That loneliness that goes against the current

"Day Roaming" Yuanzi is Guangxi Normal University Press

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After so many years, I still like to watch Yuanzi’s works very much.In the past few days, I have opened his short story collection "Day Roaming" again.

Beginning with his debut "Seventeen Far", the Yuanzi of the Philosophy Department has been describing the confusion, difficulties and hardships of urban wanderers."Day Roaming" is no exception.This book contains 14 short stories written by Yuanzi in recent years, and the protagonist is almost all struggling intellectuals struggling between capital and conscience, secular happiness and spiritual freedom.Each of the fourteen novels can be used independently, and it can be used as a continuous story set, because the main characters in them have repeatedly appeared and related to each other.

This book is divided into the previous and the next part. The male protagonist "I" in the previous part is a unsatisfactory writer in the city. The occupation is editor."Writing and writing" and "I can’t write and go back to work" are tangled.Yuanzi, who has been engaged in book editing for many years, is familiar with the life of editors and writers. The story of writing young intellectuals is hand -in -hand.

The first two stories of the previous part, "Amateur" and "Cleaning", are written by a northern drifting youth who are tired of work and city. They want to escape their daily lives. They run to a woman to seek comfort but end up with disappointment.Yuanzi is not only a writer, but also a poet. His text is smooth and vivid, humorous, and often appears in a large poetic narrative and dialogue. There is no lack of sharp irony.

In "Amateur", the editor of the youth met a beautiful author and was swept away by her vulgar boyfriend."The chat is here. It was pretty good. Our performances were quite in place. They also spoke some beautiful words. I think this is good for our writing. Who knows that she answered a phone call and suddenly told me she told me herMy boyfriend is off work, and comes to find us, by the way, a meal together. Why did a boyfriend suddenly emerge? I feel that I have been betrayed. "

In "Cleaning", I was tired of Beijing’s Beidiao Youth to go to Shanghai to find a long -awaited female netizen, and found that she had married a rich man, and had depression and refused to have a relationship with him.So he could only go to the two friends in Shanghai in the middle of the night, and the last three had nowhere to go. Standing on the edge of the Huangpu River to watch a cleaning worker cleaning platform."I" found nothing in Shanghai. I felt "if I stayed in place, I dare to be washed away like garbage."

"Going down" wrote several pastoral life experiments of literary youth.This may be the most poetic story of the 14 short stories, but it is still helpless."I" and a few friends in the north rented a yard at a village under the Great Wall.The author’s description of this life is also a bit romantic: "The most meaning I like is the persimmon tree in the center of the courtyard, and the persimmons hanging on the branches have become slightly red. I have liked to eat persimmons since I was a child.It is almost rotten, with a kind of suffocating sweetness with a tongue. "After packing, friends come to visit every weekend.A female friend of "I" also came to the screenwriter, and she also had some kind of unwavering feelings with "I" in one night, but then it was different from "I" because the movie was different because the movie was caused by the movie because the movie was because the movie was because the movie was because the movie was in the movie.It is her only reality for her.So "I suddenly wanted to cry, why can’t we dream of each other at the bottom?"

The theme of the next part is still the frustration of young intellectuals on dreams, career, love and family issues."Far Dear" writes a story of intellectuals to help her sister divorce.A young man with a gentle personality and lacking means in the world accepted his mother’s commission, ran to Xinjiang from Beijing, and took his sister and two little niece back to his hometown.After experiencing various embarrassing farce all the way, the marriage of her sister was deadlocked, and her parents were still taking time to urge him to marry.He found that he had never been so eager to return to Beijing. "Only in Beijing can he embrace the entire world like an orphan."This sentence must be deeply felt at the same time: the hometown can no longer go back. Only in loneliness can we find a dignity.

"Anti" is the most shocking article in the whole book, and the author seems to tear himself to readers.When the protagonist, Chang Chun was offensive because of his words to his death, and was interrupted by his father.Slowly, he even enjoyed the process of beating, because it was the only physical contact with his father.He learned to tear the wound scabs since he was a child, and confirmed his existence in pain.He wanted to escape his father’s hegemony. "The farther away from his father, the more human nature on his body", but as long as his father lives, he cannot escape completely.As the author said in the book, choosing to be a modern person means being a filial son.But Chang Chun couldn’t choose not filial piety.After his father was seriously ill, he immediately proposed to his girlfriend. After the marriage, he resigned from the work of Beijing and returned to his hometown to obey his father’s arrangement until his father died.In the end, Chang Chun’s wife was pregnant. He thought, "Since he is unable to uncle, it is best to have a son to let him kill me." The dictatorship of his father in the traditional society is written so real and naked by the distant child.It is shocking.

Some readers say that this book is too dark, but it is too real at the same time -the loneliness of the countercurrent, the weakness of intellectuals, the doubts of secular happiness, and the creators who are still with cleanliness of literature and art are living inThe lag of the business society was all shattered by him, incorporated into the fine text.

"Day Roaming" is the third collection of short stories of Yuanzi.Like the protagonist of the previous article, Yuanzi resigned several times to write.When he was published, he was 32 years old. He married, had a child, and resigned to work in Beijing and returned to his hometown in Hubei.Many men in their thirties have begun to become mature, but Yuanzi is still a teenager, just like his sincere and frank text."Day Roaming" may not be perfect, but it is impressive, and the future of Yuanzi is equally expected.

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