The "Yang" mother in the negative pressure ward of the second hospital of Jida University is successfully delivered!The mother and child are safe, and the child’s nucleic acid test results are negativ

Recently, the obstetrics department of the Second Hospital of Jilin University successfully performed a cesarean section for a new -crown -positive pregnant woman to help him successfully produce a baby boy.At present, the mother and child are safe. The child’s nucleic acid test results are negative and have good health.

On December 14th, Wang Ying (pseudonym) who was 39 weeks pregnant at Nong’an County Hospital was conducted. The results of the new crown virus test did before the checkup were displayed as positive and there were fewer amniotic fluid. Because she had performed ovarian cyst surgery, the situation compared the situation comparisonDanger.

In order to ensure the safety of pregnant women and fetuses, the local is recommended to refer.As a result, the family brought Wang Ying to the second hospital of Jida.

"Because the patient is infected with the new coronary virus and is diagnosed as positive, our hospital has a relatively complete positive patient treatment channel, arranged to live in a negative pressure ward for positive patients, and distribute it from the treatment area."explain.

After learning that she was positive, Wang Ying had anxiety and panic."You can rest assured that we have a new crown -positive pregnant woman’s emergency plan. Believe in us, we will definitely protect the peace of you and children." Director Teng Hong’s comfort made Ms. Wang Ying a lot of peace of mind.

Pre -surgery patients suddenly fell into a fetal heart, and the situation was urgent, and the obstetrics quickly improved the preoperative examination for the mother.Director Teng Hong formulates the treatment of surgery and sensing process to ensure seamless connection in each link.

With a loud baby crying, a healthy male baby was born smoothly, the surgery was smooth, and the mother and child were safe.After surgery, in order to ensure the child’s safety, the mother and child are resettled, the mother is treated in the isolation ward, the baby observes treatment in the transitional ward, and the special class nurse is arranged for full care to ensure that the maternal and infants get scientific feeding and careful care during the hospital period.Essence

"I really thank the medical staff of the Second Hospital of Ji Ji for their efforts for our mother and son. I have done surgery. I am not easy to get pregnant. After the virus is infected, my body and psychological pressure are particularly great.Touched. "Wang Ying said.

Director Teng Hong said that obstetrics are a special department.Due to the particularity of pregnant women, in the face of the epidemic, medical staff need to give extra careful and professional care to maternal and newborn.At present, the department doctors, the rules and graduate students are adhered to the front line and insisted on standing every job."We hope to be able to spend time through everyone’s work together. In this special period, we hope that every pregnant woman and baby can pass the level smoothly." Director Teng Hong said.

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