The consequences of eating cold medicine

There is a relative who has just completed the engagement and 40 days pregnant.

In the case of men, women, and children, the relatives of this 40 -day pregnancy did not escape, and they had a high fever 40 degrees.But she served "ibuprofen" and did not go to the hospital to see a doctor.

After I listened, I had a lot of worries and concerns in my heart. Does the brain immediately appear "Can I take Intrastial Pills"?Will it affect the fetus after eating?

I remember that in the winter more than ten years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I also suffered from a cold. I couldn’t make a sound at all. I could only express it with a sign language, and the sputum was red.When I went to the hospital, the doctor did not take me a movie or prescribed any medicine for me. She said, "Pregnant women can’t take medicine in a cold, she dare not prescribe medicine, and does not know what medicine is prescribed."Just return to the original road!The last Chinese medicine that Chinese medicine is drinking.At that time, I was also very powerful. At that time, I was in Hebei. The heating in the rented house was broken, and I frozen me was sick every day.

Drinking traditional Chinese medicine is only a little better for three days, a little peaceful, only seven days to speak, and it is not all good for half a month. The voice is hoarse!Everything is normal for daughter to be born!When I was pregnant with my son, my chest was always a little painful. I wanted to make a movie. As a result, I didn’t go to consider the problem of pregnancy.Later, the son really came. Fortunately, he did not go to shoot a film for inspection.

When I saw people pregnant and took various medicines.Some are just a simple cold, and they take cold medicine casually. I was surprised and scared.Take medicine pregnant, but be cautious!Doctors dare not prescribe medicine casually.Some doctors directly refuse to prescribe medicine for you, fearing to take risks.

This relative, her family saw her high fever, was afraid, and heard that she was afraid of affecting the fetus, so she quickly took the "ibuprofen" antipyretic medicine.I don’t know what to say, keep silent.

There was a knowledge that I didn’t know that she was pregnant, because she had a cold in the summer, and she took some cold medicine. The child was born and found that it was abnormal.Treatment everywhere, spent a lot of money, repeated surgery, still unable to control. In the end, when the child was more than six years old, he left.

Although this thing is unclear and the connection is unclear, I think it is still affected in the stomach.Many children’s diseases are brought in the mother’s body. The ancients said that it was fetal disease.As soon as the child was born, he found that there was a problem, which was related to the mother.Traditional Chinese medicine is congenital, and Western medicine is inherited.

Nowadays, people are in a sub -healthy state, and many people take medicine to get pregnant and give birth to children, which will inevitably have a certain impact on the fetus.Regardless of the drug, you must pay special attention to your pregnancy and diet. Many things cannot be eaten.For example, seafood, such as hot foods, such as dog meat, cocks …

There are also many infertility now, saying that these institutions are waiting in line.Think about our parents in the past, three or four are few, six or seven are common, and there are more than a dozen!Now the cost of fertility is greatly improved, and many people are unwilling to give birth.The birth rate has severely declined.There are also many infertility.

Children’s health is the best return of each of our parents every family!Children are the future and hope of each of our parents every family and even society!

Therefore, we usually eat safer, reliable, do not eat too biased food.

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