The daughter -in -law was pregnant, and the mother -in -law was not unhappy, and gave her a lesson#儿 … …

When I met such a daughter -in -law, my mother -in -law ran away.The daughter -in -law was pregnant and showed the test sheet to her mother -in -law, saying that my mother was pregnant.My mother -in -law said happily: "You have been married for two years, so good to raise your fetus." The daughter -in -law said mother, don’t be happy too early.I have two conditions. Originally, this child didn’t want it, but your son had to have it.But you must promise me two conditions.

First, if you agree, I will give birth.First of all, we have just set up a family, and the economic conditions are not adequate. Therefore, in the future, the children’s spending, you and your father -in -law must take part in part.

The second is that it is impossible for my mother to bring the child.Now you have retired, and the children also have your family surname, which is also the flesh of your family. You should also bring it.These two conditions.If I promise me and I will give birth, I will kill it without promising.Look at the stiffness, not hard, cow is not cow?This mother -in -law is not vegetarian, and said calmly.It stands to reason that you are pregnant with our children, and I am very happy.In fact, I have planned before. If you say that you have a child, I will do my best to help you bring it.But after listening to you today, I might change my thoughts.I want to ask you a few questions. When I was in the New Year, I was tired of my back pain. Have you helped me once?And you have been married for two years. I have bought me a gift for me on my birthday. I am sick and hospitalized this year. Have you waited for me one day?Nothing has not.Why do you ask me to help you bring it?Is the surname of our family surname?Don’t forget that your child is born, you are a person with a sound limbs, and raising children is your responsibility and obligation.Of course, you also have the right to decide that children should not.People and people are mutually mutual, nothing should be or not.In this world, only you have the one you born with you must be responsible.It depends on the situation, so whether this child is still or not, you make a decision yourself.After speaking, my mother -in -law turned and left.The daughter -in -law was stupid on the spot, and she was speechless for a long time.You said that these daughters -in -law now complain that my mother -in -law will not bring children every day, and I will tell you.In addition to individual selfish and lazy mother -in -law, most of the mother -in -law did not want to help you bring you, know?You said that your attitude, mother -in -law should do everything, asking people to be so strong and straightforward.Do you say your mother -in -law dares to do things for you?Even if he was exhausted, he brought two generations.I dare to say that she did not even have a career in the end.If you really meet such a daughter -in -law, you can run quickly. You might as well cherish your body and live well.

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