The cause of bleeding during pregnancy during pregnancy is inventory to deal with miscarriage

In the 40 weeks of pregnancy, in addition to paying attention to diet and exercise, my mother should also pay attention to abnormal symptoms, such as bleeding.There are many causes of abnormal bleeding, such as ectopic pregnancy, premature birth, premature placenta, premature placenta, etc. Whatever cause, pregnant women should immediately seek medical examination and treatment.

1. Causes the cause of early pregnancy bleeding

1. Due to ectopic pregnancy

It is generally referred to as ectopic pregnancy, and fertilized eggs are implanted outside the uterus, usually in the tubal.You will find the lower abdomen cramps and severe pain, accompanied by dizziness, nausea, and weakness.

2. Caused by hydatidiform

Portuguese tires are a rare disease, and its placenta forms a deformed embryo cystic mass.This is a type of tumor caused by hormones in pregnancy and does not affect life.

During pregnancy, abnormal bleeding should seek medical treatment immediately.

3. Due to miscarriage

The most important cause of bleeding in the first three months of pregnancy is usually abortion, and the most often occurs within 12 weeks of pregnancy.If bleeding is accompanied by colic, lower abdomen pain, and stream tissue liquid, the chance of abortion is higher.

2. Reasons for bleeding in the middle and late pregnancy

1. Because of the front placenta

This is the most common cause of bleeding in the late pregnancy.In this case, the placenta usually covers part of the cervical opening. In the late pregnancy, the placenta stretching and rupture cause severe bleeding.Pregnant women who used to be a pre -placental, or a multi -pregnancy pregnancy, and a caesarean section had high risk.

2. Early stripping placenta

Early placental waves are separated from placenta and uterine early, causing blood to gather in the area between the placenta and the uterus.It is usually accompanied by cramps, abdominal pain, uterine tenderness and back pain.

3. Because the uterus rupture

Under very rare cases, the uterus is abnormally divided due to the scars of the previous cesarean section.It can expel the fetus to the abdomen, which is very dangerous to the baby and mother.Multi -pregnant pregnancy and scruples are more likely to occur.

4. Fetal blood vessel rupture

The blood vessels in the development of the fetus may pass through the opening of the birth canal, which may cause the blood vessels to tear and severe bleeding, which is very dangerous to the baby.This is usually accompanied by abnormal infant heartbeat.

5. Because of premature birth

If the childbirth time falls within 20 ~ 37 weeks, it is called premature birth.It will be accompanied by cramps, regular contractions, internal pelvic pressure, and back pain.A few days before the body is preparing to produce, there will be mucus bleeding first.

6. Other causes of bleeding

There are still some possible factors in the late pregnancy, such as vaginal or cervical region damage, cancer, polyps, and varicose veins.No matter what kind of cause, abnormal bleeding should be checked immediately.

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