The 28 -year -old woman was pregnant again after miscarriage, and suddenly vomited and diarrhea. As a result, ectopic pregnancy

I thought that I had a bad stomach and diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy rupture. The 28 -year -old little star was pregnant again after unexpected abortion. After returning home, she suddenly vomited and diarrhea.

After the fertilization, the embryo is not implanted in the uterine wall, but is implanted outside the uterine wall.It occurs most often in tubal tubes, but may also occur in cervix, ovaries or abdomen.

The pregnancy of bed outside the uterus does not have a chance to grow normally. What is worse is that it pose a serious threat to women’s health and life.

The cause of the ectopic pregnancy in the little stars is after abortion, so what other reasons have caused the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy?

There was a history of pelvic inflammatory disease, that is, severe bacterial infections of reproductive organs, such as chlamydia disease, solution to the primary body disease or tuberculosis.These diseases can damage the fallopian tube, such as causeing adhesion after inflammation of the fallopian tube.

There have been ectopic pregnancy, infertility, infection, pregnancy, pregnancy, age factors, sterilization problems, caesarean section, and bronze internal internal adusters.

There is also the ability to reduce the muscle contraction of the fallopian tube wall, which makes it more difficult to transfer the eggs to the uterus.

In fact, the incidence of ectopic pregnancy is mostly related to the fallopian tube. The problems of inflammation, fallopian tube surgery, and dysplasia of fallopian tubes can cause ectopic pregnancy.

The process of ectopic pregnancy is the same as the normal pregnancy, and there will be a situation of stopping menstruation, breast tingling, nausea, changes in appetite, and tiredness.

In the early stages, about 4-5 weeks, ectopic pregnancy may be invisible or given abnormal images during examination.In most cases, about 6-10 weeks, typical symptoms of ectopic pregnancy will occur.

Suspected that ectopic pregnancy is related to the following symptoms:

The abdominal pain that feels dull or tingling will not disappear by itself, and it is accompanied by abdominal tenderness.

Attachment tumors (only doctors can find that patients cannot find itself), which requires patients to check regularly.

Menstruation stops and reproductive tract bleeding. After a few weeks, it usually occurs in the second month after menstruation stops.

Except for other signs of ectopic pregnancy, liquids include faint, increased uterine, and Douglas parenting bags.It is a structure located in the back of the pelvis, also known as the rectal uterine bag.This situation is caused by increased vascular permeability.

When headaches, dizziness, weak body, pale face, rising body temperature, sweating, and fast heartbeat must be treated in time, because this may be caused by the falling egg tube due to external pregnancy, which can cause shock.

Be sure to know the ectopic pregnancy in advance. In the early stages of pregnancy, it is recommended to check the physical condition on a regular basis to avoid the above symptoms or more severe when you go to the hospital. This will only harm women’s bodies more.

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