Sudden renal failure after 7 days of cold!Doctor reminds: Don’t take a cold medicine like this, it’s dangerous

Ah sneezing, sneezing, Uncle Wang heard sneezing and said, "Lao Yuan, you have a cold."

After listening to, Uncle Yuan replied: "Yes, the weather recently said that cooling down will cool down. I didn’t have time to add a quilt last night, and I caught a cold.

After the old uncle and Uncle Wang narrated the old, he went to the pharmacy to get medicine.But after eating for a day or two, the symptoms of the former uncle runny nose, sneezing, cough and other symptoms have not completely improved. The original uncle who wanted to get better quickly increased the amount of medication.It’s so fast. "

However, after the dosage of the original uncle became larger, the urine became less, the face of the face, and the swelling of the legs. Sometimes, the urine was panicked, but a drop of urine could not urinate out of the urine.Essence

All kinds of abnormal phenomena made Uncle Yuan suddenly realized whether he had other diseases, so he immediately went to the hospital to inform the doctor about his situation.

After the doctor knew, the original uncle had a blood test. The results of the examination showed that the blood creatinine in the original uncle increased by 302 μmol/L. This value was significantly higher than the normal value. This indicator was mainly used to determine whether the kidneys were damaged.It seems that Uncle Yuan is a kidney failure.

The doctor informed the original uncle and instructed: "Uncle, you must follow the doctor’s advice to take medicine in the future.It is easy to hurt the kidney too much. I now prescribe some drugs for keeping kidney for treatment. You must remember to go to the hospital for review every month to adjust the treatment method at any time. "

The uncle Yuan regretted the result and thought: "The original medicine really couldn’t eat it randomly."

In fact, in daily life, the number of renal failure due to excessive use of cold medicines like Uncle Yuan is not a minority.The main reason is that everyone does not understand what damage will bring to their bodies.The doctor reminded: "Don’t take a cold medicine like this, be careful of kidney failure."

Cold as a common disease, the cure rate is very high, often taking medicine by themselves can solve the problem.Drugs that treat colds can be purchased directly in pharmacies, but because such drugs are non -prescription drugs, everyone may not be very rigorous when taking it.

For example, some people will reduce the dose of medication because of the bitterness of the medicine; some people will increase the dose of the drug privately because they want to get better, or mix several drugs.

The doctor just wanted to say: "This is a misunderstanding method of medication. The former will cause the disease due to insufficient dosage, which will increase the condition and harm the body; the latter will increase the risk of renal failure."

Why does the latter’s drug use increase the probability of renal failure?In fact, this has a lot to do with the acetaminol contained in the cold medicine.

After a cold, under the stimulation of virus, bacteria and other pathogens, the content of inflammatory media in the body will become more, which will cause stimulation to cell tissue, cause inflammation of them, and cause discomfort such as fever and cough.

The acetaminophen is a non -sterite anti -inflammatory drug, which can reduce the release of the inflammatory medium and reduce the response of the inflammation.Mixing suspension and so on.

If you increase the dose of the drug or mix the above drugs, the content of acetaminol in the body may exceed the amount of metabolism that the kidney can be.

This will increase the burden on the kidneys and cause toxins to accumulate on the kidneys, which will affect the kidney function, and it will cause renal failure when the situation is severe.But in fact, not only cold medicines, these common drugs in life are not friendly to the kidneys.

Cold, take some medicine; get angry, take some medicine; headache, take some medicine …

However, the drugs have a certain toxicity, the types of drugs are different, and the side effects of toxicity are different.However, common drugs and side effects, there are gastrointestinal and intestines such as indigestion, nausea, etc., jaundice, abdominal distension and other liver damage related manifestations, as well as renal toxicity. When taking the following two types of drugs, you must pay attention to its renal toxicity.

1. Sulfa, bisexilin B and other antibiotics

When we go to get off work, go to work, and go out every day, the air and contact objects that pass may have bacteria.In our lives, it can also be said that bacteria are everywhere.Therefore, if you do not pay attention to personal hygiene, you can easily be infected by bacteria and suffer from disease.

For diseases caused by bacteria, antibiotics with antibacterial and anti -inflammatory effects are usually treated, such as sulfa and bisexilin B.When you use these drugs, you recommend obeying your doctor’s advice. Do not have the idea of increasing the amount of drugs, you can accelerate the idea of recovery of the disease.

Because such drugs are generally metabolized in the kidneys, the amount of drugs is too large, which can easily lead to damage to the renal function.For example, sulfrazoline, sulfa metamol, etc. After entering the kidneys, it is easy to refer sulfa crystals in the renal tube and block the renal tube.The bisexin B will not only cause stimulation directly to the renal tube after use, resulting in renal tubular damage, but also can cause renal tubular vascular contraction, which will affect renal function.

2. Some Chinese herbal medicine

In the eyes of the older generation, Chinese herbal medicine is safer, and the harm to the body is small, so it is often not very rigorous when taking medicine.In addition, the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of diseases is relatively long, the effect is slow, the drug entrance is very bitter. Some patients want to recover quickly, or end the behavior of drinking Chinese medicine every day, which is prone to increase the amount of medication.

However, as long as it is medicine, there will be three -point toxicity, and Chinese herbal medicines are no exception.For example, the thunderous vine, who is very small in everyone’s eyes, is actually a drug with a large toxicity. The ingredients contained in the category will cause irritation to the kidneys and cause the kidneys to be damaged.

Generally, under the guidance of a doctor, dialectical medication generally does not cause excessive damage to the kidneys. If it is too much, the ingredients contained in the body exceed the load of the kidney, which will cause renal function to be damaged.

In short, both the above two types of drugs are advised to pay more attention when taking it. After all, the drugs are cashmere, but they dare not eat it randomly.And the kidneys have the effects of urine, regulating blood pressure, and metabolic toxins in our body. If it is toxins produced when it is damaged, the toxins produced by the body organs cannot be excreted from the body, which is harmful to health.Therefore, defending kidney health is very necessary and important for everyone.

Once a guy drank Cola as a water, and almost three bottles of cola every day. He eventually suffered from uremia due to renal damage and suffered from uremia. He was only 24 years old.I believe everyone knows that uremia is a very serious and difficult disease.Therefore, it is very important to maintain kidney health. It is recommended that you do the following aspects.

In the magazine of "Kidney International", a study has published a study saying that the health state of the body during pregnancy during pregnancy has an impact on children to prevent kidney disease, that is, kidney health may have something to do with congenital factors.Therefore, a mother who wants her child’s kidney is healthy, please see it.

Researchers, 50 kidneys were obtained from the subjects of corpse anatomy. These subjects were 28-85 years old, including 30 men, 21 patients with high blood pressure, 5 diabetic patients, and 5 renal function.Essence

When researchers compare the number of glomerus, the number of foot cells, volume, and density of the subject’s glomerus, the number of subjects found that some subjects are 200,000 in the number of glomerus balls, and some subjectsThe number of balls exceeds 2 million, and the number of glomerular numbers has a large number of foot cells.Earlier studies have shown that the more the number of foot cells, the healthier kidneys.

Researchers combine this discovery with the results of human models of human models before: "In pregnancy, if pregnant women are in pregnancy, if there are malnutrition, drinking, lack of vitamins, and gestational diabetes,When it is reduced, and pregnant women do drinking and balanced diet, the risk of infants will reduce the risk of kidney disease. "So the above conclusions are drawn.

Therefore, if you want your child’s kidney health, it is recommended that expectant mothers avoid the above behavior.In addition to congenital reasons, if you want the kidneys to be healthy, the acquired environment is particularly important.

First of all, drink plenty of water, because drinking plenty of water can increase the irrigation of the kidneys and accelerate urine production. While excretion of urine, you can take away the poisonous substances that stay on the kidneys.Essence

Secondly, you need to stay away from carbonated beverages, such as cola, because carbonated drinks contain phosphate. For too much such substance in the blood, it will cause calcium to accelerate.Kidney stones are harmful to renal function.

Furthermore, do n’t urinate, the bladder capacity is limited. If a certain capacity is reached, everyone chooses urine when the urine is generated.Then urine may return to ureterals, kidneys and other places.

Some of the harmful substances such as toxins and bacteria in our body will excrete the body along the urine.Therefore, long -term urination may cause damage to the kidneys and ureter, which will cause nephritis and ureteritis.If the situation is serious, it will also develop into uremia. This behavior really recommends that everyone stays away, especially those who are too lazy to move.

Finally, drink less strong tea.

my country’s tea culture has a long history, about 4,000 years, so many people like to drink a cup of strong tea in the afternoon.However, after the combination of tannic acid contained in tea, it will produce difficulty.These substances stay on the kidneys, which will increase the probability of suffering from kidney stones and affect the blood circulation of the kidneys, which will cause damage to the kidneys.Therefore, drink tea, but pay attention not to put too much tea!

The kidneys have many functions in our bodies, such as regulating endocrine, generating urine, metabolic poisoning substances, etc. If it is damaged, the toxins in the body cannot metabolize, which will have a great impact on physical health.And once a guy, because of drinking cola as water, causing renal failure, which suffered from urgent healing diseases such as uremia.

Therefore, maintaining kidney health is very important for everyone. It is recommended that you avoid the behavior of abuse of drugs, random drugs, and drinking cola to drink water.

When pregnant women are pregnant, try not to drink, balanced diet, and sufficient sleep, so that this will make the child’s kidney healthier.In normal times, it is recommended that you drink more water, drink less thick tea, do not urinate, and stay away from carbonated drinks, because these acquired behaviors can play a positive role in defending kidney health.

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