The 23 -year -old girl was all the plastic surgery, and the disgusting nauseous after surgery was nauseous.

Love beauty is human nature,

While appreciating the beauty of others,

People also want to be more beautiful.

So there are more and more people

Try to try cosmetic surgery


The cosmetic effect is not ideal

Poor recovery after surgery

Emerge endlessly

She found that she was pregnant.However, she was angry that she had a medical examination at the beauty institution before the operation, showing that she was not pregnant.Xiaomei felt that this result was caused by a cosmetic institution for her anesthesia.However, the beauty agency said …

On December 4 last year, Xiaomei came to a beauty institution in Chongqing for rhinoplasty surgery

But two days after the operation, she found that her body was different: after eating things, there was always a nauseous nausea.The boyfriend asked her to buy a paper test to test whether she was pregnant, but she showed that she was pregnant.

Afraid that the pregnancy test stick was wrong, Xiaomei immediately went to the hospital for examination, and the results showed that she was really pregnant.

When I got this result, Xiaomei couldn’t believe it, because before doing a beauty surgery, the beauty institution also gave her a medical examination.

Although she has no plans to get married and have children, no matter what, Xiaomei thinks that her body will definitely hurt.Therefore, she felt that the above -mentioned beauty institutions had an unspoken responsibility in this matter.

According to the later pregnancy test, Xiaomei ’s accurate conception should be around November 19th. The days of surgery were exactly half a month before her surgery. After consulting the doctor, Xiaomei learned that in half a monthWhether to get pregnant.

The reporter also inquired about the information and found that it can be determined in 7 days through the blood test.And Xiaomei later learned that the so -called urine test of the Star Beauty Institution is actually using an ordinary pregnancy test stick, and this pregnancy test stick does not seem to be reliable.

"The hospital has proved that I am pregnant. After I took the hospital’s checklist, they did not believe it after finding the beauty institution, and took out their pregnancy test stick to let me test it. The results showed that they were not pregnant. At that time, they called me to find the manufacturer., Said that there is a problem with paper measurement! "

The person in charge of the beauty institution said that when he asked before the operation, Xiaomei said that at the end of November, she showed signs of menstruation.

Xiaomei said that now it seems that the two -day pseudo -elephant menstruation should be a pregnancy reaction, but unfortunately, the pregnancy test stick was not successfully detected.

The person in charge of the beauty institution said that they had a strict test process, but they did not have a blood test here. "If you do a blood test, the result is the most accurate."

Because of the large differences in the amount of compensation, the two parties decided to resolve the matter through judicial institutions.

Both sides currently notify their lawyers.

After watching so many small and small tragedies that occur due to cosmetic surgery

Xiao Fang thought that many important things now

They all advocate the "calm period"

Aimi Fangyou

Before deciding to do medical beauty

Can you also set yourself

A calm period

Careful decision

Source: No. 1-Chongqing Radio and Television, Star Video

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