Talk without blush, slap during pregnancy

1. Can pregnancy be popped?

For most healthy pregnant women, sexual life is safe during pregnancy, except for high -risk mothers.Even if you know, you still need to pay attention to related hygiene and posture issues.


Can I live sex during pregnancy?

The answer is yes.Pay attention to the early and in the early pregnancy. You may be relieved in the second trimester, because the pregnancy is divided into three stages:

Early pregnancy: 0 ~ 12 weeks (12 weeks in total)

During this period, many people feel that the bed in the early pregnancy is not stable, worried that it is not good or even abortion for the baby.In fact, if it is not a high -risk maternal, no premature experience and unknown bleeding, you can also live in the early pregnancy. There is no problem with the general posture, and the activity can be gentle.

PS: Although most of the reasons for miscarriage are caused by genetic defects, pregnancy, or incomplete embryo development, too intense pregnancy sexual life must not exist.

In the middle of pregnancy: 13 ~ 28 weeks (a total of 16 weeks)

After 3 months of pregnancy, the placenta has been formed, and the position of the fetus has risen to the abdominal cavity above the navel. Early pregnancy reaction ends, and the fetus has entered a relatively safe stage.

Under normal circumstances, pregnant mothers in the middle of pregnancy are enhanced because of the influence of hormones.Due to vaginal congestion during pregnancy, it will make it more sensitive than usual. I heard that the only real climax of many female compatriots in this life is that it occurs during pregnancy.

Although the prospective dad can run mad at this time, you still have to pay attention to hygiene and position, and don’t be too rough.

Late pregnancy: 29 ~ 40 weeks (a total of 12 weeks)

Three months before giving birth, due to hormones, the sexual desire of female compatriots will be reduced. If the uterine contraction is stimulated in the later stages of pregnancy, it is easy to cause premature birth. At this time, try not to force sexual life.


If these situations occur, it is not recommended to have sex during pregnancy

For babies, it is recommended that high -risk mothers do not have sex during pregnancy.If you do not have an idea, you need to consult the doctor’s opinion.

① There have been abnormal fertility history such as habitual abortion and premature birth.

② There are abnormal conditions such as pre -placenta, placental peeling, excessive or too little or too little amniotic fluid, unexplained fetal position, expired pregnancy, abnormal fetal development, huge fetus, pregnancy hypertension syndrome and other abnormalities.

③ Pregnant women with heart disease, chronic nephritis, diabetes, acute infectious hepatitis, tuberculosis, severe anemia and other pregnancy complications.

2. Papa during pregnancy, do the baby know?

Children’s sex education is a very important subject, but it starts in the stomach, is it too early?/(ㄒ o ㄒ)/~~


Will sexual life hurt the baby during pregnancy?

The baby is wrapped by the amniotic sac (the inner layer of the placenta, a balloon -like ball full of warm liquid). It can cushion the external irritation, soft and safe, hey, the shockproof function is also very good, the baby is very safe.

In addition, the cervix is sealed by mucus to ensure that the baby is in a sterile environment. Therefore, the semen of the prospective dad will not hurt the baby.In short, the babies are relatively safe when they pay attention to hygiene and position.


Do babies know that you are popping?

The baby doesn’t know.Besides, do you remember what happened before birth?

The movements and sounds of the pregnant mother’s body, and what happened in the outside world is the daily life in the baby world.And the amniotic sac is wrapped in the baby, and it also avoids the baby’s seeing or feeling that the prospective mother is popping.

Sometimes you are slamming. You may feel that your baby is moving. This is because the baby feels the heartbeat and emotions of the pregnant mother. The baby is responding, not because he hit the baby.

PS: When reaching the orgasm, the blood flow of the pregnant mother will increase, which also increases the oxygen and nutrients transmitted to the fetus.

3. Precautions for Papapa during pregnancy


What is the most suitable posture during pregnancy

As the pregnant mother’s stomach is getting bigger and bigger, you must be careful about what you do, and try to avoid intense and overwhelming abdomen movements, and avoid lying flat during the third trimester.Traditional men’s positions are very uncomfortable for pregnant mothers. The more comfortable and safe posture during pregnancy is the rear -entry and face -to -face lying.Women’s superiors are relatively safe.

PS: Avoid oral sex and blowing air, one is to prevent oral herpes, and the second is that blowing gas can cause air embolism (bubbles cause blood vessel blockage), which may cause life to danger to mothers and children.


Can I not need a condom during pregnancy?

If you trust your husband’s 100 %, I believe he is 100 % good health, and 100 % will not go out to make flowers when you are pregnant, then it doesn’t matter if you do it well, you don’t wear it well.

However, although pregnant mothers stop ovulation during pregnancy, from the perspective of safety, it is best to use condoms during pregnancy, which will reduce the chance of infection.

PS: Sexual life itself is a source of infection. If the body is not allowed, it is best to discharge in vitro.

At this point, the editor who should have blushed was indifferent, and it turned out to be an old driver.

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