Sun Yan is wearing a piece of clothes for 10 years, picking up second -hand clothes during pregnancy, and the frugality is admirable.

On December 3, Sun Yan took two photos with his billboard on the social platform, and wrote "I filmed in the mall last night, encountered a beautiful woman, I couldn’t bear to take a picture with her" and laughed at three sneaks.Emoticon, it seems that the mother -in -law is also very narcissistic, haha!The coat she wore caught the attention of netizens and instantly caused heated discussion.

In the photo, Sun Yan Suyan appeared. Although the mask covered her most of her face, a pair of big eyes was very agile. It can be seen that the whole state is very good. The khaki cotton jacket with a retro sweater is simple and low -key.Yeah, it’s really a girl!

Netizens said in the comment area, "It’s so coincidental, I also encountered this beauty" and left a message.

Among them, careful netizens discovered and exposed the picture. This coat on Niangniang had appeared in the photo as early as ten years ago. Did a piece of clothes wear it for ten years?It’s really incredible!

In fact, Sun Yan wore a photo in November 2010 and posted on a social platform. The whole person was wrapped in the clothes, and it was very funny to tease that the mother could not find himself.

Another photo is Reuters in the crew of "Zhen Huan Biography". You can clearly see that it is also the same clothes!

Netizens all said that the mother -in -law is too frugal!For ten years, ordinary people are very difficult to do, and Sun Yan is still a big star, it is really difficult to believe!

In fact, Sun Yan has always been a very frugal and low -key person in her life. In an interview, she revealed that she wore a dupar that she worn by friends during pregnancy and said that she was pregnant for only one year.Some of the children’s clothes are also second -hand clothes. I have to say that the mother -in -law is really an environmentally friendly Little Master, which is so frugal.

In addition to frugality, Sun Yan is also a well -known health expert. He often shares healthy knowledge on social platforms. He is omnipotent for fitness, reading, writing, etc., and lived a colorful life. It is too good to live!

It is reported that Sun Yan was filming a new drama recently. It seems that there are finally new works to meet us. It is really looking forward to it.

Sun Yan and Deng Chao are model couples in the entertainment industry. They have one child and one daughter. They are very happy and warm. I hope that the family will always be happy and happy!

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