The better the pregnant woman supplement folic acid?Doctor: It’s not useful to eat too much, but the effect is reversed!

During pregnancy, it is a critical period in women’s life. Many people think that whether a healthy and smart baby can have a healthy and smart baby depends on whether women have done relevant health care during pregnancy and pregnancy.Although it is not a woman’s business alone, the critical nature of women’s dietary health care during pregnancy is naturally beyond doubt.Many women know that in order to prevent fetal malformations, it is best to take folic acid in advance before pregnancy, but does this folic acid really eat more?

The reason why women recommend supplement folic acid before preparing for pregnancy are the purpose of preventing fetal nerve tube malformation.

The so -called folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is a water -soluble nutritional agent and a substance necessary for the growth and reproduction of human body cells. Especially for women in the early pregnancy, if the intake is insufficient, it can cause fetal malformations or even induced.Natural abortion.

However, it should be noted that women supplement folic acid should not start when they learn to be pregnant, but should supplement folic acid before preparing for pregnancy. At the same time, the dosage of folic acid is not as good as possible.

Professor Liang Donghui, chief physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pearl River Hospital of Southern Medical University, said in an previous interview that for ordinary women without folic acid deficiency, as long as they start 3 months in advance, consume 0.4-0.7 mg of folic acid per day, and persist for half a year, then you can stick to it for half a year.To achieve the purpose of preventing fetal malformations, eating too much will bring a negative effect. "If folic acid is intake too much, it will not only increase the success rate of preventing fetal malformations, but also may cover the symptoms of lack of vitamin B12 for pregnant women and interference.The metabolism of zinc may cause adverse consequences to cause zinc deficiency or nerve damage to pregnant women. "

1. Pay attention to diet balance and match

If you want to achieve a healthy diet, the ideal method is to match a variety of foods to comprehensively consume nutrients in all aspects, as well as pregnant women.It is generally recommended that pregnant women can match food under the guidance of a nutritionist to fully consume the elements required by various human body such as protein, vitamins, and minerals, and do not only eat some so -called supplements.

2. Pay attention to restraint

Women need to provide nutrition required for fetal development during pregnancy, so the amount of food should increase slightly compared to before pregnancy, but this does not mean that pregnant women can eat or even overeating.If women do not control their diet, they often cause excess nutrition, bringing complications such as obesity during pregnancy, diabetes during pregnancy, and even affecting delivery.

3. Eat more natural foods

Many people may prefer to eat processing or pickled foods, such as canned food, sausage, salted fish, etc., but in fact, everyone knows that these foods are not good for the human body because they contain a lot of additives.And if women are pregnant, even if they like to eat such foods, they are still free, otherwise they may increase the risk of fetal deformity or even abortion.It is recommended that pregnant women’s diet is still dominated by natural food, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

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