The couple intended to be Dink. After the woman was pregnant, the attitude of the relatives and family’s attitude was too real.

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When Zhao Di and her husband Dink, they felt that they had a group of best relatives and family members.However, after he was pregnant, he insisted on giving birth to a child, and he had a new understanding of relatives and family.

Zhao Di and her husband were originally the supporters of Dink. As soon as the two concepts were shot, they told all the thoughts and friends on both sides when they got married.Therefore, after marriage, they have always focused on small achievements in work. Although they have no children, they have a fulfilling time.

Because Zhao Di Niang’s brother -in -law will always call and go out to play. Children must be able to buy them for the two. Zhao Di and her husband will buy a lot of gifts for the children.The sister -in -law told the nephew and niece several times that you should treat your aunt well. My aunt has no children. In the future, her money and houses will be you.

Zhao Di didn’t think much about it at first. He had no children. In the future, the property will definitely leave the nephew and niece.But at the age of 38, Zhao Di found that he was pregnant by accident, and the husband and wife decided to give birth after tangling.Friends around me blessed, but I didn’t expect my family to be unwilling.The sister -in -law said to her: How tired to raise a child, Zhao Di is still old, and the risk of pregnancy production is too low. Without the child, she will let her nephew and niece give her an elderly care. The parents of her mother also advise her not to give birth.

Zhao Di and her husband’s minds had been determined, and the sister -in -law then seemed to change a person. He never contacted again. He did not receive a gift from the sister -in -law during the whole pregnancy. After giving birth to his son, the sister -in -law gave 500.The nephew niece is not close, and said that her aunt would have their own children in the future, so she would not spend money on himself.

Zhao Di saw that the attitude of his family was very cold, but he was also glad that he gave birth to this unexpected child, otherwise the end may not be miserable in the end?

"The world is all beneficial, and the world is good." The relatives and family are no exception. Even because the relatives and family have a blood relationship and affection, it will be ugly and chilling to turn their faces for benefits and money.

But it is no exaggeration to say that the person who insisted on Dink was a piece of fat in the eyes of relatives and family members. He was stunned early.Money, how can we inherit their legacy in the future?Therefore, all kinds of songs are pleasing to each other.Once they let them know that they couldn’t take advantage, they were immediately exposed.

Many Dink tribe, in order to protect them in the future, are very good to the nephew and niece. They hurt them as their own biological children. They think that the nephew and niece will not be outsiders.Essence

Imagination is beautiful, reality is cruel.In reality, how many biological children are old when they get old, let alone the nephew and niece who has no fertility. The nephew can no longer kiss her own child.Life, not to mention other children’s children.

The law also only stipulates that children have obligations to their parents, and their nephew nieces have not.Therefore, when you are willing to pay for it, you are happy. When you want to return, you can see the human nature, including parents, including siblings, nephews and nieces.If you want to maintain a harmonious and beautiful situation, you have to keep this kind of dedication. Do n’t have an accident. One day you do n’t have the ability to continue to give them, and they even hate you.

Never challenge humanity.

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