The boy’s cough sounds like a puppy!Doctor: Don’t drag, take the doctor quickly

"Children’s cough seems to be very common after infection, but the sound of cough is strange. What kind of disease is it …"

In the past two weeks, many parents passed the Internet hospital consultation platform to consult Zhu Haizheng, chief physician of the pediatrics of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital, and asked their children to be hoarse after the new crown was infected with a fever.Like …

Parents pay attention, don’t drag!

Be careful about acute laryngeal!

The child was burned back after the yang, but the sound of cough was like a puppy barking

Internet doctor: acute laryngitis, hurry to go to the hospital

"My child is 5 years old this year. After the infection, he has a high fever to 40 degrees. He can’t fall asleep. He has to sleep before he sleeps. It is better during the day, but the appetite is poor and drinking less water. After three days, the spirit is good.Yes, the child’s cough sounds like a puppy. Does it matter? "A child’s mother asked on the platform and seemed very worried and anxious.

Director Zhu Haizheng analyzed that the child had acute laryngeal inflammation, allowing parents to take their children to the hospital as soon as possible.

"Acute laryngitis is one of the most dangerous children’s emergencies. It is usually inflammation of acute larynx (throat) caused by virus infections. Both infants and children can occur.The cough of "empty empty" is emitted, and the tone is low like a dog barking. At the same time, the sound is hoarse, and the sound cannot be cried (prompting the vocal cord edema). "

"The laryngeal obstruction is not unlocked, and people will hold to death alive"

Acute laryngitis seriously causes people to die quickly

Director Zhu Haizheng introduced that the complication of laryngitis is the panting of the laryngeal, which is a harsh and unpleasant sound (prompting laryng obstruction) when the child inhale.The sound of dog barking and continuous asthma indicates that the child suffers from severe laryngealitis.The biggest danger of laryngitis is laryngeal obstruction.

"Clinically doctors will evaluate the child’s laryngeal obstruction and do the corresponding treatment. Generally, the most effective treatment for laryngitis is to use Budiid (inhaled hormone), adrenaline, physiological saline, or intravenous.Hormone drugs. Sometimes for severe laryngeal obstruction. In emergency situations, in order to save lives, you can only do bronchial cutting or tracheal intubation. If the laryngeal infarction is not lifted quickly, people will die alive. "

Director Zhu Haizheng said that acute laryngitis is the only disease that may cause rapid death in respiratory diseases.Therefore, laryngealitis is also the most dangerous disease among all respiratory diseases.

These acute laryngitis symptoms occur

Don’t drag!Be sure to seek medical treatment in time

Acute laryngitis is a case that often encountered in emergency duty every year in the winter and spring of previous years.Recently, after the Omikon epidemic, the cases of laryngitis have also occurred one after another. Some parents are afraid to seek medical treatment because they are afraid of the new crown epidemic. This may delay the child’s condition.

"For children who have symptoms of laryngeal inflammation, parents should encourage their children to drink more warm water. If there is only a manifestation of cough and no laryngeal obstruction, or children who have been lifted after treatment after treatment can be treated and observed at home."

Zhu Haizheng reminded that many children suddenly developed their disease at night, could not cry, or cough like dog barking, or asthma with a throat (roar); some children had difficulty breathing, and the depth of the sternum was depressed when inhaled. FinallyThere will even be a lips.If you find that the child has such a situation, you should immediately think that the child has had acute laryngitis, and he must be sent to the hospital as soon as possible to see the emergency department.

From: Hangzhou Daily

Source: Cover News

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