The 29 -year -old actress has no house or a car, and her husband has a low income of Dr. Peking University.

Are you pregnant without a house or a car?

Is there such a material girl in real life?

The 29 -year -old actress Yang Xiaolan is the case.

Yang Xiaolan was born in a single -parent family since she was a child, and her father died when she was 1 year old.The mother pulled her and her sister alone, and she was also admitted to the Central Academy of Drama.

As an actor and director, Yang Xiaolan is a girl with a carelessness, straightforward and free -looking girl.She does not have too high requirements for material.

Starting from the second eye of her husband Ruan Hanliang, she confirmed that the man is the other half of his future.

Yang Xiaolan has two -way emotional disorders, and he will take his head to hit the wall with his life.Later, under the encouragement and tolerance of Ruan Hanliang, she gradually healed.

Ruan Hanliang became a light in Yang Xiaolan’s life.Under the influence of love, Yang Xiaolan and Ruan Hanliang, who had no house and no car, got married.

The ideal is beautiful, and the reality is skinny.They currently rent a house in Beijing and belong to the type of no house and no car.In Yang Xiaolan’s view, renting a house is also a lifestyle, and you don’t have to buy a house.

Houses and cars just satisfy people’s face engineering.Don’t have to face face, don’t.

But reality is often very facing.In the absence of a house or a car, Yang Xiaolan was pregnant.

It means that she will be pregnant and have children in the rental house in the future.After having a child, Yang Xiaolan began to be anxious. She and her husband were both freelance, and their income was very unstable.

As an unknown actress, she has no representative since her debut.Her income is not high.

Ruan Hanliang was born in a well -known family. His parents are teachers. His father is a PhD in Peking University Journalism. He also worked as a editor -in -chief in a well -known magazine in Hong Kong. He is now a professor at university.

Speaking of in -laws.Yang Xiaolan is really a blessed girl.It is said that the in -laws are accompanied by, and the husband can choose, and the in -laws cannot choose.

Unexpectedly, Yang Xiaolan’s in -laws were a very enlightened and democratic elder, and there was no opinion.Otherwise, with a high -knowledge family like Ruan Hanliang, he will never look at girls who grew up when a single -parent family like Yang Xiaolan grows up.

The in -laws did not look down on Yang Xiaolan, but loved her.

The family gets along with their joy and will talk to each other.

Ruan Hanliang is also a PhD in philosophy of Peking University. He has been studying for 8 years and soon graduated.

Philosophy is itself a more discipline.Therefore, Ruan Hanliang’s income is not very stable, and it can even be said to be low.

Yang Xiaolan once thought that her husband Ruan Hanliang could find a job with a relatively stable income.In the past, they were full, and the family was not hungry.

Now with a child, as a mother, Yang Xiaolan still hopes that her husband can have a stable income to maintain the family overhead.

As a person who came, Bao Lei also gave his own opinion: you can get enough food and clothing.

There are more money, and there are many ways to say.There are fewer methods.This is the key to pursue the life you want.

Bao Lei’s words make sense, but it is not realistic.Bao Lei and Lu Yi live in a big villa in Shanghai. They have money and houses and cars. They can naturally live at will naturally. They can also pursue poetry and far away.

Without the support of money, once the child in the belly of Yang Xiaolan’s belly, if they still rent a house in Beijing, then they will definitely feathe.

First of all, the child’s reading is a big problem, and there is no hukou and a good school.

Don’t talk about international schools. For a person who can’t afford a Beijing house, how can there be money to support children to read hundreds of thousands of yuan a semester of international schools?

Ruan Hanliang is a PhD in Peking University, and it is very expected in the future.

It’s just that everything has two sides.In reality, sometimes it will defeat love.

Of course, Ruan Hanliang is the only child in the family, and his parents are well -known.They are much better than ordinary people.They should not afford to buy ordinary small suite in Beijing, but they can’t afford big villas.

For 90%of women, marriage must be based on money.

The material foundation determines the upper -level building, but don’t forget that there is the following sentence: the upper -layer building is counterproductive on the economic foundation.

As a doctoral student of the philosophy, Ruan Hanliang and the artistic student Yang Xiaolan, what can the upper -level building develop in the end and whether they have the ability to output greater nutrition for the economic foundation are determined by the upper -level building.

As long as the two people love each other, tolerance and responsibility and upward motivation, there is also a high -knowledge family as the confidence and backing. This is that the upper -level building will affect the economic foundation.

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