The calf grows "glasses box", which is a kind of skin disease that affects the normal growth of calves

It is believed that many cattle farmers will encounter this situation during the breeding process. Some calves will appear "ringworm" on the eyes, lips, or heads and faces.At the beginning, this "ringworm" area is small and usually does not attract attention. When we find it, this "ringworm" will have large coins, and some will develop to a much larger than the copper coin area. Generally, under the circumstancesIt will not affect the calf’s eating and drinking and growth, so most farmers will not care about it. At the same time, many people do not know what kind of disease this is, and some rural veterinaries do not know much about this disease. In fact, this is actually this. In fact, this is actually this.It is a kind of infectious skin fungal disease. Because most of the shapes are circular or oval, and the size is similar to the copper coins, it is called "tingling disease". Sometimes it grows near the eyebrows.Eye".Although it is a skin disease, it will lose weight in the calves in severe cases, affecting the normal growth and development of calves.Let me talk to you about this disease of calves.

Cinema disease

Tingering disease is a chronic and contagious skin disease caused by animal hair or cuticles of the skin. It can be infected by various animals.difficulty.Tingling -like lunar is a fungus that can survive in the living environment of cows for several months or even years.Infection is generally caused by contact with the contact between the germs and the bull body, and it can also be transmitted to the beef through some hidden bandburies.Tineain disease is mainly harmful to 2 to May May calves. Young cows and adult cattle have a small number of diseases.

Symptoms of Cattle Catholus Tinea

Tineain diseases mostly occur in winter and early spring seasons.The symptoms of most cattle are relatively mild and will not show systemic symptoms. If it is not treated in time, it will expand to the whole body.At the beginning of the disease, there will be gray -white scabs of the size of a match on the eyes of the calf, the skin of the head and the face, and the size of the match size. The area of the scab will gradually expand., Hard and hairless, sometimes bleeding and bleeding.Most of them are found when the lesions are enlarged. Most lesions have the size of the lesions from copper coins, so they are called "cinema disease". With the development of the disease, some area will expand to the size of the walnut or even reach the palm size; some lesions will be reached;The part is on the eye, so it is also called the "glasses box" by the farmers.If it is not treated in time, the lesions will expand to the skin of the whole body, itching on the lesions, calves will often lick or rub the fence, trunk or tickle with the hind hoof; large -scale disease will affect the normal feeding and growth of calves, calvesRealty and weight loss.Such a "ringworm" will fall off in 1 to 2 months, the skin is grayed, and then new hair will grow. After a period of time, new "ringworm" will grow in other parts of the body, which will recur.

Causes of Cattle Catholus Tinea Diseases

Circle breeding density, dark and humid in the circle, poor ventilation, disinfection for a long time, etc., are easy to provide conditions for fungal growth. At the same time, calf skin is relatively tender than big cows, which causes calves to become ill.

Treatment of Calcatosaurus

This disease lamb can be treated early and early treatment. For the treatment of this disease, a longer process is required, and it will not have an immediate effect after medication.

1. Treatment is treated with hydromycin, but the milk produced within 2 days after stopping the medicine cannot be eaten, and meat can not be eaten within 5 days;

2. Use iodine preparations for treatment, but we must strictly grasp the dosage to avoid poisoning. Pregnant cows cannot be treated with iodine preparations to avoid flowing or dead tires;

3. Use iodine glycerin for treatment. This method is safe and reliable, and will not have toxic and side effects on beef bodies. After mixing with iodine and glycerin according to 1: 1Items

4. Use warm soapy water or 3%to clean the lesions to wet the lesion area, remove the scalp skin with a mule, and then rub the lesions with 10%iodine.

The above 3 and 4 treatments are treated with topical drugs. The cost is low and the safety performance is very high. These two methods are recommended for treatment during the breeding process.

Prevention of Calcatosaurus

1. Strengthen the management of breeding, keep the cow houses dry and ventilated, and often replace the grass and disinfection bulls, and do a good job of hygiene in the bull body and cow.

2. Reduce calves’ breeding density and reduce opportunities for mutual contact.

3. It is found that the sick calf should be isolated and treated, and at the same time strictly disinfection the cow and utensils contaminated by the sick cattle, disinfectants can choose 2%sodium hydroxide, 3%Forma or 5%gram therapyForest is used.

In short, although the cow’s metal -ring disease will not easily endanger the lives of calves, mildness will not adversely affect the calfs, but also take good control measures to avoid the deterioration of the disease affect the normal growth and development of the calf, or spread the spread, or the spread of the calves, or the spreadTo the whole group.In the process of breeding management, breeders should prevent prevention and avoid being infected.

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