Swimming in the pool may be pregnant as a mother?

Sperm only has a short life in the swimming pool, and it has also become an important obstacle to its mission.The water of the swimming pool must be disinfected, clarified, and killing algae. Disinfection is generally used for chlorine -containing disinfection agents such as bleaching powder to clarify the suspension impurities in the water to precipitate the water in the water.Copper sulfate is realized.It is not difficult to imagine that the oxidation of chlorine disinfection agent, the toxicity of copper sulfate, and the infiltration pressure of the pond water and the environment of the body fluid will make them uncomfortable.Professor Li Weiping, deputy dean and deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Renji Hospital of Shanghai Second Medical University, said that sperm can only survive for 1-2 hours in the swimming pool where the chlorine gas disinfection is disinfected.

The combination of sperm eggs, a sperm is far from the sperm -egg binding is not the fastest swimming little tadpole to achieve it at the end. It requires many sperm to cooperate with the fertilization process.Human egg cells are outside the protective layer called "radiation crown" and "transparent belt", while the sperm head has a cellular device called "top body", which contains the top body enzyme system.When the sperm enters the fallopian tube close to the egg, these enzymes are released, and the radiation crown and transparent band are dissolved to open up a channel with direct egg cells.However, the amount of enzymes contained in a sperm is far from enough. Only with the joint efforts of many sperm, can this blood path be killed and the lucky hero can break the last barrier of the egg cells."It is also.Generally, men will release about 200 million sperm in one -time intercourse, and only hundreds of reactions can be reacted to the top body near egg cells.

(Radial crown and transparent belt)

The World Health Organization’s judgment standards for normal semen include: 2-6 ml of semen, and the number of sperm is greater than 20 million/ml [2].The number of sperm in normal semen is about 40-60 million/ml. When it is less than 10 million/ml, it must be artificially assisted by medical methods.

If you really want to conceive in the swimming pool

Assume that the swimming pool is 50 meters long, 10 meters wide, and 2 meters deep, and 10 men have done what should not be done within nearly 1 hour in the swimming pool (this assumes that the world is too terrible), then there are about 50 mlSemen (assuming that they are the best group army -60 million/ml), including about 3 billion sperm, which are released into these 1,000 cubic meters of water.Sperm concentration was diluted into 3 million/cubic meters.Calculated with this concentration, in order to complete the mission, at least 20 million sperm is required to launch an offense (one -tenth of the normal troops) according to the minimum standard, that is, at least 7 cubic meters of water must enter the girl’s body.

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