The 27 -year -old woman eats hawthorn to cause hawthorn to cause intestinal obstruction. Doctors remind: eat less hawthorn

The 27 -year -old white -collar Qianqian was determined to lose weight because he was slightly fat. As a result, he almost entered the operating room due to severe small intestinal obstruction due to too much hawthorn.The Second Division Doctors were carefully treated by the Sixth Hospital of Wuhan City (Affiliated Hospital of Jianghan University). Recently, Qianqian was discharged from hospital.Before discharged from the hospital, Qian Qian was still worried: "Thanks to the care of the medical care of the six hospitals, I will never eat anymore in the future."

"Recently, I decided not to eat lunch to lose weight. I just saw half a pound of hawthorn in the refrigerator. I felt that the calories were very low and I took it out. Later, I remembered that it should have been stored for almost a week.Consolidate the medicine. When the next day, the pain was intensified and could not defecate, so I quickly went to the Emergency Department of the Sixth Hospital to see a doctor. "Qianqian recalled.

The emergency doctor did a detailed examination for Qianqian and asked Chen Lan, the director of the Second Division of Digestive.Director Chen Lan’s comprehensive examination results and Qian Qian’s symptoms were diagnosed with intestinal obstruction."From the perspective of image examination, Qianqian’s intestines expand and have qi in the intestine. And because Qianqian eats more and the degree of obstruction is heavier, it is necessary to treat it as soon as possible.s consequence."

Director Chen has formulated a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan for Qianqian to use gastric tubes and food residues in the gastrointestinal obstruction for Qianqian, and to drain gastrointestinal obstruction.Anti -infection and other drugs are symptomatic.After three days of treatment, Qianqian exhausted and had a smooth bowel movement. Director Chen made gastroscopy for her, and there were no residual gastric stones and residues."After these days of treatment, the review showed that the obstruction had disappeared, which made me avoid surgery. Thank you very much." Qian Qian said.

Director Chen Lan said that hawthorn and persimmons contain a large amount of tannic acid protein, which eats too much in a short period of time. The combination of tannic acid and calcium substances in the gastrointestinal tract will form a "small stone" to block the intestines and cause it to fail to defeat normally.Causes intestinal obstruction.Therefore, people who love beauty must pay attention that hawthorn cannot be eaten as a meal. Eat three or four at a time. People with weak gastrointestinal function in the elderly, children, and gastrointestinal function should be as little as possible.

Source: Wuhan Sixth Hospital

Edit: Ji Shilan

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