The bride’s voice of the "buying a small and refusal to welcome the lingerie" incident: Without pregnancy, divorce after a month later

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Because the underwear sent by the mother -in -law’s family, when the temporary request for replacement in the middle of the night, the men and women’s attitudes towards each other are mixed, which eventually leads to a New Year’s dedication to the wedding banquet with relatives and friends -in the past few days, it has occurred in Zunyi City, Guizhou Province.The "welcome to the relatives" incident was full of noise.

Subsequently, many rumors were also circulated on some self -media platforms, such as "bride is pregnant", "bride refused to refund the gift" and so on.

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On the afternoon of January 6th, Ms. Luo, the bride of the "welcome person" incident, told Red Star News, "Today, it has been negotiated and handled, and the money has retired on the spot. I am very satisfied with the problem of the problem." Ms. Luo said, "One monthCheck the divorce procedures in the future. "

In addition, Ms. Luo told Red Star News that she was not pregnant herself, and the news on the Internet was not true.

Ms. Luo said that in 2017, she met with Mr. Groom Yang and established a relationship in 2019."That night, after my relatives and friends left home, I tried to wear clothes and found that the bras were two small numbers, and I couldn’t wear it."

"But the underwear is just a fuse, and I have made some contradictions before, but it may be that I can bear it blindly." Ms. Luo said that on the evening of January 1st, after the problem of the small problem of the underwear, the man and his family wereThe attitude is not good. Say "(too late) Can you buy it, can’t you wear it?"

"Later, the groom’s mother also said, if you want to end, you will retreat without knotting. At this time, the groom said beside him, 88,000 Caigi, 20,000 clothes money, and said that."Outside, his parents heard it beside him.

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"Therefore, on the evening of the 1st, after we quarreled, we decided to retire." Ms. Luo said that the next day, they were actually not welcoming their relatives, but they were more like a marriage. "

However, Mr. Groom Yang said in an interview with the media or posted on Weibo that he did not recognize Ms. Luo’s allegations, and at the same time, he expressed puzzles that he was unreasonable for the bride’s family.

Mr. Yang said that he has always been sincere in marrying Ms. Luo, but it is impossible now.

The wedding in 2021 became the fuse of the breakdown of each other’s marriage because of a lingerie, which made the outside world feel sorry and regret.The treatment of subsequent issues has also become a new trouble for families of both sides.

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On January 6, Hongxing News learned from some local people in Zunyi that local cadres actively intervened in the process of the matter, and the two sides of the organization negotiated to solve the resolution of Yinghong Street Office of Honghuagang District, Zunyi City.

On the afternoon of the 6th, the staff of Yinghong Street Office confirmed to Hongxing News that both men and women and relatives and friends did come to the office to solve the follow -up problems this morning (January 6)."The staff member said that it is recommended that reporters consult the Propaganda Department of the Honghuagang District Party Committee.

The Propaganda Department of Honghuagang District Party Committee did not disclose to reporters on the grounds of personal privacy.

Earlier, the "welcome" bride, Ms. Luo, revealed to Red Star News that earlier, the man asked to refund more than 180,000 yuan, including 88,000 yuan of gift money, 20,000 yuan of clothing money, as well as weddings, hotels and cigarettes, etc.cost.

"Now the problem has been resolved and satisfied." Ms. Luo said, "After waiting for one month to go through the divorce procedures." It did not disclose the specific amount and related details of the return to the man.

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