Summer pregnant women’s swimming preparation and appropriate conditions

In the past, the elderly always said that "pregnant women were banned from swimming" In fact, as long as they master the water temperature, exercise and swimming methods, swimming has many benefits for pregnant women.So what preparations do pregnant women want to go swimming?

What are the appropriate conditions for pregnant women?

Preparation of summer swimming preparations for pregnant women and appropriate conditions

1. It is best to keep the water temperature at about 30 ° C (85T). On the one hand, at this kind of water temperature, muscles are not easy to cramp or fatigue. On the other handYour body temperature rises.If the water temperature is below 28 ° C, the uterus will be tight, which may cause premature or abortion.When swimming, choose the time that the uterus is not easy to be tension (10 am to 2 pm). If the water temperature is too high, it will feel tired.

2. Not every pregnant woman can swim or swim anywhere.Before launching, you must first measure blood pressure and pulse, and do various examinations.The qualified person can swim under the conditions of the water temperature of 29-31 ° C and has a special coach.

3. Pregnant women should choose the correct and reasonable time for swimming exercises.The best swimming time is 5-7 months of pregnancy, because the fetus has been stable at this time, the organic growth is in place, and the physiological function has begun to play a role.In the third trimester, in order to avoid early breakthrough and infection, swimming should be stopped.

4. Pregnant women should choose backstroke. It is a good exercise posture floating in the water and gently driving water, which can relieve low back pain. In addition, it is not advisable to move severely during training to avoid tiredness.

5. Choose a swimming training site with good sanitary conditions, and there are full -time medical staff present.On the one hand, it plays a psychological comfort, and on the other hand, if something happens, full -time medical staff will take measures immediately.There are some pregnant women’s swimming training schools to help pregnant women exercise.

6. In order to avoid sliding before or after water, it is best to wear non -slip slippers. It is not taken off at the edge of the pool, or immediately put on non -slip slippers after the water.

7. Don’t excessively stretch your joints.Because there is buoyancy in the water, you often easily stretch the joint without knowing it.

8. Do not dive.After pregnancy, the physical condition is very different from before pregnancy. Pregnant mothers must not blindly believe in their physical condition, so as not to dangerous incidents of drowning.

9. If the weather permits, try to choose the outdoor swimming pool.In this way, you will not be stimulated by the taste of chlorine gas and cause discomfort.Of course, the latest swimming pool filtering system is to replace chlorine with stronger sterilization and tasteless ozone.If you can choose such a pool, there is nothing to worry about.

10. Remember to replenish water or juice after swimming or after swimming, just like doing other sports.Because swimming is also a kind of movement, although there are water around, there may still be dehydration.If you have the habit of traveling several times, you are better to do pulse measurement or understand the speed of speech at any time to determine whether you have excessive exercise.When many people arrive in the water, they don’t know their physical fitness. If after being measured, find that you already have excessive exercise, you should slow down the amount of exercise or simply rest on the shore.

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