The belly is often "drum", and most of them have been found by 3 diseases, and no matter how fragrant

Many people often appear "Qi Drum", especially the upper abdomen, and they are swollen a little.After a long time, no matter how fragrant and delicious, I can’t eat it.Not only is it very uncomfortable, but the physique is getting worse!

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the function of the stomach and intestines should be decreased. Driven by the qi of the spleen and stomach, the digestion and absorption and excretion function are normal, and the bloating will not occur.

In popular terms, it is food that eats in. It must be discharged into the small intestine from the stomach in about 4 hours.The length of this digestive and absorption is appropriate.

01 gastritis

Whether it is acute gastritis or chronic gastritis, most of them will feel bloating, especially after meals.The manifestations of gastritis are: loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, snoring, upper abdominal pain, diarrhea, even dehydration, shock, etc.

02 Digestive

Digestion is a relatively common functional gastrointestinal disease. It may have symptoms similar to gastritis. The bloating caused by the abdominal distension is not very serious, and the course of disease is generally not long.

03 enteritis

Enteritis is small enteritis and colitis caused by virus, fungi, parasites and bacteria, which can also cause bloating, but the symptoms are more serious.Severe nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, diarrhea, dilute water, fever and severe feelings.

01 The first step of the abdomen is pushed from the center of the heart nest to the lower abdomen, repeated 50 times, and the strength should be slightly larger to drive the subcutaneous muscles as the degree.In the second step, press and rub the middle acupoint for 3 minutes clockwise.After pushing the abdomen, if you snoring or farting, it means that the medium focus is cleared, and the body gas machine has flowed.Special reminder: Starting 1 hour after meals, pregnant women should not press Zhongyu.

02 push two ribs

The palm roots of both hands, pinching the ribs on both sides of the chest, slanted down, passing through the abdomen until the groin.Pushing to some places will hurt, proves that it is not available here.After pushing for a while, snoring and farting will also occur.

03 pinching therapy

The spinal therapy acts on the back of the back and the foot of the sun.When pinching the ridge, you must press a straight line, pinch from top to bottom as the leak method, and pinch it lightly;

To understand the "pinch" trick:

Time 1-3: Starting from the tail, when pinching to Dazhui, lifted it up twice.Then use your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger to close the spine, and push down to the tail.Repeat 3 times in turn.

4-5 times: Hold the skin of the tail bone hard, mention it up first, then pinch it twice, and then mention it.Repeat 2 times in turn.

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