The confused mother did not eat the right thing.

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For a pregnant mother, fetal stopping is a very terrible thing, which means that the health of the fetus is threatened.Therefore, in order to avoid similar serious situations, pregnant women need to pay special attention during pregnancy to prevent errors and cause incredible effects on the fetus.

However, even if she was cautious, there were still many pregnant mothers who did not control it inadvertently, so they made a big mistake.My neighbor Xiaomei is a typical example. Before she was pregnant, she was a well -known "Big Stomach King" in the community. She was particularly able to eat.

But since I am pregnant, my appetite is not as good as before. I thought it was not a way to never eat. After all, the fetus in the belly still needs nutrition.Then start eating some sweets every day, so as to relieve your mood and improve your appetite.

However, when Xiaomei was pregnant at the 23rd week, the couple went to the hospital for a birth check, and the doctor was informed that the amount of blood sugar was a bit high, and the amount of sugar was needed.

In the first few days, Xiaomei thought of a doctor, and could also control a certain amount of control.But in a few days, Xiaomei couldn’t help it, and even began to eat sweets secretly. The family felt that eating sweets could make Xiaomei’s appetite better, so she didn’t say anything.

After a while, Xiaomei became more and more indulgent, and the number of sweets increased significantly.Until one day, Xiaomei was particularly pregnant, and her physical condition was not very good. The family immediately sent her to the hospital when she saw that the situation was wrong.

After the treatment of the doctor, Xiaomei had no problem, but the doctor said: "Because the blood sugar of pregnant women is too high, the fetus has stopped developing." The family could not accept this result. Xiaomei just ate some sweets, how could this lead to this way, which would cause this way.The serious consequences.

After the doctor’s explanation, Xiaomei learned that because of eating sweets, the blood glucose concentration was too high, and she was usually not exercising much.

In fact, during pregnancy, it can be adjusted in time during pregnancy, so if there is a problem, you must pay attention.So in order to avoid situations similar to Xiaomei, how should pregnant women control their diet during pregnancy?

1. Food with high sugar content

Many women will change significantly after pregnancy, such as eating sweet things.The preferences for diet during pregnancy are particularly extremely extreme. Even the disgusting food feels nauseous, and the foods you like must be eaten.

However, if the sweets eat too much, it is likely to increase the risk of diabetes. Once you can’t control it, it will endanger the life of the fetus in the abdomen.

2. No cooked meat food

At present, hot pot and barbecue are very common in our daily life. Everyone will eat a meal every three.However, during the process of baking these meats, if it is not cooked, it is likely to have certain bacteria.After being eaten by pregnant women, it is easy to cause vomiting, diarrhea and other briskness, which is extremely unfavorable for the fetus.

3. Food containing caffeine

For office workers and people who like to stay up late, coffee is a relatively common drink.But if women are pregnant, they should avoid eating too much caffeine.If the caffeine content is too much, it is likely to cause the fetal weight to be too light, affect the normal growth and development of the fetus, and even endanger life.

During pregnancy, it is a very torment for women, but for the sake of the baby’s health, no matter how much you are, you must also pay attention to the rationality of the diet.Only if the baby can grow up safely, the suffering and tiredness of his birth in October is worth it.

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