The ball officials told the boy to be pregnant, crying that the husband quarreled with her because of her child, Zhao Benshan attitude attracted controversy

The sketches played by Zhao Benshan made everyone very impressive. He also made great contributions to the Chinese cross talks and sketches in China. In recent years, Zhao Benshan’s daughter’s ball ball has gradually become active in everyone’s sight. Of course, people have begun to pay attention to attention.The ball is definitely because of Zhao Benshan. Slowly everyone is attracted by the personality of the ball.

Globe announced that she was pregnant and suspected boy

Recently, Zhao Benshan’s daughter’s ball was released on her social account. The official announced that she was pregnant. Netizens congratulated the ball after learning about it. Some netizens said that the ball was suspected to be pregnant.But the ball said that it was only 3 months pregnant now, so the boy is still not necessarily.

However, the pregnancy was still known by fans. The center of gravity before the ball was placed on the live broadcast. I also knew that her body was not very good, but some fans said that she had a pregnancy on her face.I didn’t expect to be pregnant. After knowing that I was pregnant, the ball was also very tangled. After all, I had talked about a lot of cooperation at work, but this time I had to breach contract.

Although the ball is distressed by the company created in one hand, I have to consider their bodies and children. In the video, the ball also said that the reaction after pregnancy was also very large.The child’s arrival, as a mother, is happy, and is happy.

Crying her husband to quarrel with her because of her child

In fact, the ball and husband were just married, but they were exposed to many quarrels. The ball often talked about her husband online. Recently, the ball cried that her husband had quarreled because of her child. The ball was pregnant.It is a happy thing.

However, the couple have different surnames after the birth of the child. The ball means to ask the child to follow her Zhao, and the south also resolutely disagree. I think there is a child who follows the mother’s surname. Some netizens think that this is not this.What cannot be discussed, now that children follow the surname of their mother is not a big deal.

Two people can have two children, one can follow the surname of the mother, follow the surname of the father, but the problem appears here. The ball does not want to have two children.However, the husband’s idea is also understandable.

Zhao Benshan attitude attracts controversy

However, Zhao Benshan’s attitude has aroused controversy. In fact, when the ball was married, Zhao Benshan Ben didn’t like the son -in -law. Even when the two had a wedding, they could not show up.I don’t want to, but I can only agree for my daughter.

Perhaps the ball wants to want the child’s surname Zhao to consider the father, but if you have a child, it is still difficult. After all, the Chinese are still traditional, and Zhao Benshan must be able to respect the idea of the ball.Essence

No matter who the child is with the surname, the parents will not change, so there is no good fight for this. After all, the child is still two people.important.

With the next generation is happy, everyone has upgraded as parents and grandparents. Netizens are also sincere and happy. I hope their health is born and grows up. It is also hoped that Zhao Benshan can bring more joy to everyone.

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