The 38 -year -old maternal bleeding was accidentally bleeding after cesarean section.

Childbirth is a major event in women’s lives. When many pregnant mothers welcome their baby, they are excited and scared.

The excitement is because his baby is finally about to come to this world, and what is scared is that he will suffer great pain during childbirth.Moreover, we must know that women’s delivery may still encounter very dangerous things, such as postpartum hemorrhage that will endanger life.

On Weibo, a reporter reported that a lady had a postpartum bleeding of 3500ml. Finally, she pulled her back from the life and death line after emergency rescue from the medical staff.The lady was 38 years old. After 38 weeks of pregnancy, he chose to take a cesarean section to the hospital because of the scar uterus.Originally, the fetal delivery was smooth and the fetus was healthy, but when she peeled off the placenta, a lot of blood spurted out of her uterus.

After the doctors’ positive bleeding operations were still invalid, the doctor asked whether his family was willing to remove the uterus. After receiving the consent of the family members, the lady’s uterine was removed.

In the end, the doctor found that the reason why Ms. Wang’s postpartum hemorrhagic was because his situation belongs to the long -term reaction placenta. It is a rare, a benign non -tumor lesions related to nourishing lobe cells related to pregnancy.You know, female friends should try to choose naturally when giving birth to the first child, because if the first tire cesarean section is given, there will be a certain danger after the female second pregnancy.Is it suitable for pregnancy.

Regarding postpartum bleeding, netizens have also expressed their views.

Netizen A: It is really terrible for postpartum bleeding, which is why some women dare not give birth to children.

Netizen B: In order to avoid some emergencies in childbirth, pregnant mothers must conduct regular check -ups before giving birth to ensure the health of themselves and the fetus.

Netizen C: Postpartum bleeding is particularly difficult to stop bleeding. Many of them need to remove uterus to stop bleeding.

So, what is postpartum bleeding?

Postpartum bleeding means that the vaginal bleeding amount of vagina is greater than 500 ml within 24 hours after childbirth. If a pregnant woman who chooses a cesarean section, postpartum bleeding is greater than 1000 ml, they should be diagnosed as postpartum bleeding.After childbirth bleeding is the main cause of the death of many pregnant women.

The causes of postpartum bleeding can be roughly divided into four types. The first is that the weakness of the uterine shrinkage after the birth of the female causes bleeding, and the second is the factor of its own placenta.To.

What are the causes of postpartum bleeding?

● Poor uterine contraction ability: Poor uterine contraction ability of postpartum women is the most common cause of postpartum bleeding, because naturally childbirth fetus supports the large uterus, and the blood vessels on the uterus cannot be closed after childbirth.When some women are pregnant or huge, they will easily merge uterine contraction and weakness, leading to postpartum bleeding.

● Placenta factors: Due to the birth of the placenta, hemorrhage after childbirth is mainly because the postpartum placenta and fetal membrane are still left in the women’s uterine cavity, causing the blood to cause the uterine to cause bleeding.If the placenta is implanted in the uterine muscle layer, the amount of bleeding will be greater.

● Soft -produced tract injury: Soft -production tract injury refers to bleeding caused by the fetus’s uterine body, cervix, vagina, and perineal tissue during the process of childbirth, which causes bleeding caused by the soft production tract of the mother.

● Others: The systemic disease of pregnant women can also cause major bleeding after childbirth. For example, pregnant women suffer from systemic diseases with coagulation dysfunction such as regenerative disorders, leukemia, liver disease, etc.

The reason why pregnant women’s feminine bleeding can be life -threatening because the mother may mix into the mother’s blood during delivery during childbirth. Once this occurs, the medical staff cannot estimate the real bleeding of the user.

So what about you, have you already understood what is postpartum bleeding?It is necessary to know that postpartum bleeding is the main cause of death in pregnant women. It is a very terrible post -child complications. Be sure to take measures to prevent postpartum bleeding before childbirth, and regular prenatal examinations.””””

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