The correct care and response to fever during pregnancy, every pregnant mother must understand

For ordinary people, it is unusual for colds and fever, but for expectant mothers, fever during pregnancy is directly related to the health of the fetus and cannot be underestimated.What should I do if I get sick during pregnancy?Should I take medicine?

Consult the doctor in time

Consult the doctor in a timely manner during pregnancy and fever, inform the doctor’s body symptoms, and wait for the doctor to diagnose the cause of the departure before treatment.Common causes of fever during pregnancy include colds, influenza, food poisoning and urinary tract infection.If the fever is accompanied by symptoms such as nausea, contraction or abdominal pain, the doctor should be truthfully informed.

Take a warm bath

Taking a warm bath helps to reduce fever, because when moisture falls from the skin, it can absorb calories and help reduce body temperature.Don’t use cold water, let alone take a bath with too hot water, otherwise it will aggravate the condition.In addition, do not use external alcohol in bath water.

Coincidentally use a towel

Putting a cool towel on the forehead can discharge the heat in the expectant mother’s body, thereby reducing body temperature. In the hot summer, you can also use a fan to help heat dissipation, but pay attention to moderate, don’t be too cold!

Drink more water

Drinking plenty of water can not only help the body keep moisture, supplement the moisture lost during fever, but also help the body to cool down from the inside to the outside.You can also choose to drink some hot soup, or some fruit juice and lemonade rich in vitamin C.

Rest more

Under normal circumstances, fever is a normal response to the body’s confrontation with infection, and sufficient rest is important to play a role in the immune system.Do you have to rest more to avoid excessive pressure and activities. If you feel dizzy, lie down and rest in time to avoid walking around.

Don’t wear too much

Adjust your clothes according to the season, and do not wrap many layers because of fever. If it is summer, wearing too many clothes will cause overheating.If the body temperature continues to rise, it may lead to heat stroke or even premature birth.Choose some light and breathable fabrics, such as cotton clothes to ensure air circulation.

Take multi -dimensional vitamin tablets

Taking multi -dimensional vitamin tablets during pregnancy can help provide immunity and help maintain a balance between vitamins and minerals. Specific mothers should take it every day.

Take antipyretics

Not all fever can resist. If the expectant mother continues to have a high fever, it will not improve within 24-36 hours. Under the guidance of a doctor, you can take antipyretics.Long -term fever will have a negative impact or increase the risk of abortion on the baby.It should be noted that you should consult a doctor with any drugs during pregnancy.

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