The "five" monster dishes in Hunan, the locals are not tired of eating every day, but foreigners dare not taste


Hunan is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, with mountains and lakes in the territory. Since ancient times, it has been the hometown of fish and rice. It is located in Hunan near the head of the north. Every summer is hot and hot, and it is cold and dry in winter.

Due to the special geographical climatic characteristics, Hunan people prefer spicy food taste in the taste of diet, and pepper is the necessary seasoning for Hunan people to have three meals a day.

The Hunan Restaurant opened by Hunan people is all over the country, second only to the Sichuan restaurant in terms of scale, and is loved by people across the country.

But in fact, in addition to the common foods such as pepper fried meat and chopped pepper fish heads, there are some special foods that locals like, such as the "5 major monsters" in Hunan., But foreigners did not dare to taste, and they shook their heads.

Foreigners who go to Hunan will find something that is called "white peppers" in the local area. Foreigners do not know and mistakenly think that it is a new type of pepper.

But in fact, the white pepper puts the immature green peppers in the pot and cooks it, and then takes it to the bottom of the sun to expose it.Bright red.

Hunan people like to eat white peppers, with white pepper fried meat, and fried white peppers. It is to add dried dried white peppers directly into the pot and fried.

Such a pure pepper dish, locals love to eat, just like eating spicy snacks, but wherever the foreigners dare to taste it easily after watching it.

Every year when the peach blossoms are blooming, Xiangxi people will think of a food: chili fried peach blossoms.

In the lunar calendar in March and April, when peach blossoms are in full bloom, a slender shape will appear in the Qingxi in the mountains, which is a bit like a pupae. That is the favorite of Xiangxi people. People will use the net to catch these bugs in the river.

Then add a little edible oil in the pot, put the peachworm into the pot and fry it to golden yellow. Dry the pepper and stir -fry the garlic seedlings in the pot.

People in Shaoyang and other places in Hunan love to eat the dish of pig blood balls during the New Year. The black pig bloodballs look dark. After cutting, the taste is delicate. With the chili juice, it is unique.Essence

Such a unique dish, after seeing it, I felt that it was a dark cuisine, and I dare not taste it.

In the rural areas of Hunan, during the thunderstorm seasons each year, a fungus is like "black fungus" in the wetland. The locals call it "Thunderbacter" or "Lei Gong shit".

Ray Gongmang wipes it like black fungus with excessive hair, a bit sticky, the locals will collect Raygang bacteria and then use it to eat eggs.Love.

Seeing such sticky things, foreigners did not dare to try it easily.

It is said that Cantonese dare to eat anything. In fact, Hunan people are not bad. In the mountains and forests in Hunan, honey is rich, and bee stings have become a delicious dish loved by locals.

Put the bee pupa in the oil pan and fry until golden yellow, and then add a little salt, pepper powder, salt and salt powder to season, taste crispy, rich in protein, and is deeply loved by people.

If you go to Hunan and your friend uses this dish to entertain you, it means that you have regarded you as a guest, but foreigners do not dare to taste easily when they see food.

The different climate and environment of each local area has created different eating habits. The "five" monsters in Hunan are all the love of the locals, but when the foreigners see it, they shake their heads and dare not take their mouths.

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