Summer is here, if you have heat stroke, what to do, read all the text

Summer is here, and heat stroke is most likely to occur, especially the special groups such as middle -aged and elderly, pregnant women, and children. So how to emergency heat stroke?

The heat stroke is the main manifestation of the central nervous nerve and / or) cardiovascular dysfunction as the main manifestation due to the temperature regulation of the central function of the center functional disorder, the dysfunction of the sweat glands, and the loss of hydrolysis due to the temperature regulation of the body temperature regulation,Acute disease.

Keep in mind that under the conditions of "summer heat, high temperature, and (or) high humidity conditions, so suspecting that the heat stroke is the focus is to get rid of such an environment.

1. Avoid direct sunlight

Heat stroke must occur in a high -temperature indoors or outdoor environment.If there are patients with heat stroke, first transfer it to ventilation and cool places under high temperature conditions, let it lie down, unbutton the collar, and make it breathing smoothly.

2. Reduce body temperature

Regardless of whether it is physical cooling or drugs to cool down, the patient first cools down after moving the patient.Use a pot of cold water or a few diluted alcohol to wash the patient’s head, neck, armpit, thigh root and other arterial blood vessels to reach the cooling effect; it can also use drugs to cool down under the guidance of a professional doctor.

3. Quickly take drugs for treating heat stroke

Huoxiang Zhengqi Shui, etc. is a good medicine to relieve heat, and should be stored as ordinary families.Especially in the hot summer, if there are patients with heat stroke in the family, they can take the heat stroke after treatment of the above steps to relieve the symptoms of heat stroke.

If the situation of patients with heat stroke is serious and unconscious, you can first press the acupoints such as the people, Hegu and other acupoints to wake him up as soon as possible.If the above rescue measures do not work, please call the emergency phone 120 in time to take it to the hospital for medical treatment to avoid delaying the illness.

5. Pay attention to rest

Patients after heat stroke should rest quietly in a cool place for a while, don’t rush back to work, so as not to cause more serious consequences. If you have not eased, please go to the hospital as soon as possible.Pay attention to rest, do not bring your illness.

1. In the summer, add more water, pay attention to the light diet, pay attention to the heatstroke prevention and heat, do not expose the sun in the sun, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, so as to avoid the problem of heat stroke.

2. Try to avoid going out if conditions permit, because exposure to the sun for a long time can easily produce dizziness and heat stroke.

3. Usually eat less fruits that are easy to get angry, such as litchi, longan, etc., you can try to eat more fruits such as cherry and strawberries.

4. Drinking a lot of water is necessary, because the body sweats more in summer, and a large amount of drinking water is required to supplement. In addition, the mung bean soup is also good for the body and drink less drinks.

5. Sleep is also an important aspect. In summer, you need to ensure sufficient sleep, improve your body’s immunity, and effectively prevent heat stroke.

6. If you walk around or work under the sun, you must do a good job of protecting. Plasizables, sunglasses, etc. are all as complete as possible.

7. Carrying with cooling and heat -relieving drugs in the summer. When a precursor of heat stroke appears, take timely use to help relieve heat stroke in time.

When the heat stroke is expensive, if the patient’s face is yellow, or the face is wrong, you have to be wrong. If you do n’t have any fineness, you want to sleep, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, etc.It is necessary to respond in time.

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