The belly of only 3 months of pregnancy is like 6 months. It turns out that there is a six pound of heavy cysts in her belly.

Yangtze Evening News July 17 (Correspondent Liu Wei reporter Zhu Dingzhao) Ms. Zhang, 26, Huai’an, was obviously pregnant for three months.The pregnant mother, she realized that the situation was extremely abnormal.Then he went to Huai’an Maternal and Child Health Hospital for examination. As a result, the doctor found that there was a huge ovarian cyst full of liquid in Ms. Zhang’s belly.

Because the first baby was healthy, Ms. Zhang was full of confidence in the second pregnancy and automatically shielded all pregnancy test items.When she was three months pregnant, Ms. Zhang found that her belly was "swelling" as quickly as she was angry.After the inspection of the local hospital, the doctor informed that Ms. Zhang’s belly was full of water. The specific reason was unclear. It is recommended to go to the higher hospital for further examination.Ms. Zhang itself is relatively thin. When I came, the doctor was surprised. Although she was pregnant for three months, she had a large belly and looked like it was six months.The maximum diameter reaches 17 cm.According to Shen Haiyan, deputy chief physician of the gynecological department of Huai’an Maternal and Child Health Hospital, when the treatment team discussed the condition, this cyst was still "secretly in the same force". After just one day, there was a trend of "occupation".The next day, it was checked again that the maximum diameter of the cyst had reached 25 cm. When the pregnant woman was delayed, the pregnant woman would have difficulty breathing. The uterus would also have a fetal abortion because of the growth space of growth. The surgery is imperative.

The object of the operation is a pregnant woman, and the cyst is still so huge. The surgery team needs to find the safest solution.Shen Haiyan told reporters that if the traditional surgical method is used, at least a 10 -centimeter of mouth is opened, and the trauma is too great. Pregnant women may cause abortion due to pain.If porous laparoscopy is performed without sufficient space operation, it will eventually perform single -hole laparoscopic surgery.The surgery team finally made a small incision of 3 cm in Ms. Zhang’s belly button. When entering the abdominal cavity, the capsule was sucked out. The measurement showed that a total of 2500 ml of cyst liquid was sucking out of 6 pounds. After sucking the sacThe cysts are stripped.After surgery, Ms. Zhang’s abdomen was developed normally and did not receive the impact of the operation.

The doctor said that this cyst is likely to exist before Ms. Zhang’s pregnancy. If Ms. Zhang has a pre -pregnancy check, it can be treated early and early treatment.Such surgery during pregnancy is much higher than that of non -pregnancy.What should a pregnant woman do if a cyst is found during pregnancy?Experts said that for pregnant mothers with cysts, they must be regularly checked and monitored the dynamics of cysts, and they must follow the doctor’s advice.

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