Suddenly came to leave for 8 months of pregnancy?After medical treatment in time, the doctor stated that "I don’t have to be afraid of it."

Pregnancy is never a simple matter, and if you don’t pay attention during pregnancy, you may encounter various problems.Some problems If you do not raise your vigilance, pay attention, it is likely to cause a big disaster.

Yesterday, I was chatting in the group. A prospective mother was talking about her various situations during pregnancy, which also aroused everyone’s memories.Many Baoma remembered the past in her pregnancy. There were laughter and tears, and many memories were very unforgettable.

Among them, Lele Mom said that she had a thrilling experience during pregnancy.Lele Mom mysteriously told everyone, "I was in the eight months of Music Lele, and I came to menstruation."

Everyone’s first reaction is impossible. By pregnancy will be discontinued. This is common sense. How can it be pregnant for 8 months and still come to menstruation?

Later, Lele Mom told us the details.

"At that time, I was going to the toilet and found that there was blood on the underwear. The whole person was blinded.

Then hurriedly shouted Lele Dad and took me to the hospital.After checking the results, I was still uneasy. When my husband took the report to find a doctor, I was really sweating, so I was afraid of something wrong.

As a result, the doctor smiled and comforted me after watching, ‘Nothing is nothing, you are here very time, so do n’t be afraid.Your reaction is not a menstruation, but a sign of a threatened abortion.You find it early, let’s treat it quickly, no problem.‘

After listening to the doctor, the big rock in my heart finally landed.After that, I will be hospitalized, otherwise there may be no music now."

After listening to Lele Mom’s telling, everyone was nervous, but fortunately, the ending is very good.

What is the situation of aura abortion?In fact, threatening abortion is a sign of before abortion.

If a pioneering abortion occurs, there will be vaginal bleeding when you are pregnant for seven or eight months of pregnancy, which is very similar to menstruation.It’s like Lele Mom.

The aura abortion cannot be ignored. If it ignores it, it is easy to cause lower abdominal pain and low back pain, and then it will be severe.

Depending on the child’s development stage, the situation is different, the name of the abortion is different.In addition to threatened abortion, there are also inevitable abortion, incomplete abortion, complete abortion and expired abortion.

Understand the harm of threatened abortion, what is the reason for the threatened abortion?The reason for triggering a threatened abortion is not a single, but a variety of.

In general, there are four reasons.

1) Endocrine disorders

This is the most common reason for triggering signs of miscarriage.If the endocrine system in the pregnant mother has disorders, the organs of the body will be affected. If you do not attract attention, you will cause a pioneering abortion when the problem is serious.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to endocrine problems.Do not wait in time if you have any questions.

2) Pregnancy development problem

The second is that the embryo development is abnormal. Once the embryo develops abnormal, it may cause a pioneering abortion.At this time, various examinations must be in place to see if the chromosomes are normal.

3) Genetic color dye

This situation is more dangerous. The threatened abortion induced by the in -chromosomes will appear at all stages of pregnancy. The most common situation is that it appears in the early pregnancy.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to finding a doctor in time.

4) Uterine development abnormal

The last reason is that many people are more clear, that is, uterine development is abnormal.Such as the twin uterus, the uterine too small, and so on.Once the uterus is abnormal, it is naturally difficult to develop normally when the uterus is abnormal.Abortion is more normal.

We have clearly caused the reasons for threatened abortion.In addition to congenital factors, we can avoid the acquired factors.

First of all, do not exercise strenuous during pregnancy, do not raise things, and pay more attention to rest. This is very important.

Secondly, pay attention not to irract X -rays 3 months before pregnancy. X -rays are ionizing radiation. This radiation will hurt the human body, and the impact on pregnant mothers will obviously be greater. Therefore, we must pay attention.

In the last point, we must maintain a pleasant mood during pregnancy.This is very important for the normal development of the fetus.And pay attention, do not have sex during this period.

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In addition to the above, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to dietary problems during pregnancy.This is also critical to the development of the fetus.Eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement and supplement nutrition.

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