The 11 -year -old girl was violated when seeing a doctor. Dr. Deficiency added anesthetic to the injection liquid, causing girls to become pregnant

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With the continuous development of society, young people’s ignorance of love has also created a lot of tragedies.But the 11 -year -old girl who was only in the fifth grade was pregnant. Is the early maturity of the girl who loves early in love with others?

—— 【· Case Abstract ·】 – »

Facing the scenes of life and death every day in the hospital, but today there is a mother who shrinks in the corner of the hospital, holding a test sheet in her hand, full of tears in my wrinkled eyes, looking at the distance without anger, looking at the distanceIt seems to be confused.

There was a young girl standing next to her mother. She saw her mother crying into tears and anxiously pulled her mother’s sleeve.Pushing her daughter Yun Yun and pointed at the little girl’s nose and asked, "Say," You are so young, why are you pregnant? "

Where did the unknown girl know about this? She could only shook her head desperately: "Mom, I don’t, I don’t. The mother and daughter pull each other and push each other. This scene is more like the last struggle of the drowning person.Pedestrians stopped watching.

It turned out that her mother He Caiqin became outstanding since she was a child. She was sought after by many boys. Her parents did not value her educational problems. She dropped out of school when she went to high school. He Caiqin finally found her destined person with her beauty.

In the eyes of outsiders, He Caiqin’s life is very happy. Although it is a high school education, he finds a husband with excellent local family conditions with his appearance.

Because her family education and her experience are not important at all, as long as they marry well, they can not work without effort.

He Caiqin’s happy day has been pregnant for more than a year, and she is pregnant. She is a great thing in itself. Who knows that He Caiqin gave birth to a daughter.Her husband drove He Caiqin and her daughter out of the house.

He Caiqin began a wandering life with her daughter under the age of 1. After this change, her concept changed dramatically.

When she was a teenager, she had a classmate who studied hard since she was a child and successfully became a college student. She then studied attentively. She was admitted to a graduate student. After reading the book, she successfully obtained civil servants and real knowledge changed her destiny.

Watching himself had no hope in reading in his life. He Caiqin, who was kicked out of the house, took her daughter to rent a house in a difficult village in a city. Since childhood, she has instilled her daughter to study hard, and rely on learning to change her origin.

In this way, with He Caiqin doing a few jobs alone, he barely raised his daughter, but in terms of learning conditions, the teacher felt that children needed mobile phones to collect learning information., Support the teeth.

But such a mother found that her 11 -year -old daughter was pregnant, which was a big blow to her.

She started to ask who the child was every day, but her daughter said harmlessly: "I really don’t know, He Caiqin’s anger and confusion reached the highest outbreak point, she was puzzled.

After a few days, she found that her daughter had a long time to stay in the bathroom for a long time. She rushed in angrily and found that her daughter was holding a mobile phone and sent some ambiguous information to a person named Ye.

At this time, the daughter couldn’t help fighting, and my mother said, giving you a mobile phone to let you learn, not letting you make me bigger, wouldn’t it be destroyed in my life?This person must be responsible for you. Without waiting for his daughter to explain, his mother will meet with Ye Mou on the Internet.

When He Caiqin saw someone coming, he couldn’t help but say that he pointed at Ye’s nose and scolded. You have to be responsible for my daughter. You are mad, and she is only 11 years old.Ye Mou even listened to the fog in the clouds, and finally said, "Auntie, you have made it wrong, I have come to see netizens for the first time."

It turned out that Ye Mou was only 18 years old. He just came out to work and was boring every day. He saw her daughter often online on social software. After chatting, she found that Yunyun was particularly simple.A rich second generation, this is his first meeting with Yunyun. Where can I get pregnant?

He Caiqin realized that he was wrong at this time. The listless He Caiqin returned home and looked at the thin daughter. It was said that you had no time to contact other people except school every day!

At this time, she changed her mind and asked Yun Yun: "Have you ever taken off your clothes or touched your body?"

Yun Yun lowered his head and thought carefully.Suddenly I seemed to think of something.

Yun Yun said: "Yes, Uncle Zhang said that he had to check when I infussed. When I woke up, the clothes were all taken off. He said that my illness was already good. Let me not tell you, don’t let you worry.So I didn’t tell you. "

He Caiqin rushed to the village doctor Zhang’s house after listening to crazy, knocking crazy.

Zhang Ping’s wife Wang Hong heard that someone knocked on the door like this and scolded while walking. Who is this?

Go, open the door, what about Zhang Qin asked Zhang?Let him roll out. When Wang Hong saw this scene, why did Caiqin come and trouble? He had to push He Caiqin out. The two began to beat like this.ah!

Wang Hong understood it. At this time, Zhang came out and didn’t dare to look directly at He Caiqin. He Caiqin said that you don’t admit it, Yunyun is pregnant, this is evidence.There are more and more people watching, but no one will help this orphan and widow.

Because they know that Wang Hong is a well -known villain, he is not cost -effective to rent a house.Besides, Zhang is a college student who graduated from a serious university. He usually treats others and is good. He is also good at medical skills. Besides, because he looks into Wang Hong’s house, it can be described as good living conditions. How can he become an unbearable rapist?

Wang Hong and Zhang returned home. Wang Hongquan asked Zhang what was going on?

Zhang said, "I didn’t expect that she had developed at the age of 11, and I did not deliberately."

Knowing that this was not a trivial matter, he decided to take out 300,000 yuan to settle the matter.He Caiqin heard that they could come up with 300,000 yuan, and for a moment they were stunned. When I worked for others to earn enough, we can live a good life with these 300,000 yuan.

When she looked back at Yunyun, her thin body was tossed these days.

But her daughter’s eyes were full of longing for future life, and He Caiqin suddenly woke up. She was an example of alive. She was finally driven out. She should live well in her daughter, so she resolutely chose to call the police!

释 —— [· Demonstration of cases ·] ——— »

According to Article 236 of the Criminal Law, those who rape women with violence, coercion or other means shall be sentenced to imprisonment for three years and less than ten years.

The young girl who is less than 14 years old, with rape theory, punished with heavy penalties.

Rape women and adultery young girls have one of the following situations, and they are sentenced to more than ten years in prison, life imprisonment or death sentence.

In this case, Yunyun is only 11 years old. According to my country’s law and his judicial interpretation, women at the age of 14 are collectively referred to as women.

After facing He Caiqin’s report, Zhang quickly explained to the police. He saw He Caiqin sending Yunyun to the infusion that day, because he was in a hurry to work, he kept Yunyun an infusion in the clinic alone.

Zhang didn’t want to give up such a good opportunity. At home, because of Wang Hong’s strength, his desire was always not satisfied, so he wanted to vent outside.

The medicine he lost to Yunyun put the medicine in the medicine and let Yunyun coma. Next, he practiced his beast and beastly behavior. Zhang subjectively took the purpose of adultery young girls.

In other words, when you see Yunyun alone, you want to rape from beginning to end.Objectively, through the means of lowering drugs, Yunyun was too late to resist, and sexual assault was implemented.

Some readers will ask, wouldn’t it be a crime of rape if Yunyun did not resist?

Yunyun is a young girl under the age of 14, and is still distinguished among young girls. The young girl is less than 12 years old. Whether she is willing or not, Zhang will constitute a crime of rape.

Does this violate my country’s legislative principles?

Actually, the law here thinks so. As an adult, you know that the victim is a child under 12 years old. Whether it is physical or psychological, it is not fully developed. At this timematter.

In other words, you can instill children under the age of 12 and say, "I like you, and you are voluntary relationship with you." At this time, according to my country’s laws, conviction must have ideological intention and action. At this time, the infringement behavior will cause the crime and punishment of beasts under the age of 12 years of age, and the devil will continue to harm other people in the world. Therefore, in order to protect more minors, the law has a lot of tragic reality. The case gives us lessons. Only by refining the legal and provisions can we further protect minors.

If it is 12 years old and less than 14 years old, will the child want to be rape?

If the person who implements the crime knows that this child is under 14 years old, he is a minor, then no matter what the child says and what he does constitutes a crime, it is not difficult to understand.The child where the child is driving has sex, why is you guilty?

If the criminal person does not know that the child is 12 years old, the dress is particularly mature, and he holds a fake ID card and said, "You see, I am 18 years old." At this timeCoaxing and ordinary people are indeed distinguished, and then they can be determined to be voluntary for young girls.

In this case, Zhang was identified as an aggravated plot for rape, and adultery was waiting for the law to sanction him.

Through this case, as parents, we must not only take care of their children carefully, but also give their children the correct sex education early, let minors learn to protect ourselves, and to understand physiology and legal knowledge, so that the flowers and parents of the motherland and the health of their parents are healthyStrong growth.

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