The class teacher’s Zhipu season pregnancy: hug is more powerful than the slap

The school was closed for two months, and the 15 -year -old girl suddenly became pregnant.Check?Coercion?Or volunteer?Faced with the silence of students and the difficulties of parents, what should the class teacher Mr. Qiao do?What is the truth?

The following is the self -report of Teacher Qiao ——

Weird things during the school: a girl’s childhood pregnancy

Early in the morning on May 9th, I walked into the school with a spring breeze.As soon as he turned into the corridor, Zhang Ran’s parents were twisted to the water room."Why are you doing this?" I almost fell, and I was a little angry."My daughter is pregnant, she is only 15 years old! Are you school or a hooligan base?" Zhang Ran’s mother asked with anger.

My name is Qiao Xiaoqiao. I am 42 years old. I am a Chinese teacher in a boarding middle school in the northern town. I have worked as a graduate class teacher for many years. During this time, a lot of good teachers and excellent class teachers have taken a lot of certificates.I was hit by "Youth"!

More than two months ago, due to the emergence of the epidemic, 184 colleagues and more than 900 students "banned their feet" school.In the meantime, the students couldn’t even get out of the dormitory: the meal was sent to the door to the door, and the class was in the form of broadcasting. The assignment was also the teacher to collect it at the door.In the last two weeks, I went to class in the classroom.How can such an accident occur on the first day after unblocking?

Zhang Ran’s father was calm. After talking about the original committee, after the unblocking home, Zhang Ran’s mother made a lot of dishes that daughters loved, but Zhang Ran didn’t eat much, and she vomited.The face was not good -looking, and when I was in the toilet, I almost fainted.Afraid of the child’s physical problems, they took her to the hospital for examination, but the doctor told Zhang Ran that she was pregnant!Looking at the "7 weeks of gestational weeks+" on the pregnancy order, I was about to shock my chin.Wouldn’t it be less than a week before the school, Zhang Ran …

They repeatedly asked their daughters, but Zhang Ran had taken away that he was admitting that it happened in school, and nothing else said nothing.He also said that he was responsible for his own affairs and did not want them to intervene.They had to call the police. Zhang Ran threw a sentence, "Just wait for the corpse", and then put themselves in the bedroom, and never opened the door again.From yesterday, Zhang Randi has not entered and the grain rice has not been stained.They felt that Zhang Ran was seduced or coerced.The daughter is still young, and she has to ask her justice. In the school, the school is the first responsible person. He must find a hooligan and give it a saying.

After soothe Zhang Ran’s parents, the principal asked me to start the investigation immediately.Teacher Su Guan and I checked all the cameras of the school, and there was no clues at all.I intentionally or unintentionally talked to students or groups, and did not spy to a little information.The school warned and sanned me and the Teacher Ban Shi Su Guan, and canceled the eligibility of the two 2022 evaluations of the two of us.

But the "case" has to be broken.I decided to take the initiative -home visits and open Zhang Ran’s heart with tenderness.

But Zhang Ran obviously didn’t welcome me. Her mother called a few times, and she opened the door with a wooden face.I took the topic of her room well. I picked up the book on the bedside and made a breakthrough. I knew that she would take her notes to take notes to take notes to care for learning.I had to ask her softly how her body was, "I have been wronged, and the teacher will be the master for you."

"No!" She choked me again.

"Nothing? Who bullied you? Teacher, or classmate? Does Teacher Qiao also say that he is the master for you? You have to let him pay the price!" Zhang Ran’s mother suddenly broke in.

"Don’t be afraid, if you don’t dare to say, let’s call the police and let the police grab the hooligan and let him go to jail!" Zhang Ran also joined in.

"Who is a hooligan? I told you, this is just an accident! Please ask me to do the operation and do it. I promise to study hard and never affect the entrance examination!" "But do you listen?I said that I was stupid, I had to justice for me, and found the responsibility of people. Can I not be responsible for myself? I also got to school and forced me to the police. Since you are not big enough, I will see it for you!"Zhang Ran cried and pushed the window," Teng "rushed out, and half of his body leaned out of the window.

I hugged her, persuaded her to calm down, and held her as she died."Let her go to death! If this happens, I still threaten my parents, and I have no face!" Zhang Ran’s move caused her dad to be excited.

"You don’t know her temper. I don’t tell us anything. I was in a hurry to get something wrong?" At this time, my mother calmed down and dragged her husband.Zhang Ran rushed to the bed and cried.When her voice slowed down, I touched her head and said, "In the teacher’s heart, you will always be the excellent child with a gentle and optimistic and open -mindedness. These days, there is no you in the Chinese class, and all of them are less!" "The teacherI am not a bad girl, and there is no hooligan. This is really just an accident. "She stopped crying and twitched and said.

"I believe!" I held her hand."Can you make me solve myself?" "Can you help us, but you have to promise me, don’t do stupid things!" I told her to take care of her body, communicate with my parents, and end my home visits.Zhang Ran obviously wanted to protect the other party, at least it shows that it is not deception and coercion, it is probably early love.I put the boys in the class "passing the movie" one by one, but there were still no clues.

I decided to live in the student dormitory again."Teacher, is there an epidemic again?" The next day, I moved my luggage to school, and the students were scared to ask."No …" "That must be awkward with my husband and run away from home." I was about to find a reason to obscure, and Li Qi, the "naughty ghost" in the class, said first."The fast entrance examination, I want to raise a small whip and urge you to run forward!" "The teacher is forgiven, but don’t become an extinct teacher." After that, Li Qi slipped, others laughed a few times,Also withdraw.

After entering the interior, I can really "get close" students.

"Hu Yue and Chen Xiaojing, you both can’t wait to become a baby -body baby!" Looking at the two girls who were accompanied by their arms with their arms, I joked."Han Zheng, you have to pick all the pepper to stir -fry the pepper and stir -fry the pepper. I can’t think of it.

In order to dig out more clues, I occasionally burst into an unrelated "material". The students called me "gossip old class" behind the students, but closer to me.I lined up and meals, and they would "occupy a seat".Some students took the initiative to break the news: Li Meng nicknamed "picking the big man"; Zhang Xuan secretly loved the girl next door; Li Qi also complained with me complaining that his parents were too autocratic, and he didn’t even choose the right to hand in hand … I intentionally or unintentionally mentioned it.Zhang Ran, but her material was not received at all.

Enter the front line of "eating melon": Little Bear New Turnon has made great achievements

"How did you get me on Weibo? Just because you and Chen Qiang’s mouth, I didn’t stand you? It’s too stingy!"I patted my head: The current child, so soaked in the Internet since childhood, why not check Weibo and WeChat?

I added Zhang Ran WeChat as strangers.Her nickname is "一", a word that means beautiful, I voted for the "Youlan", and posted the poem "Lan Fengchun, Gui Yu Qiu and the Qiu and Clean" as a verification, and passed it.Unfortunately, Zhang Ran’s circle of friends is a horizontal line. Except for the signature "Master of Life", he has nothing.

In order to get closer, I talked with her for half an hour with literature.She likes Bai Juyi’s poems, and I share the love story of Bai Juyi and Xiangling in the circle of friends.I was looking for Zhang Ran’s mobile phone number on Weibo. A user named "Slowly" jumped out. The avatar was Zhang Ran’s photo.What disappointed me was that Zhang Ran’s Weibo dynamic was still at the end of January!Danic food, pet kitten, street view … nothing special.Some of the following likes and comments can not be seen.

"Solve!" When she turned around on December 18, she posted a number of combinations.Will anyone watch the Weibo of mathematics?I pulled down, there was really a comment.A netizen called "Li Xian" handwritten the process of understanding the question process, and the photo replies below.The word is beautiful and familiar. I opened the Weibo of "Li Xian" and found that "Li Xian" was our class Wei Qun.

On February 27, he shared the picture of Jiugongge. The middle one was a photo of him and eight classmates, which contained Zhang Ran.The rest of the pictures are gifts."The most special birthday in his life, thank you for your blessings for your brothers and sisters!" Wei Qun wrote.I flipped Zhang Ran’s attention list, some of which were our classmates, and they turned their dynamics again. There was no new discovery.

"Do you have a birthday to Wei Qun on the weekend before the school? Did you play with it?" I asked Li Qi at lunch."How do you know?" "The nickname of my gossip old class is not white." "I really play it at that time!" Li Qi said, "A few bottles of Rui Ou dizzy them, I’m fine. He still sent it home! "Li Qi pointed at Zhang Xuan laugh.

"Girls are drunk, how do I go home?" "I was delivered by me, and I arrived at home before four o’clock. Teacher, ask you the gossip." I originally wanted to askWith a clue, Li Qi ran away.I turned back to Zhang Ran and all the boys in the photos. They interacted with each other normally and had nothing new.

I had no choice but to chat with Zhang Ran, and I hope to get useful, even a trace of clues.

"I want to be a phoenix cuckoo, and I will never bow to all vulgarity!" When I talked about what she wanted to be, she said that after knowing this bird from the "animal world", she wondered.I quickly checked the information -phoenix -green bite cuckoo, Guidimara State Bird.If the adult bird is arrested, it will continue to hit the bird cage with the head; the young bird is arrested, and the mother of the bird will put a poisonous fruit in the cage quietly.

"Not free, rather than death", no wonder her personality signature is "the master of life"!The bird’s tail is long, so characteristic.I suddenly flashed my brain: I seemed to have seen it in recent days!

Zhang Ran Weibo!In the list of her attention!I hurriedly read it, and it really was called "Phoenix Cuckoo". The avatar was a long -tailed bird flying with wings.Earlier, I focused on the boy’s Weibo Weibo and ignored the "phoenix cuckoo".Through these days with Zhang Ran’s "chatting", I infer that this "phoenix" is likely to be her trumpet.

On the one hand, she compared herself to "phoenix cuckoo".On the other hand, this trumpet shared the songs of "Sugar Sweet Sweet".When I chatted with Zhang Ran before, she repeatedly mentioned the word "sugar half sweet".She said that this was a state of life she liked. She did not avoid frustration and suffering, and only a spoonful of sugar was added to her days.It turned out that "Sugar Sannan" is a song, and it is written in green love.I am ashamed of my "scarceness". It seems that in the future, more things that children like in order to better be friends with them.

I continue to look at it.At 18:50 on February 27th, she sent one: "Who is young?"Because the picture uses the beauty effect of the comic "two -dimensional", it is impossible to see who the boy is.Surprisingly, this sharing below has a positioning, which is the forest park of the suburbs.

I was puzzled: Didn’t Li Qi send all the students home before 4:30 pm that day?Why did Zhang Ran get drunk again, who did it come out?In order to prevent and control the epidemic, parents must upload the specific family address of students.I hurriedly checked and found that of the eight children, the Zhang Ran family was the farthest from the Wei Qun family. If Li Qi took a car to send them home one by one, the last one may be Zhang Ran.

I stunned in my heart: Shouldn’t Zhang Ran get off the car and play with Li Qi again to play with Li Qi?But I quickly calm down: there is no real hammer, I can’t guess!I found that this trumpet only followed a friend called "William".

Click on "William" Weibo.Similarly, he also posted a picture of a forest trail on February 27, but it was the back of a two -dimensional girl wearing a red skirt.From the style of the skirt, Zhang Ran is undoubted!Because that day, she was wearing a photo of Wei Qun’s birthday, and it was also a red dress of this style.

Who is this "William"?His Weibo account only paid attention to "Phoenix Cuckoo", and his friends who were concerned about him were only "phoenix cuckoo".From the friends of friends, I can’t see who the Lord is at all.But it can be inferred that Zhang Ran came out after the birthday meeting and had a date with him.

At 19:08 on February 27th, he sent a dynamic: two hands pulled together, each exposed half -sleeve angle, and the white magnolia on the roadside in the background was flourishing.I amazed this picture and found that the half -red sleeve corner was Zhang Ran, and there was a bear metal buttons on the other half of the sleeves.

Although this dynamics is not positioned, it is determined to be a road outside the Zhang Ran family community.Because when I got out of the car last time, I noticed that the white magnolia tree and the building next to it exactly exactly the same as the photo.

In order to verify the facts, early the next morning, I took a taxi to the positioning location of Zhang Ran’s trumpet, and it was determined to be a forest park.I found the forest road where they took pictures and took a photo.After that, I took a taxi from the Forest Park to Zhang Ran’s house and found the car for 15 minutes.Of course, when I got off the bus, I confirmed the white magnolia tree again.In other words, removing the return journey. On February 27th, after returning home at 4:30 pm, Zhang Ran and the "white shirt" boy dated about two hours.

In the next few days, I noticed that every boy in a white shirt in the class, I found the one with a bear button.I had to ask all boys in the class to wear white shirts to participate in a white shirt on the grounds of a white shirt.When I sorted out the "instrument" for them one by one, I found out that there was a little bear button on Wei Qun’s white shirt cuffs.

"Let us solve it": Hug is more powerful than the slap

It turned out that Zhang Ran’s early love was Wei Qun.And "accident" happened on the day of Wei Qun’s birthday?In order to further determine, I made a "home visit" on the students in the photo on the grounds that the status of the students was concerned.I learned that one week before the school was closed, several children were reviewed very nervous. They were either at home or in training classes. They were accompanied by family members.Only at noon on the 27th, he took a time to attend the classmate’s birthday party.But except Wei Qun and Zhang Ran, they went home around 4:30 in the afternoon.

The mother of Wei Qun told me that in the study, they have always had strict requirements on Wei Qun and their children have good grades.On his birthday, he wanted to let him play with a little bit, so he gave a day off.She and Dad Wei went to the city and arrived at home at 9 pm.Zhang Ran’s parents were busy. Generally, Zhang Ran was reviewed at home on the weekend, and Zhang Ran took it.Zhangma and Zhang Dad arrived home at 8 o’clock that day.After returning, Zhang Ran was reviewed in the room.

After running to the west family, I took a taxi from Zhang Ran’s house to Wei Qun’s house. Only twelve times and twenty seconds. Her family was very good to take a taxi and would not wait for too long.The forest park is very close to Wei Qun’s house, walking for five or six minutes.From the dynamics of Zhang Ran and Wei Qun’s trumpet on February 27, they were at least one and a half hours alone.

I consulted a doctor friend, and she said that B-ultrasound inferred 7-10 days error.Judging from the time from each parent, Zhang Ran and Wei Qun are likely to have a relationship during this time.

After repeated confirmation, I found Wei Qun.I showed him the photos taken in the Forest Park.Wei Qun acknowledged the relationship with Zhang Ran’s male and female friends. He said that he always liked Zhang Ran, but he couldn’t confess.On his birthday, some people saw two Ruiou in his family, and they moved to the table.I didn’t expect everyone to get drunk.After the meeting, Zhang Ran forgot to get the key and came back to find it.When I saw the gift she gave alone, he asked him if he liked it.He said this was his favorite gift, and then confessed.After discovering the key behind the tissue box, the two reached out at the same time and touched together …

But he said he didn’t know Zhang Ran was pregnant.After unblocking, they got the mobile phone. They talked about it, but Zhang Ran had not mentioned it.He asked her why she didn’t come to school yet. Zhang Ran only said: The old man is sick, and she and her parents are accompanied by her hometown.

I told him that Zhang Ran refused to talk about who the other party was. He had had a lot of friction with his parents for this, and also hunger strike.

With tears in Wei Qun’s eyes, he lowered his head.For a long while, he looked at me and said firmly: "Teacher, I will take the same role as a man, try to minimize the damage to Zhang Ran." He said that he would go home to communicate with his parents.How to solve it.

Wei Qun is more stable and mature than I imagined.Looking at the long back of him out of the office, my heart was a little stunned: Does our education care about grades too much and ignore other aspects of children’s study?Do we have their own growth in the name of protection?Perhaps they are far more energy than we think.

With the consent of Zhang Ran’s parents, I asked her out.In the face of facts, she admitted.She apologized to me first, saying that she was not intentionally lying.Based on the results of B -ultrasound, her parents said that she was violated at school, and she defaulted.She said that her parents were too strong and never listened to her, and loved to anger others.She was afraid of telling the truth and made things big.She said that she was pregnant early, and she couldn’t just blame Wei Qun, and she didn’t hold it well.If it hadn’t been found to be found, she would secretly do it by herself, and didn’t want to make the ending.

I told her not to sign without a parent. Girls under the age of 18, and the regular hospital will not be crowded.I show her the information from the obstetrics and gynecologists’ friends in advance.Looking at the cases of abortion in the small clinic, Zhang Ran slowly lowered her head and said that she did not expect that the consequences might be so serious …

"Parents have reacted because they love you so much. If you think they have passed, you can write to communicate with them." I told her that doing suitable things at the right age is really responsible for yourself;At any time, before you take safety measures, even if you like the other party, you must be brave to say "NO"; let alone the idea of "dedication" to please the other party."With the growth of knowledge, it is true independence to see that parents can get along with them due to their growth background and cultural level.Powerful! "Zhang Ran burst into tears, nodding, saying that she must communicate with her parents well.

After talking with Zhang Ran, I asked her parents.I asked, "If you don’t have a school, do you know the consequences of Zhang Ran secretly abortion?" Zhang Ran mother cried."I am also a daughter. Early love, accidental pregnancy, obscenity, sexual harassment, family violence, PUA … The girl’s life really refers to something, and the moment she gave birth to her, the mother’s heart did not relax.If there is something in the girl, we can guide her and help her! "I suggested that they listen to Zhang Ran’s thoughts, and also suggest that they take some parent -child lessons to change the way of communicating with their daughters.

Two days later, Zhang Ran’s mother called me and said that these two days they heard a lot of lessons on the Internet and offline.I was afraid that I couldn’t control my temper, so that my daughter wrote a small note to them.Who knows that the daughter wrote the letter of seven pages.For the first time, her daughter said so much to them, and she cried two packets of paper towels.She agreed with her daughter’s thoughts and did not investigate Wei Qun, but the surgery Wei Qun and her parents must be present.She said that she didn’t want this money, but to let the boy see the harm to the girl under the impulse.She also told me that she and Zhang Dad both wrote a letter to her daughter, and Zhang Ran took the initiative to hug them.

"I don’t remember when my daughter was affectionate with me last time!" She sobbed excitedly.

I contacted the two to negotiate that day.On the 23rd, one month before the entrance examination, Zhang Ran performed surgery.Wei Qun and his parents were present to bear the medical expenses and nutrition costs. Wei Qun’s mother also took the stew and supplement.

The results of the middle school entrance examination came out, Zhang Ran and Wei Qun all obtained key high schools.I called Zhang Ran’s mother for the first time.She cried out: "My daughter is not a child I couldn’t stand up with …"

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