The cute pet of "Frozen and Snow 2" is cute, New Zealand gecko is stable

A lovely little cute pet is called Bruni in "Frozen and Snow 2".Fire 蝾螈 is the most famous kind of cricket in Europe, which is close to geckos, and many habits are very similar.For example, Brone licking his eyes with his tongue.

When watching a movie, my daughter also asked me why Brone always licked her eyes?Why can’t we even lick our noses?

In fact, whether it is 壁 or gecko, their eyes have no eyelids, only a clear film.Licking this film with his tongue is to keep your eyes clean and moist.And their tongue is very long, like a spoon that lick eyes, drink water, and eat nectar.The human tongue is too short to reach the tip of the nose at all.

The picture book "Galligo Gallout Run" talked about the living habits of the gecko. Not only that, the picture book also depicts how a green New Zealand gecko has spent a day. It is looking for food carefully and preparing to escape at all times.

Its safety awareness is very in place. As a crawler that does not have advantages in nature in nature, it can only observe the surrounding environment and practice the ability to escape quickly to survive in nature.

The little gecko in the picture book opened his eyes in the first ray of the early morning sunshine.

After the sun, I went out for food.It passed through the woods, slipped over the grass, ran across rotten wood, passed through the river, licked the early morning dew, tasted honey, ate a few flies, caught a few beetles, and swallowed a few berries.At the same time, it is very vigilant, for fear of danger, every time it takes a look at it, and look down to ensure that there is no danger to eat beautifully.

Suddenly the gecko yelled "ah".Will the geckos really yell?When the gecko is threatened by other biology, it will make his mouth open a lot, suddenly rushing forward, shouting "Ah-" to scare or threatened the unable to threaten.

At this time, the little gecko saw a big bird, and the danger came subconsciously.Gecko immediately acted and ran quickly.The escape route remembered it, and ran home quickly along the original road.Fortunately, the gecko has a strong sense of security and high vigilance to escape under natural enemy’s eyelids.

In fact, children must also strengthen their awareness in their lives.For example, when crossing the road, you must abide by traffic rules, do not touch the appliances at home at home, do not open the door for strangers, and so on.When looking at the picture book, we can discuss the precautions for safety with our children.

In addition, we can also understand the lifestyle of New Zealand geckos.For example, the geckos mentioned earlier have no eyelids and lick their eyes with their tongues; for example, geckos are crawls, but they are not eggs but viviparous.After 8-9 months of pregnancy, Gecko Mother gave birth to a small gecko. As soon as she was born, the little gecko would crawl around.These knowledge points are particularly interesting and novel, and children love to listen.

This picture book has a relaxed language style, the rhythm of reading is strong, and it is a book that reads a book that reads.

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