The 10 largest crabs in the world, do you know how terrible crabs living in the deep sea?

The 10 largest crabs in the world, do you know how terrible crabs living in the deep sea?

Have you ever seen a crab eating with sharks as food?So do you know how big its body shape is?Crab is a kind of crustacean that mainly lives in the sea. It is also a kind of seafood that is very popular. There are many people who like crabs. So do you know what are the largest crabs in the world?Emperor crabs are both younger brothers in their eyes. Today, take everyone to see what are the 10 largest crabs in the world.

Tenth Christmas Island Red Crab

The red crab body of Christmas Island is relatively small, and the body length is usually about 10 cm.Their appearance shows a striking bright red, with a well -developed claw foot, a round back armor, and a rough surface and a bit raised, which can effectively protect their bodies.Christmas Island Red Crab is a unique type of Christmas Island. This crab has lived for millions of years on Christmas Island.From November to December each year, when the rainy season comes, about 10 million red crabs are pouring out of the forest and migrating to the coral reef area on the coastline.

Their bodies are bright red, very spectacular.This strong view is also known as the "red ocean" of Christmas Island.But it is also called terrible animals.This is because they have a large number and movement quickly. They can cover the entire island in a short time to form a red ocean, giving people a very shocking feeling.In addition, red crabs will climb on sidewalks, houses, and even vehicles when breeding, bringing great inconvenience to local residents, so they are also considered one of the terrible animals.

Nine -ninth Wart Barracuda Crab

The body of the three warts is circular or oval, usually dark brown or dark green, with a hard crustacean on the surface.There are three obvious protrusions on their crustaceans, so they are called "three warts."Three warted crabs can reach a width of 10-15 cm, and there are eight feet in length under the body, which are used for walking and predation.Their eyes are on both sides of the crustacean, with black or dark brown in color, and they can perceive light and movement.

The pliers of the three warted crabs are very strong and can clamp some more prey than them, such as starfish, shells and small fish.They also have a strong aggressiveness. If they are threatened, they will not hesitate to attack any creatures close to them.Three warted crabs have a strong ability to adapt and can survive in different environments.They can live underwater or live on land.In addition, they can not eat for a long time, and can even survive in an environment without water.The number of three warted crabs is huge, and the number of them in some regions has reached millions, forming a terrible "crab tide".These crabs often occupy the resources of the local ecosystem and affect other creatures.

Eighth Chief Yodao Crab

Chief Crab Crab is a large crab, which mainly lives on the bottom of the South China Sea and the East China Sea.The shape is oval, the body is wide and flat, the back is yellow, there is a dark vertical line in the center, and there is spiny protrusions on both sides.Their legs and pliers are very strong and powerful, sometimes thicker than people’s arms.The body size of the head of the pose of cottage is generally about 20-30 cm, and the weight can reach 1-2 kg.The head of the head of the cottage crab is long, which can quickly crawl and escape natural enemies.Their first two pairs of feet form two powerful pliers, which can be used to catch prey and self -defense.

The pliers of the head of the cottage crab are very strong, can clamp the stones and shells, and it can also crush some hard objects.If humans mistakenly enter their territory, they will attack and threaten human life’s safety.There is a poisonous thorns on the pliers of the head of the pose, and if it is stabbed, it will feel severe pain.If it is not treated in time, it can also cause symptoms such as swelling and fever.The number of pads crabs is very large and can form a huge group.If they attack together, it will be very dangerous for humans.

Seventh place gray -eye snow crab

The body of gray -eye snow crab is round, with a diameter of about 5-10 cm, and the weight is about 50-100 grams.The surface of the body is pale gray, with large eyes and yellow.The gray -eyed snow crab’s chews are relatively small, but they are also very powerful, which is used to pinch small prey.

Unlike other crabs, the back of the gray -eye snow crab is not covered with hard shell, but is protected by a soft exoskeleton, which is one of its relatively fragile reasons.Gray -eye snow crabs usually live in the sea and North Atlantic waters.Their temperament is mild, will not attack humans, nor will they harm humans.

Sixth place ordinary zodiac crab

Ordinary cottish crabs their bodies are about 10-20 cm, and their legs are about 20-30 cm.In different varieties and growth environments, the size of ordinary cottish crabs will be different.

The body is oval, wide and flat, yellow on the back, a dark vertical stripe in the center, and multiple yellow horizontal stripes on both sides.The male’s front chela is large, red or orange, and the female’s front chela is smaller, gray or brown.Ordinary cottish crabs usually live in coastal sand and rock areas, and are one of the common economic aquatic products.

The fifth place saw the crab

The body length of the saw is about 8-12 cm. When the legs are unfolded, the width is also about 10 cm.The body of the sawdown crab is oval, flat, and the back is green or brown, and there is an obvious protrusion in the center.There are ten feet on the crab of sawing edge. Among them, the first two feet are special in shape. Like a sawtooth, the first two pairs of feet of sawing the crabs can be used to grab food and walk. The latter two feet are shorter.Used to fix the body.

The sawtoral -shaped edge on the feet of the sawdown crab, so it was named.There is also a feature of sawing balpy crabs. It is very eye -catching and can be seen at 360 degrees.Although the sawdown crab will show offensive when they are threatened, they do not threaten humans.

Coconut crab

Coconut crab is relatively strong, and the body shell is round or semi -circular. Generally speaking, male coconut crabs are larger than female.Coconut crab shells can be as long as 25 cm and can reach 1 meter when the legs are unfolded.Adult coconut crabs can weigh 4 kg.In general, the size of coconut crabs is a relatively strong terrestrial crab.The first two feet of coconut crabs are relatively large and have a strong grip capability, which can be used to climb trees or climbing.The latter feet of them are relatively slender and can be used to walk and run.

The body color of coconut crabs varies from types of body color, usually light yellow, light green or brown, and the shell is covered with many round protrusions. These protrusions can help them better grasp the branches and trunks when climbing on the coconut tree to climb.EssenceCoconut crab is a kind of land crab living in tropical areas. They have large body shapes, hard shells, and have strong adaptability.Coconut crabs are eaten with coconuts. They climb up the coconut tree, shake the coconut to the ground, and then use their strong pliers to break the coconut shell and eat coconut meat.Coconut crabs will also dig caves on the ground to avoid natural enemies and avoid high temperature weather.Due to the high nutritional value of coconut crabs, they are also eaten as food in some areas.

Third place emperor crab

Emperor crab is a large crustacean animal and is usually considered one of the largest home crabs.The size of an adult emperor crab varies from the type, age, and living environment. It can reach 4-5 kg and the leg exhibition can reach 1.8-2 meters.Its torso is oval, wide and flat, with hard shell on the back, tan or orange -red.Emperor crab’s legs are very long, with five pairs, and the end of the first pair of legs has hard spines, which is used for defense and attack.The claws of the emperor crab are very strong, with a huge pliers for predation and defense.

The eyes of the emperor crab are small, but the tentacles are very long, and you can perceive the surrounding environment.The body structure is particularly adapted to underwater life.Emperor crabs are very strong and can easily capture and crush shells, crustaceans and other prey.In addition, the emperor crab will become very irritable in the breeding season, and it is easy to attack humans or other animals.Therefore, when people are close to the emperor crab, they need to be extra careful to avoid being attacked by them.

The second place is a huge cockdle

The huge intended coastal crab is one of the largest freshwater crabs in the world, mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Basin in China.Their body can reach 1.2 meters in length and weigh more than 12 kg, which is the giant among crabs.The shape of the huge cockdle crab is characterized by body width and flat, the back armor is harder, and it is brown or gray -brown.The first half of the body is wider than the rear part, and there are 10 long and flat foot feet on both sides. There is a sharp pliers at the end of each foot, which can be used to prey in prey and self -defense.

The huge coastal crab is a omnivorous animal, which is eaten with aquatic plants, fish, turtles, frogs, shellfish and other crustaceans.They have strong vitality and have a life span of more than 20 years.Due to the huge body shape of the huge coastal crab, if they are threatened, they may make asing sound, and they can use their huge pliers for self -defense.In addition, in the natural environment, huge coastal crabs sometimes become foods of other animals, such as snakes and large fish, so they may need to protect themselves from predators.

First place crab

The crab crab is one of the largest terrestrial crustaceans in the world and is also known as "coconut crab" or "coconut crab king".Their size is very large, weighs 4.5 kg, legs can reach 1 meter in length, and they can be very large. They can easily bite the shell of the coconut.The crabs are mainly inhabited on the southern Pacific islands, such as Hawaii, Guam, Kook Islands, Madagascar and other places.The crabs are omnivorous animals with coconut as the main food. They also eat other animals and plants, such as fruits, nuts, snails, small fish, etc.They move at night, and they are hiding in caves or trees during the day.

The appearance of the crab crabs is similar to crabs, but they are different from crabs. They have no hard shell protection on their abdomen, but soft, so they need to protect themselves with large claws.In addition, the crab crab also has a unique feature, that is, they can breathe air, so they can live on land.Due to the huge body shape of the crab crabs and the strong claw feet, it will be considered dangerous in some cases.For example, if the crab crab is threatened or frightened, they may take an aggressive attitude and attack potential threats with powerful chelated feet.In addition, crab crab is also carnivores, and they prey in various animals, including small mammals, reptiles and birds.

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