The bizarre and cruel mother and child were abducted in the two -year -old road to find a wave of four folds in the 26 years

Zhang family took a big photo.

Zhang Xuewen’s family reunited.

The three brothers and sisters of Zhang Xuewen met with children who had lost 26 years.

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In 1995, Li Chunling, a deaf and dumb pregnant woman in Gaoyang County, who was pregnant for more than 7 months, brought relatives who were under three years old and returned home by bus.Unexpectedly, the thief was calculated by the thief, snatched her child, and violently coerced her.

The mother and son were sold to Puyang and Xuchang, Henan.After Li Chunling gave birth to the second son, she couldn’t speak and couldn’t write. She had separated from her husband and Daer Tian, and separated.A happy family, broken in the three places.Li Chunling’s husband Zhang Xuewen lost three relatives in one day. Life was like a nightmare that could not wake up. From then on, his fate turned to his fate, and years were frustrated.

This bizarre and brutal case of trafficking women and children happened in Baoding, Hebei.26 years later, the tragedy of "the mother and child was traveled at the same time" finally turned in the "reunion action" of the Ministry of Public Security.On October 1, 2021, the two children who had been abducted, Qi Qi kneeling in front of Zhang Xuewen, who was 26 years old, listened to the most difficult burden on his life in the pain and crying.

1. The big event in Zhao Tongcun

In the past ten days, the National Day holiday has just begun.The historic building in Zhaotong Village, Gaoyang County, Baoding, was shaken by the wind chimes in the eaves, and the ringtone was far away.A village in the village not far from this tranquility, but there is no scene. The red singing and dancing are accompanied by gongs and drums, making people wonder: Which one is this good event while National Day?

However, the "happy events" in the courtyard are not unusual.

The protagonist is not a newcomer to laugh, nor is it a long -lived old man.He is a middle -aged man who has a dark face, simple words, and unable to hide in his expression.He was Zhang Xuewen, the unfortunate father in the aforementioned trafficking case.

Zhang Xuewen almost night before the night.How can he sleep?Zhang Yong, the eldest son who disappeared at the age of two and lost his relatives for 26 years, had to bring his daughter -in -law and daughter -that is, his two baby granddaughter -home to admit relatives.The hate that the parents had died in depression, and finally the clouds were scattered, ushered in hope and warmth.

On the car of his loved ones, there is Zhang Xuewen’s younger son and Zhang Yong’s brother -he was another lost child. He was still pregnant in his mother’s belly. He is now 26 years old and makes his family feel distressed.He returned to his father for almost a month. Zhang Xuewen was inexplicably nervous about his occasional leaving his sight, just like he was still afraid that what would make the joy and happiness at this moment turned into a bubble: when he lost this sonEven his appearance, name, and even he were men or women, and did not know; such pain and fear, he never wanted to experience it again.

There was a faint drum in the distance. Zhang Xuewen first rushed out of the yard and ran to the village.

When I met a familiar folk relative on the road, he shouted to him, "Is it back?" He kept his footsteps and answered loudly: "Come back! It’s back!"There are old tears.

The two sons got out of the car.There are daughter -in -law and two cute granddaughter.Although Zhang Xuewen has met with them, how can there be the same emotions at the moment when they are looking for relatives?He and his sister Zhang Liang and his brother Zhang San tightly carried the hand of the relatives who had lost their losses. The family seemed to meet the new destiny, excitedly and firm, and walked towards the family.

2. Twenty -six years of loss of love

"I have found a river. I have seen a dumb in the river, and it is almost the same as my sister -in -law. She is almost the same. She also wants to find a home, and she can’t find home.Back, do n’t want her once, do n’t want her again, sell it for the third time … She cried with me, do you know how uncomfortable seeing this like this? "

Zhang Xuewen’s sister Zhang Luan cried countless times on October 1 on October 1.Those who do not know that they may think that she is emotionally exposed. Only by knowing that the family can understand, what kind of hardships, unwillingness, and the dissipation of the pain in the crying cry are released.

After the disappearance of Li Chunling and Zhang Yong’s mother and son, the Zhang family once launched the village of Zhao Tong Village to help find. So far, the older people in the village have remembered the tracing of 26 years ago.Zhang Xuewen’s father Zhang Dazhen launched a villagers in the village. He first found people in the county and townships north of Baoding, and later expanded the scope to the province and Beijing.

The people in the village found one year, and Zhang Xuewen had been looking for 20 years.On this road of searching, his mother gave people a nanny, and he would like wherever you do, for fear of missing any news of his daughter -in -law or grandson.The old man ignited the hope again and again, and the hope ended again and again, and finally cried and blinded his eyes.His father was seriously ill in his 60s. Whenever he thought his grandson couldn’t bear it, he stumbled to the street and shouted, "Brave, brave, brave …"It gradually became a clip that could not bear to touch in the memory of Zhao Tongcun.

On this road of blood and tears, Zhang Xuewen, who was once strong and capable, resigned from the work of the bus driver, and did not cover a small building like a peers.In addition to carrying cement and working hard, he has worked to maintain his livelihood, and most of his energy has invested in the slimness of looking for loved ones.

"From the beginning of the year, I went home for a few days in the New Year. After the New Year, I came out to find my wife and children …" Zhang Xuewen’s memories of those years, no more words to describe.He only knew that in such a memory, he lost his mother and lost his father. The second old man was hard to meet. Only unwillingly told them to continue to find them.

3. Reunion action to promote miracles

On the afternoon of December 24, 1995, Li Chunling and their children disappeared near Baoding Gaobeidian.Although the local police did their best to find the maximum efforts with Zhang and Li, they were subject to the technology and environment at that time, and their search repeatedly fluttered.The mother and two children disappeared into the vast sea -Li Chunling’s mother and child disappearance was determined to be a trafficking case.

In January 2021, the Ministry of Public Security deployed the national public security organs to conduct a special action aimed at the abduction and missing children -reunion operations.In March, the old case that had been in pain for many years was for many years, and the Gaoyang Police was designated by the Baoding Public Security Bureau.

"For the first time, he told Lao Zhang that his child had a chance to find, and he couldn’t see how excited he was, as if he was a little numb. Maybe this is the real response of a father who was looking for a 26 -year -old father …"Li Meng, the instructor of the technical squadron of the Public Security Bureau of Gaoyang County. He recalled that when he first discussed the topic of finding relatives with Zhang Xuewen, the tortured man left the first impression left by him.

The disappointment of 26 years has long made Zhang Xuewen’s disappointment into despair.He and his family even felt that there was hope for himself to give himself sin, and they suffered too much of sin and could no longer up afford.

Li Meng, who has the background of legal medicine, has more experienced the development and improvement of the DNA system in the Public Security DNA system in recent years.He said: "In the past few years I just worked, I went to get a large and updated CD -‘library on these discs every year. Compared with the humble and backward at that time, the current data collection and comparison efficiency have greatly improvedIt is possible to create miracles. "Sure enough, after Gao Yang police collected blood samples on Zhang Xuewen, for more than two months, the database of the National Internet of China was compared with matching information.

The dawn of June appeared: The Ministry of Public Security reviewed and identified the first "child" to have a biological relationship with Zhang Xuewen. The household registration information showed that he was from Puyang, Henan.On August 26, Li Meng and other public security personnel and Zhang Xuewen and his party set foot on Henan’s journey to Xunzi for the first time.

4. A wave of twists and turns to find Zizi Road

Before going to Henan, the three brothers and sisters of Zhang Xuewen had all had a total of. The traffickers were likely to sell him or her after Chunling gave birth to the second child.Then the boy who lives with the dumb mother in Henan should be "Xiaoyong".

However, when Zhang Xuewen was crying with tears and holding his wife’s hand tightly, he found that in addition to crying as excited as herself, she also had an unusual move: she used the broken chaotic voice to desperately make a almost difficult to identify question.: "How about Yong? Yong?!"

It turned out that in order to coax Li Chunling and told her that her child had been sent back to her father to live, so that she had no relatives and could not ask for help. She was completely dead.The sad mother heard that her eldest son was also sold, lost, and cried even more."Where is the child? What kind of sin?" A father and a mother were surprised for a moment before.

Although the second child’s home was found, he had left Puyang and worked in Chongqing.The excited Zhang family could no longer suppress the desire to see the child. They decided to send "aunt" and "cousin" as representatives, went to Chongqing to persuade him to return to Gaoyang for further identification.

During the 26 -year -old life, Zhu Shaopao never doubted that his father was not born.The mother’s language was obstacles and did not mention it with him.When his father died, he held his card, and indeed, an elder whispered that he shouldn’t hold it and let him change to the second brother, but he only regarded that as a mess of others, and he didn’t take it to heart.

But a video call disrupted his heart.On the screen of the mobile phone, the crying "aunt" determined that he was her nephew, asking him to return to Gaoyang in any case in any way.Gao Yang?Baoding?Hebei?He has never been to the village he said.The closest time is probably the time to travel to Baiyangdian with friends -Is Bai Yangdian and Gao Yang near?He had no concept, but suddenly he was a little concerned.

He finally decided to go north with two "unfamiliar loveders", and soon re -collected DNA information in the Gaoyang County Public Security Bureau -confirming the comparison again.26 years of biological father.

And he also has a brother who is two years old, and has no message to this day.Such a turbulent change has made this young man like dreaming for several days, but he can’t come back.

5. Liu Danhua Ming finally reunited

Generally, parent -child identification can be determined as long as the DNA map has 17 digits.However, the standards for public security organs to treat trafficking cases are more stringent.Now, the father, mother and brother of the abducted children in this case have all been collected by the "boss" comparison.

The premise is that his DNA information has entered the database of the public security organs.

Looking at Zhang Xuewen, who was excited, Li Meng was a little worried. He couldn’t bear to let this unfortunate man bear any pain that he hoped to fall.

He told Lao Zhang "to seduce" to find the child’s mother and brother, and it is not necessary to ensure the news of the boss immediately: at that time, Zhang Yong and his mother were trafficking, and the DNA system was gradually improved in recent years.Before that, the child did not take the initiative to find relatives, or the information did not enter the relevant database, so you need to wait for him to meet him. Maybe one year, maybe two years, maybe ten years …

No one expected that just a few days later, Gaoyang Police received news from the Provincial Public Security Department and Baoding Public Security Bureau: Henan Xuchang Fuling police feedback that there was a man in the local area suspected to be in line with Zhang Xuewen’s information.However, the currently known as "Zhang Aihua (pseudonym)", the ID information shows that he was born in 1990. If it is calculated at this time, he is 6 years old in December 1995. Obviously he is "Zhang Yong" from "Zhang Yong"The situation does not match.

The police officer of Gaoyang County, who did not dare to be sloppy, rushed to Fuling, and extracted Zhang Aihua’s blood samples according to law, and re -applied for identification -eventually confirmed the comparison.

On October 1, 2021, when he returned to Gaoyang’s hometown to recognize his relatives, his father Zhang Xuewen told his eldest son "Zhang Yong" with tears: "You were born on May 1, 1993. That day was the tenth day of the lunar calendar.In 26 years, you are actually less than 30 years old this year. "

6. I can’t bear to miss you in this life

Zhang Aihua -or asked him Zhang Yong -I knew that I was holding it since I was a child.At the age of 16, he even went to the Public Security Bureau alone and told the police that "I want to find a biological parent."His earliest DNA information may be left at the time.The adoptive father once said to him that when he was adopted, he could hardly speak, and people were thin and dark. He was worried that he would not be able to save him from the human trafficker. Maybe he would starve to death.The adoptive father also expressed his understanding of his thoughts of finding relatives. He not only gave him a toll, but also told him: go to find it, go home without finding it, and live with peace of mind.

The vast crowd, separation across provinces, in the era when the technology is underdeveloped, his wish has not been achieved; but he has become a child who is very favored in the family. The six sisters above. He is the youngest.I got married and became my father.

It’s just the hole in my heart, and occasionally blows the cold wind.He revealed to his wife that he had seen the encounters of those parents who had been looking for a child. He said: "If it is my father and my mother, don’t want me, send me someone, then I will definitely not find it;In my parents, my parents may also look like this, looking forward to me, looking for me, then I must find it! "

But he never expected that he had not only lost his own and his parents, and his younger brothers who had never seen each other and had not seen each other were scattered in the two provinces and three places!This plot of life was too painful and heavy. When he got the formal news from the police, he was shocked and could not eat things for a few days. He only slept for eight or nine hours in three days.

The old people in Zhao Tongcun still remembered the child: his round face when he was a child, with the same smile as his father.Now seeing the two standing together, they can’t help wiping tears and sighing: Who does not know whether this is father and son?But who thought of being sold so far!

And a pair of brothers who have lost 26 years have never been strange since they were in contact.Zhang Aihua’s wife, Ms. Han, said that the brothers have to videos every day. The younger brother is on his brother’s house. The little niece also recognizes the birth of the first day. On the third day, the uncle was very likely. She announced to the whole family: My uncle is better than my dad than my dad.handsome!Tears with a smile of the family.

Zhang Aihua also visited Puyang with his brothers and had a biological mother of only more than 200 kilometers from him.The mother saw him crying into a tears. "After visiting relatives, he was ready to return to Ling’s home. The mother was so scared that he let his brother follow him, for fear of throwing him again …"Interesting things, it was difficult to say when talking.

In Fuling, Zhang Aihua grew up in the love of adoptive parents and sisters since childhood. It can be described as coquettish. Nowadays, the adoptive father is 81 years old and still attached to him.In Puyang, Zhu Shaopao’s adoptive father has passed away. Among the four children born in Henan, his mother was lined up with the boss, and the burden on his shoulders was not light, and he had to work in the north of the South China Sea.Back to Gao Yang, their characters have inverted one child. The pet younger brother in the family has become his brother who takes ideas and take care of people, and his elder brother who has always looked at his brother and sister has become his brother.

As for his father Zhang Xuewen, he also organized a family a few years ago.Both brothers said that the fate is so ruthless, but they will carefully plan future life.More importantly, they are all glad that they finally know their roots and comfort their father and mother’s half of their lives.

On this day, the relatives of the elders in Zhangjiamen stroked the two baby one by one.They use the most simple way of Chinese people to express their excitement and joy: everyone is holding a meeting ceremony, and it is not allowed to stuff them into them, and they are carefully arranged in their mouths.Daughter -in -law, this is the children of Danieer and Xiao Nier … Two children who have not received the New Year’s money in front of Gao Yang’s relatives in 26 years. Now they get their most generous blessings: the baby goes home, this life is safe.

Source: Yanzhao Metropolis Daily

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