The common sense that must be known during pregnancy, you must understand

1. Can I still contact the computer when I am pregnant?

It is recommended that pregnant women engaged in computer operation take the following protective measures:

First, if the condition allows the pregnancy head to be temporarily not touching the computer for three months.During the whole pregnancy, do not work continuously for a long time. Every time I work for one hour, it will be outdoors for a while;

Second, the computer room should be air -time, keep the air fresh;

Third, the arrangement of the computer should be back to the back to reduce the intensity of electromagnetic radiation;

Fourth, you can use a protective apron when operating a computer. It is good to make some proper protection.

2. When do you choose to get pregnant?

First, the best fertility age women are 23 to 29 years old and men are 25 to 35 years old.During this period, the reproductive force was the most strong, the quality of sperm cells was good, the chromosomal disturbance rate was low, the planned pregnancy was easy to succeed, and the opportunity for difficulty was relatively low.

2. Ideal pregnancy season

It is generally ideal to choose late summer and early autumn.Because the early pregnancy response period is autumn, avoiding the effect of midsummer on appetite; the variety of vegetables and fruits is relatively complete, it is easy to adjust appetite and increase nutrition;Differential organs; in the late spring and summer of the following year, the climate is pleasant, which is conducive to the adaptation of the newborn to adapt to the external environment.

3. Is the B -ultrasound harm to the fetus?

Ultrasonic is through its thermal effects, mechanical effects, and airization effects. Whether ultrasound is harmful to the human body is the ultrasound dose.Many years of clinical observations have shown that the incidence of fetal malformations in pregnant women who have been checked by B -ultrasound have not increased.However, some foreign reports have been reported that in the early pregnancy embryo formation and tissue differentiation period. The B -ultrasound examination time may have some impact on the fetus.Therefore, it is recommended that in the early pregnancy, if there is no obvious medical indicator (vaginal bleeding, the size of the uterus is inconsistent with menopause time, etc.), try to do B -ultrasound as much as possible.After the second trimester, the organs differentiation is basically completed, and the B -ultrasound examination will not cause harm to the fetus.

4. The mileage of fetal growth

We divide the fetus into two stages in the mother’s body. From the first day of the last menstrual period, we are used as a unit every around.From the 9th week, it is called the fetal period, which is the period of further maturity of various organs.

1. 1 to 4 weeks of pregnancy, fertilized egg formation, differentiation, and bed completion;

2. The embryonicization of the embryo at the 5th to 8th weeks of pregnancy starts organs. On the 8th weekend, there is a humanoid in the first weekend, and there is heart to move

3. At this time from the 9th to 12th weeks of pregnancy, the fetal period is entered, and the internal organs begin to develop.

Fourth, the 13th to 16th weeks of pregnancy can be distinguished from gender, and the digestive function has been basically established. It can be seen that the filling bladder

5. The whole body of the whole body is dark red from 17th to 20th weeks of pregnancy.The fetal movement is active, and the pregnant woman can obviously perceive it. With the handset, the fetal heart sound can be heard in the abdomen, 120-160 times/min.

6. Each organs have developed from 21st to 24th weeks of pregnancy, and the skin has wrinkles. Under the skin of subcutaneous fat start to deposit

7. The brain is still developing rapidly at the 25th to 28th weeks of pregnancy.

8. At this time of the 29th to 32th weeks of pregnancy, the fetus grows rapidly, the lung development is rapid, and the brain and internal organs are close to maturity. During this period, prenatal education is very good

Nine, 33-36 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal growth rate is very fast, the subcutaneous fat development is good, the internal organs are basically mature, the limbs and genitals have matured, and the G can be survived after birth.

Ten, 36-40 weeks of pregnancy, the subcutaneous fat is plump, the skin is pink, the internal organs and nervous system functions are complete, male testicles have declined, women’s labia is well developed, fetal heads have entered the mother pelvis, and they are prepared before childbirth.

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