Sweet potato is a "small ability" in strengthening the spleen and stomach. Who can’t eat more?

Sweet potatoes are common staple foods in life. They are satisfied with the physical conditions. Many benefits can be harvested under the premise of correcting sweet potatoes. They can help lose weight, provide sufficient cellulose to promote intestinal motility, enhance immune capacity, and improve physical anti -cancer and anti -cancer capabilities.So more and more people like to eat potatoes.Some people also use sweet potatoes to strengthen the spleen and stomach, but not everyone can eat sweet potatoes. If it is not suitable, it may have a negative impact.

Who is not suitable for sweet potatoes?

To eat sweet potatoes to understand related taboos, there are accumulated food, which is prone to flatulence. Do not eat sweet potatoes first.Sweet potatoes are rich in starch, while high -protein and high starch foods are consumed for a long time.

Many gases will continue to produce during the digestion. When you have accumulated food, it is easy to fart and bloate, you do not choose the right food. The gas is largely produced and cannot be excreted smoothly. Usually, the abdomen has discomfort.Consider multiple conditions.

Most of the sweet potatoes are very sweet, mainly with rich sugar substances, and don’t eat too much sweet potatoes when you have high blood sugar.High blood glucose islet -to -human islet function, and insufficient insulin secretion for a long time will cause the metabolism of sugar substances and consumption problems, thereby the influence of indicator fluctuations.

For a long time, high blood sugar can cause blood vessels, nervous system diseases, and even affect the heart and kidney health. If you can stay away from foods with high sugar lift index, choose other foods that can help regulate blood sugar to control the disease, and the hidden dangers of the disease can be eliminated.

Do not eat sweet potatoes during diarrhea. The cause of diarrhea is complicated. Some people have gastrointestinal dysfunction or food poisoning, which will show diarrhea. Most of the diarrhea also appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc.The digestive system gradually restores health.

During this period, the diet was kept light. Choose rice porridge, vegetable soup and other supplementary energy. Those foods that speed up intestinal peristalsis are avoided.Sweet potato itself is rich in dietary fiber. After intake, the stomach may be stimulated, and diarrhea usually worsen, and stay away.

Different constitutions have different precautions in the diet. If it is easy to allergic, to understand which foods are allergic to the body, and less contact in life.

Some people like to eat sweet potatoes, but they are allergic to sweet potatoes. When they eat sweet potatoes or other foods related to sweet potatoes, they will have adverse reactions due to the influence of some substances inside. The common situation is skin allergies and rash.Knowing that allergies should stay away, otherwise repeated allergies will also cause trouble to normal life.

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