The child suddenly "dropped" when the pregnant woman walked!Be wary: pregnant women may have these performances to be born

The lady recalled that after the child fell out, the umbilical cord was still connected to the mother. She was a boy. At first, her lips were black and purple. After repeated shots, the child cried out. The monitoring video exposure recorded this scene:

Netizens have said: I am envious!It’s so easy to give birth.

In general, this situation is called urgent production.The emergency production means that the total output process is less than three hours.

It is not said that people with constitutions are prone to emergency production. Relatively speaking, they have incomplete cervical function. They have had a history of emergency production.Small is prone to emergency production.

1. Urgent production can lead to the complex laceration of the maternal cervix, vagina, and perineal.

2. Before the delivery, it is too late to disinfect, which can cause mattreidal infection.

3. When the contraction is too strong, the pressure of the uterine cavity increases, increasing the risk of amniotic fluid embolism, which will affect the blood circulation of the uterine placenta. It is prone to fetal distress, neonatal suffocation, and even death.

4. The fetal head is too fast, and the pressure of the fetal head in the birth canal is suddenly lifted, which can cause intracranial hemorrhage in the newborn.

5. No prepared delivery is too late to pick up production. Newborns are prone to infection. If they fall to the ground, they can cause fractures and trauma.

6. In addition, the risk of dysplasia of uterine dysplasia in postpartum is prone to uterine contraction, and the risk of placental retention or postpartum bleeding increases.

Therefore, emergency production is a more dangerous situation. Mastering the necessary prenatal early warning knowledge is particularly important for pregnant women, and the family of pregnant women should also pay attention.

1. Seeing red.Most women’s main symptoms before giving birth will first appear red.There will be a small amount of blood -colored substances in the vagina. Soon after seeing the red, most of them may appear within 24 hours, and more obvious real contractions.

2. contraction.True contractions, indicating that production is about to launch soon. At this time, uterine contraction is relatively regular, and with contraction, the interval time gradually shortens. Generally, it will be about ten minutes every start, and it will gradually become about five minutes or so.It will appear once and gradually increase.

3. Break water.With the strong shrinkage of the uterus, water breaks will occur, and the cervix mouth will be further expanded, the baby’s head will gradually decrease, and the first outbound process will officially begin.

4. The second outbound process is the process of opening from the eloquence until the fetal delivery is completed. Most of the time will be within two hours.Finally, the placenta was delivered in the third place.It will be less than 20 or thirty minutes.It can be seen that women have redness and contractions during the third trimester, which is reliable prenatal symptoms, so at this time, you must go to the hospital for delivery in time.

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