The big women’s net red who had a big hotel and abused pregnant women finally admitted

Have you met a very arrogant person?

Recently, a woman in a big hotel, and the behavior of the female employees of the hotel’s pregnant female employees was aroused heated. She was arrogant, saying that she was an Internet celebrity.6000000.

The contempt and arrogance in that speech, the high posture of the high, defeated Zeng Hong’s extremely Huizhou banquet owner.

However, it is interesting that when she was brought to the bureau for mediation, she also quickly admitted and regretted her arrogant tone and arrogant posture, and made a special apology for the video channel.

But netizens did not buy it, thinking that she regretted it, instead of regreting what she did. Compared with her unconvinced apology, netizens teased:

I still like her "unruly" look, I hope she can restore it.

Of course, this is not over. What is even more amazing is that the woman who claimed to be an Internet celebrity was exposed to the strange performance of the live electric diamond to eat corn for the traffic.

As a result, there was no red, but this did not prevent her proud of herself as an Internet celebrity.

The cause of the matter is insignificant, and even makes people feel that such a small thing is not worthy of her "noble" identity. Why should it be so moving?

She wanted to play in Sanya and booked a local five -star hotel in advance. After two nights, she had her own careful thoughts and wanted to delay the check -out to four o’clock.

The huge hotel, in a tolerance heart, gladly agreed with her request.

However, the hotel’s gladness agreed to make her be careful again, and instead called the customer service of the platform. On the grounds of the stains on the toilet, the customer service was required to contact the hotel to delay the check -out time to six o’clock.

This requirement will obviously cause losses to the hotel, so the hotel refuses, replying to her, and wants to delay check -in. It is necessary to charge a half -day room fee in accordance with regulations, that is, 380 yuan.

The hotel’s reply is reasonable, and it is also in line with consumer rules.

But the woman didn’t think so. After being rejected, she returned to the hotel emotionally, and then chose a "lucky child" to start to go to the hot search and send herself to the hot search.

Listening to her self -report, as if she was really a great character:

"You can record the video. I have a total of 100,000 fans. My dad is the president. My brother Kaikinan’s car is 6 million. If it wasn’t for your pregnancy, this bottle of cola will smash your facedo you know?"

"I finished you and I have it. I have someone everywhere. You better let your group president to deal with it. Do you know that my elder brother Curina is the same as the president of the group?"

The hotel staff who was pregnant was inexplicable by her words. She wanted to explain it, but before she said a complete sentence, she was pointed at her nose at her nose and roared:

"Don’t talk to me!"

"I said that it can be delayed for two hours, and I don’t complain about you, but it looks like this. At least, you will start the house fee for me at least one night. Otherwise, you don’t know why you are not."

Good guy, it turned out that she had a good tongue in front of her gesture, and brightened her president’s father and the elder brother in Kairinan. The ultimate goal was to not want to pay the cost of 380 yuan.

Is it that we ordinary people do not understand the world of rich people, or have the rich people have changed?

I was lying on the bed, thinking about it, I was sleeping all night, and I couldn’t think of it. I was full of my head: I don’t understand, I don’t understand, I don’t understand.

Back to the hotel side.

According to people familiar with the matter, when the arrogant female Internet celebrity at that time was at the big hotel, at least eight staff members in the hall, but eight people always held themselves with a gentle attitude and threatened her alone.

That picture, the more weird you want.

Also, because the women’s Internet celebrity’s words and deeds gradually broke through the bottom line of the staff, the hotel chose to call the police directly. After the mediation, the hotel chose to give up the time to avoid her delayed check -out fee, but refused to compensate her for two nights of unreasonable demands.

At the same time, the hotel also carried out and condolences to the mental injured female employee to make up for psychological trauma.

And the female Internet celebrity of the Dajie Hotel was taken to the game, and chose to bow her head to admit the wrong. Facing the camera, repeatedly said that he was wrong, realized his mistakes, regretted what he said, and so on.Essence

Compared to her apology, netizens obviously care about her identity, and where is the president of her president and the elder brother in Kairinan?

She claimed to be an Internet celebrity and had 100,000 fans. As a result, she was discovered that she actually had only 20,000 fans.

Earlier, when she had only thousands of fans, she attracted the attention of the audience by opening live electric diamonds to eat corn. At that time, she was not as rich as she was now, and her long hair fluttering.

Unfortunately, when eating corn with electric diamonds, the naturally scattered hair is rolled into the electric drill, which causes a large piece of hair on the top of the head. The picture is quite happy.To 20,000 fans.

It is the 20,000 fans who have become her biggest base. When she goes to the barber shop to consume, she still does not forget to put on her noble identity of her Internet celebrity. The purpose is to just want free shampoo for others.

As for the president’s father in her mouth, there are more than one. She has five full -scale, each of which is the president of the top 500 groups, all of which stand behind her.

What is actually?

It was just that she was climbing relationships and recognized relatives everywhere. In order to show a sense of superiority, she pretended to be a high -top gesture deliberately disguised. People did not know her at all.

As for the older brother in Kairinan in her mouth, it was even nonsense, and people did not know her at all, and had no life with her.

However, she was immersed in the world of self -entertainment, and she appeared in the circle of friends.

Performing, I am afraid that I am immersed and brought in, convinced, ridiculous and sad.

In addition, she was revealed that she had made a big deal, threatening her former colleagues in the front desk of the hotel, and it was difficult to list all kinds of scandals. In response, netizens just shouted that it was difficult to understand her words and deeds.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand. She deliberately lied to the circle of friends and showed off some unnecessary connections and relationships, but it was just to show her sense of superiority, but to make herself look superior.

But the old saying often says that pride is out of light and arrogance from ignorance.

She is the same. The ridiculous lies that can still be true and false at a glance at outsiders, how can those who are familiar with her do not know how many pounds and two, and behind them are just a joke.

From beginning to end, the only person who entertains and entertains ourselves in lies and camouflage is only herself. Everyone treats her ridiculous behavior as a seasoning of life. No one has revealed it.

Gradually, the sense of superiority of the top is born from the bottom of her heart. She becomes greasy, arrogant, ugly, and becomes bored with others.

I am only glad that those lies and camouflage are just her, otherwise, in this character, once she has money for one day, she really lives in people, that is really terrible.

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