Ten pregnant mothers have nine back pain, these 4 tricks can help you relieve

Lotial pain during pregnancy is a problem that many pregnant mothers will encounter. According to surveys, 50%-75%of women will cause back pain during pregnancy.Some back pain during pregnancy can be relieved quickly, but some torture the pregnant mother.How can we reduce low back pain during pregnancy? Today we will talk about it!~

1. Take the correct sleeping position

After pregnancy, properly lying and rest can promote blood circulation and relieve soreness. When lying down, you can use a soft cushion to raise your legs.However, sleeping the habit of lying on the side and bending your legs, this can not only effectively reduce the burden on the waist, but also relieve the feeling of discomfort during pregnancy.

When pregnant women sleep, they can use a soft waist pillow to pad, so that they can effectively relax the pressure of the abdominal muscles, relieve the symptoms of low back pain during pregnancy, and can also prevent legs and feet swelling, hypertension, hypertension during pregnancy.

2. Avoid standing for a long time

Standing for a long time after pregnancy will easily lead to pain in the back of the back, especially in the middle and late pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant mothers should avoid standing for a long time. If you stand tired, you must quickly find a place to sit down and rest.If you want to stand for a long time, the pregnant mother can stand on the front and back of both feet, and change the front and rear positions every few minutes, so that the leg muscles can be effectively soothing.

3. Keep the correct sitting position

Pregnant mothers should not avoid Ge You paralysis.When sitting down, avoid humpback and waist. During the limited extent when you feel comfortable, try to straighten your back, choose a seat with a back, and lean against the back of the chair. If necessary, you can also put a small pillow behind.When you sit, your thighs are sitting on the chair, keeping the knee and the same level of the hips, and the legs can be opened in parallel.

4. The best posture of walking

When pregnant mothers walk, try to keep as easy and relaxed as before pregnancy. Both eyes look ahead, straighten the spine, the footsteps should not be brisk, keep the whole body balance, step on step by step, and walk steadily.Don’t protrude from the abdomen forward, so that it is not only easy to get fatigue, but also the eyes are blocked by the bulging belly, which is prone to accidents.When you go up the stairs, every foot is stabilized.In the order of the tip and heel, put the entire foot on the steps. If you have a handrail, you must walk to avoid falling.

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