The advantages and disadvantages of drug abortion, taboos of drug abortion!

We should pay attention to seriously to avoid some accidents when we usually live in sexual life.There is a phenomenon of abortion, so what kind of realm is there when abortion?What kind of harm he will bring to our body, let’s take a look at a related introduction of the taboos of drug abortion.

Advantages of drug abortion

It is convenient for drug abortion. You can take medicine at home, do not perform surgery, have small pain, reliable effects, avoid pain and some complications of surgical abortion, such as: uterine perforation, surgical stimulus causes arrhythmia, and even fainted, Breastfeeding Pregnancy and uterine malformations are safer.The purpose of reaching pregnancy and no pregnancy -free scriptures is very suitable for many women who fear the abortion of instrument.Mi Feiosone tablets are antiprole hormone drugs of receptor levels. They have the effects of terminating early pregnancy, anti -bed, induced menstruation, and promoting cervical maturity.The body also has a certain combination.Mi -perone tablets can significantly increase the sensitivity of the uterine of pregnancy to prostaglandins.Small doses of hidden sequential sequences and prostaglandin drugs can be satisfactory to terminate early pregnancy effects.

1. Drug abortion is a way to terminate early pregnancy with a safe, convenient, trauma, and painless new non -surgery.

2. Avoid abortion, no need to enter the uterine cavity, and the chance of infection is significantly reduced.

3. If the abortion fails, the pain of the clear palace is lighter than artificial abortion.

4. It takes 3-4 days to complete the birth of the medicine and logistics.

Disadvantages of drug abortion

Although there are many advantages of drugs and centers, there are also its limitations and side effects. In order to ensure the health of women, the drugs that are strictly prohibited from selling abortion in general pharmacies must be carried out in conditional medical institutions.At the same time, in general, the success rate of drug abortion is low, about 75%.If there is a problem, the drug flow is unclear, and the remaining fetal membrane tissue will cause blood crash. It is necessary to immediately be admitted to the hospital for cleaning, otherwise there will be life danger.Division of abortion is most likely to have miscarriage or incomplete abortion. Patients have to clear the palace again, causing greater harm to the body.In addition, gynecological inflammation can also be easily caused, because there may be a large amount of vaginal bleeding during the process of drug flow, many people do not pay attention to not dealt with in time, which will induce pelvic inflammation and even cause infertility.

Abdominal pain is severe during abortion; vaginal bleeding is large, and the bleeding time is often accompanied by dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, abdominal pain and other reactions; the moltic tissue in the uterus can often be discharged slowly in about 2 weeks, and then it can only be discharged, and then it can only be discharged, and then it can be discharged.Stop bleeding; if there is no miscarriage within 1 week after taking the medicine, or the vaginal bleeding in about 10 days increases significantly, and if there is still no blood bleeding for more than 3 weeks to 1 month, you should go to the hospital for a review in time.It is necessary to perform artificial abortion or curettage surgery.

Taboos of drug flow

Due to the more contraindications of the drug flow, a comprehensive examination must be performed before the drug flow surgery. Once the following situations are found, the drug flow should be abandoned.

1. Taboo taboos: endocrine disease, chronic diseases such as liver or renal function, various benign or hemorrhoids or thrombosis, hypertension, etc.

2. Taboo taboos of prostaglandin drugs: heart disease, glaucoma, asthma, gastrointestinal disorders and allergies;

3. Those who bring in the palace internal birth device;

4. Extracesea pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy), or suspected ectopic pregnancy;

5. Smoking> 10 cigarettes/day or alcoholic;

6. Those who cannot go to the hospital in time after taking the medicine should not have abortion without medicine, so as not to go to the hospital in time and delay the illness;

7. Allergies;

8. Anemia;

9. Long -term use of Lifu Ping, different smoke, antiepileptic drugs, antidepressants, Simi Ding Ding, aspirin, anti -deeper, Barbich drugs.

10. The number of days of pregnancy exceeds 49 days.

To introduce us through the above text, there is a clearer understanding of the taboos of this drug abortion. Usually, we can improve in accordance with the above methods mentioned above.The body brings very great harm, creating our health is also a very unprepared way and method. When we choose drugs, we must do it in accordance with these methods mentioned above.

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