Thai Cinderella’s ups and downs: Why is there a child and a dancer, why is it abandoned again?

The story of Cinderella and the prince only has a fairy tale story.

In a high -end club in the water gate, under the light and dark light, a good -looking woman was performing hard.

In the blurred light, the white skin of the dancer is like glycry, which is very rare in the dark skin of Southeast Asia. The skin of the dancer is firm and smooth. She has a slightly baby face, and she has some charm and naughty.Originally, the beautiful face was more perfect under fine -tuning. It can be said that people are not forgotten!

With the rhythm of the music, the performance reaches the climax, and the viewers applauded. As the highest club in Bangkok, the guests are all expensive. There is a downtale of the instrument.With the reminder, he reluctantly left. People may not know that he is the heir heir of the future throne of Thailand ~~ Wakaralonki, Lama Tenth.

The beautiful dancer on the stage is the princess Siram, the later princess of Lama Tenth, and was later known as "the most beautiful princess in Thailand". Because of the referral of politicians, Bangkok’s fame dancer, Limi, met the Crown Prince of the future.Maha, this legendary secret love kicked off!

If Siramia can predict that she will become the princess in the future, she will not go to dancer no matter how poor, but there is no possibility of reunion. Slami was born in a poor family.The dishes are born.

Sirami and sister

In this family of heavy men, her sister dropped out of school and followed the work of selling vegetables. Siramia saw her sister’s hard work but could only earn a little money. She vowed secretly in her heart to make a head -up!

Fortunately, the appearance of Slami’s appearance from an early age, and is smart and smart. In 1993, Siramia was admitted to the Bangkok Business School. After that, he frequently entered and exited high -end clubs.Threading dance to meet the noble officials.

The youthful appearance of the student days

With his outstanding performance and the name of the name, Slami attracted the attention of politicians. He voted for it and introduced Siram to the crown prince Maha at the time. I did not expect that Slami was the type that Maha liked!

As a result, Slami entered the palace as a palace girl and started the lover of the crown prince Maha!

Coincidentally, when Slami knew Maha, at the moment of the emotional crisis of Maha and the second princess Yuwada, Yu Wada, who had a strong desire to win and defeated Maha, was 40 years old.The embrace of the air force’s marshal Aande.

In order to revenge this derailed incident, Laron Gong had publicly "awarded" the rank of "Marshal of Air Force", his own lady, the "Marshal of the Air Force"!

It was simply the soil on the Tai Sui, and naturally was retaliated by Maha. Yuwada was chased and killed all the way. He took five children to flee the UK overnight.Step, and the fourth son loses the right to the throne!

The second princess Yu Waida

Siramia knows that Crown Prince Maha’s nature is unwilling to be a doll who has been played with him and abandoned. In 1997, Slami entered SukocaiAdult university studies, but this trick is retreating into the middle of the middle of the middle of the middle, he is tired of the woman who took the initiative to hold her hug.Still the first time!

As a result, Maha is very powerful to righteous Slami, but Sirami’s low origin and black history allowed the opposition of all the people in Proton and Shiri.

However, Maha, who was obsessed with Siramica, took the hand of Sirami at the Royal Wine Club, and announced the positive status of Siramia in the Prompentic couple and the crowd.Lost, go with your sleeves.

The famous Slami and Maha have lived together in the warm Wuli Palace since then.In February 2005, the royal family officially announced that Slami was pregnant.This is a good thing for the royal family of Zhengshou who does not have the heir of the next generation. Especially when he learned that it was a male fetus, the royal family looked at the face of the heir and accepted her!

According to the royal observers Andrew, Slami’s children were struggling to get rid of it before they were pregnant. It turned out that Maha always allowed women to make women always make womenPregnant, Maha had a sterilization surgery early. For the beloved woman, Maha did not hesitate to cooperate with Siram’s arms on the dragon species!

Two months after pregnancy, King Primeline personally awarded the title of Sirami royal family.After the son of his son Ti Gong, Laronkumon officially announced his marriage with Sirami, and awarded the surname of the "Marihida Nateya" royal family of the Siramia family.

Sirami is in the same scene, because no woman can make the crown prince Maha’s first post, Slami can do it. In the Thai royal family with a harsh level of humbleness, Slami is very relaxed in front of her husband Maha. Maha also alsoHappy to see Siram’s naughty and lovely style.

Go out of the shadow of Yuwa to bring him a green hat, and smile back on the face of the crown!

Maha frequently brought a beautiful wife to the event to meet foreign guests, showing the beauty of Slami to the world.

Sirami will also be unbearable in the past snow, her affinity personality and elegant style make her popular with the public, and because of her, it restores the unbearable image of the Crown Maga, which also makes Maha feel that it has SlamiIf you get the treasure.

Sirami often attended charity activities, went deep into the elderly, orphanage, and when she saw the people, she had no shelves, and would even pull people’s hands -on talks. This turbulent Thailand undoubtedly gave Maha a "emotional relationship"Card", which has increased the favorability!

It was the highlight of Slami’s life. His loved by Maha and the people’s love, how high it was, how much it fell, Slami has no predictive power, the disaster is closer to …

Sirami did not forget to bring his family. Not only did he get the royal family surname, all four younger brothers became officials, and Sirami’s uncle Pengbo also became the director of the Central Investigation Bureau.However, the royal pet not only did not gratitude, but also promoted the arrogance of the emperor’s relatives.

However, the pets of the Sirami family are not grateful to all of this. They feel that it should be reasonable, especially the uncle of Sirami, and it is preached everywhere.Grass Maha will not be loved by the Thai people at all, but Slami will listen to it!

Several brothers were seriously corrupted. Slami was in the back, Ponfo was trapped in the forward. Under the instructions of Sirami, Pengbo arranged 11 safe houses across the country to store strange treasures and corruption from all over the world.The gold watches, money, dresses and handbags, etc., Slami also lived a luxurious life!

Many times have been exposed by the media to go shopping overseas. After returning, they will consign several large packages.

However, the news soon passed into the ears of the old king Primbang, and the old king, who had always paid attention to the royal family, was angry and vowed to abolish the position of Princess Slami.

What is even more annoyed by Slami is that Maha’s old illness has committed again. Looking at the old color of Siramian, he began to get blossoms. The crisis on the upper and lower crisis made Slami’s irrational behavior.

In the summer of 2009, while Maha took the old king, while the old king had pneumonia, he gave his dog a grand birthday dance in the palace, but a person grabbed the limelight of Fufu.

Laronkin’s gaze first swept it on Fufu, and was immediately attracted by the princess -the rich and lush hair of Sirami poured like a waterfall.extraordinary.What made him bloody was that she only wore a pair of thongs on her whole body and half naked!

Maha was intoxicated by Slami’s style, as if returning to what they just met again.The absurd Maha even let the followers record this moment with a video recorder.

However, this incident laid a foreshadowing for Sirami’s tragedy fate …

In 2014, the time of Maha was dissatisfied with the people’s various behaviors. The people’s grievances of him were extremely great.He believed in the blend of worse, and also included the family members of Sirami!

To make matters worse, at this time, the video of Sirami’s birthday banquet at the blessing dog was also exposed, and the past black history of Slami was revealed for a while.The public cannot accept the past of their loved princes.

Forced by helplessness, Circorus Maha had to acknowledge the fact that Slami was the dancer in the past. Therefore, the right to help the prince of the kung fu is also deprived!

At the end of 2014, while Promho’s physical discomfort, the military launched another anti -corruption movement. All the family of Slami was arrested, especially the uncle Panto, and the corruption was serious.A large amount of cash jewelery is designated as "the crime of bullying the king".

Soon, the Maha, who had changed his heart to raise a number of mistresses, even hate Xilumi, just took advantage of this opportunity to throw away Siramia. For a while, Slami lost everything he had.Essence

In order to cheat Xilami and his divorce, Maha promised that as long as she gave up the royal titles and the prince of help, he would protect her overseas and give her a lot of money for the rest of her life.Lami Gao was happy to sign the agreement, but waiting for her was the cold temple and lone lamp.

Poor Slami is in a bad room, and there is no toilet in the room. Daily is hard -working and planting vegetables. Slami has a hard face. It has long been noble and graceful. Poor this woman is teased by fate.Because of the corruption of the family, a good card is broken!

In April 2021, Siramia was captured and appeared far away from the palace. It had already been stored and wearing gold silk glasses. Although the mask covered the face, his face was good.

According to media reports, at the time, Maha had a plan to put Siramia into the temple, that is, to prevent Slami from marrying another person abroad, it would have an impact on his son’s help, and he kept retaining Siram Tanpu Yingying.The title, everything is prepared for the throne!

Princess Slami resumed the titles of Puying and appeared on the royal calendar in 2022. The Thai version of "Zhen Huan" may return to the palace in advance.

Moreover, TVs often play Slami’s past image documentaries, allowing the public to accept Sirami’s return.

The portrait portrait of Sirami is hung high in the Maneli Palace, and it is getting closer and closer.

Everything illustrates the inevitability of Slami’s future return, but I don’t know if the two beautiful women in the palace are the blocking of Steida and Poanina.Successfully?

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