like to do so for ten minutes? When someone shouted that she wanted to buy a bag of cigarettes at home, she found that the money was wrong when she was looking for zero to the other party.

Because he went upstairs to collect peanuts that day, he just sorted the money, and he put one hundred yuan elsewhere, and there were only more than 200 yuan in the pumping box.

And when he was looking for money to buy cigarettes, he found that two hundred yuan was gone.Sheli had a stealing money at home, and she was known by her grandfather and scolded the village.Soon the young Grandpa’s little Grandpa, he knew that the money was taken by Xueli.

When Shirley’s little Grandpa, when she asked her grandma to say this, her first reaction was impossible.why?Sheli stole their money and was finally found. Her grandma remembered that her grandfather interrupted a rough stick, and at the same time, she promised that she would never steal money again.

This was not a month, so Xueri’s grandfather promised that she dared not dare.

After all, she was only 11 years old at that time. Her grandfather did not believe that a girl would have such courage.

But the final fact was faced. At first, she did not admit that her grandfather was thinking about her family affection, so she didn’t investigate it.Just from then on, she would not let Shelli go to play at home, and one month later, when she learned from the youngest granddaughter Xuelan’s mouth, she bought snacks in the school, but when she did not give her, she felt in her heart.I feel uneasy.


So while Xueli was not at home, she packed up her room in the corner, and found more than 80 yuan in a pair of rotten rains under the bed.After repeated inquiries, Sherry had to admit the source of the money.

At that time, Shirley’s grandparents did not talk about the matter for face.After understanding the truth, in order to prevent the villagers from knowing it, she educated her a few words.

Soon after, there were new mobile phones bought by the village next door.After thinking about the host, and after asking, someone in the village saw Xueli hurriedly left from her house.

It turned out that Xueli went to play with her daughter who lost her mobile phone that day, but her daughter was not at home, and she just bought a mobile phone and returned. She was just dismantling the box.The appearance of the phone was good -looking, and Sherry had a bad thought when he saw it.

In fact, she had left at the time, but she remembered in her heart. In those days, she had been looking for classmates for a few days to find the opportunity to start.

When the opportunity came, Sherry was decisively shot.

Later, when the owner who lost his mobile phone came to the door, Grandpa Shirle was reluctant to believe it, but he was in his heart.

Finally, the mobile phone was found in the winter clothing pocket in the Sheli cabinet. For a while, the stolen things in the village and the village next door were full of boiling.

In this case, Xue Li should have shame according to common sense and know how to converge.But Sherry’s heart was itchy, and she could say that she couldn’t help it.

Later, she was in junior high school and often stole her classmates in school. After repeated teaching, the school could only expel her.

At that time, Shirley’s parents made a lot of money outside. When the public ordinary junior high school expelled Shirley, her parents spent money to let her enter the best private school in the county at that time.


For her stealing thoughts, in addition to living expenses, she also gave her hundreds of flowers.At the same time, she told her that she could never steal it anymore.

Sheri promised to be good on the surface, but after a month, she stole her classmates’ money one after another, and finally stretched her hands to the school’s small sales department.

It is not surprising that it is not surprising to be seen by ghosts.

It was not lucky, and Shirley was caught by the boss at that time.So she was fired by the school again. After coming out of the school, she went to work outside.

If you go outside to work, it is impossible to steal it anymore.I only know that almost ten years have passed. She may have forgotten what stolen things, but outsiders remember clearly.

Sheli and her boyfriend knew through a blind date. She had a little bit of color, and the men’s conditions were not bad. In addition, the matchmaker’s clever words made it only for more than a month to get married and pregnant.

When I am pregnant, I have to put on the agenda when I am pregnant, but when I see the marriage, she has made a mistake that she has made. I do n’t know who it is to the man.

When the man learned about Xueli’s things, he regarded Xueli whether she was pregnant, but insisted on remarried.

Now that she is married, Xueri also beat her children.

The man withdrew his divorce during Xueli during pregnancy and seemed a little unpopular.But marrying a wife and marrying, if you marry a thief home, then it will be endless in the future.

It can be seen that the man’s remarry in such a situation must have been struggling.

Shirley’s parents now regret it. If this would be like this, then she should not be attentive to make money and ignore the education of children.

But there is no if life, some are just results and consequences.

This result is very bad, I hope Sherry can also reflect on this.No one can rewrite the history, but the new future has been in my hands.

Life is not afraid of making mistakes, what is afraid of mistakes and mistakes.

And people must understand at any time: To embrace each other with happiness, they must be clean and of love.

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