The daughter -in -law was spoiled by the whole family, but the willful abortion was abandoned and ignored

Episode 10 of "Double -sided Glies".

The daughter -in -law was petted by her mother -in -law, but she was disliked after abortion.This is the braised pork made by your mother.This is what you say that’re too.What are you doing?I did it for Li Jian.Want to eat tightly, right?

Originally, the tip of the needle was now in love with Mai Mang’s mother -in -law.Just because Li Juan was pregnant, Li Juan’s status at home was instantly improved after the hospital examination.Ya Ping obeyed Li Juan as before his parents came.No need to do any housework, just lie in bed.The mother -in -law will send the fruit nutrition products to Li Juan’s mouth, and Lijuan only needs to eat.The braised pork that men can only eat can only let Lijuan eat now.

Li Juan really realized what mother is expensive.The mother -in -law never said that Li Juan’s badness will only make Ya Ping take care of Li Juan, and even A Ping’s father is asked to smoke less.When the unit arrived, it became a protective animal.It was just that her mother -in -law always stared at Li Juan’s belly, making Li Juan feel creepy.However, it does not hinder himself from sharing the two mother -in -law’s battle with Sister Cai.Sister Cai is not obsessed with buying a new house. After all, her in -laws guarantee that the current house will return to herself.Mei Juan advised Sister Cai not to be too optimistic.In the end, the house is the old man’s words, let Sister Cai pay more attention.Don’t be fascinated by the in -laws of Xiao En Xiaohui.

Sister Cai was also going on.Li Juan, who returned home, also returned to her mother’s house on the weekend.Lijuan’s parents naturally and careful.When Yaping went out to buy food for Li Juan, Li Juan’s mother asked Li Juan to take this opportunity to squeeze how much her mother -in -law had, and she must pick it out and leave it to the children in her belly.

However, Li Juan didn’t think so. The in -laws’ house was not rich. His child raised himself, and he would not let his in -laws spend.And even 20,000 yuan for getting married.The in -laws are staring at how they use it. If they still draw their pensions, they will not be stared at the mother -in -law for a lifetime.However, Li Juan’s mother thinks not to be nothing, otherwise she will be occupied by Sister Yaping.

At that time, Li Juan was still suffering. However, Li Juan would not expect her in -laws to see it.Li Juan’s parents can only follow Li Juan, and enjoyed a lot of Aping for a day at her parents’ house.The young couple strolled on the street, but Li Juan proposed on the road, and went home to the bed and flipped the book.But Ya Ping felt that Li Juan was just pregnant, but now it is unsafe to flip the book, but Li Juan is not reluctant. Yaping can only enter Li Juan’s wish.But afterwards, she was worried that Li Juan was not satisfied and wanted to continue to let Yaping go through the book.

So the two tossed again, and Ya Ping was scared in the morning, but Li Juan went to work with satisfaction.However, Le Ji was sad, and his body was suddenly uncomfortable, but no one dared to say.I went home early, and my mother -in -law looked in her heart.It wasn’t until Yaping fell asleep in the evening that Li Juan couldn’t help telling Ya Ping that he had seen red.

Yaping was scared in an instant, and knew that the child had something to do.Li Juan was aggrieved and anxious, and the child was sad.Although it was the result of their own waywardness, she really needed Ya Ping’s comfort, but Yaping vented all the anger and led Ya Ping’s mother directly.

I do n’t know that my mother -in -law wants to blame Yaping, and Yaping can only let her mother see Li Juan ’s situation.Yaping’s mother first appeased the younger couple and went to the hospital for examination after dawn.I also blame Yaping to do nothing, but Yaping was unwilling to carry a pot for Li Juan, and Yaping’s mother could only put A Ping out.After arriving at the hospital the next day, the child really couldn’t keep it.The doctor only said that it was not necessarily because of the same room, but Yaping only knew that the child who was thinking about the whole family was gone by Li Juan’s willfulness.

Although Li Juan was suffering, she had no mood to coax Li Juan.The whole family was in a state of downturn. How happy everyone was at first, how sad they are now, they are silently blame Li Juan.The in -laws also began to complain about Li Juan.Lijuan is not a taste in his ears, but he has to raise a small confinement.The mother -in -law couldn’t wait to leave for a day.Yaping also had a good look at himself.Li Juan, who is not taking care of, can only call her parents and see Li Juan, who has a pale face.The old couple were distressed, and a child took Li Juan to the sky, and he took the lead.

Such a mother -in -law made Li Juan’s parents too cold. Li Juan also tried to help Yaping and her in -laws as much as possible. However, Lijuan’s parents still distressed their daughter.Li Juan’s father wanted to do something for her daughter, but found that there was nothing in the refrigerator, not even cup of milk.This made Li Juan’s parents regret it.This is the case of Yaping’s parents. At that time, the name of the house should only write Li Juan, and should not bring Ya Ping’s name.However, Li Juan knew that the current mortgage was still back to Yaping, and her parents didn’t want to say more. They only instructed Li Juan to leave more snacks and went out to buy what Li Juan bought.

The sudden departure of Yaping’s parents made Yaping very uncomfortable. When he returned home, he had no hot water to boil tea. He dripped the rain without hot water to take a bath.I want to expect Li Juan to do at home in exchange for Li Juan’s point of finger Sang Huai.Without let Yaping wait for his little confinement, Yaping should burn high incense.

Ya Ping could only come to serve Lijuan, but because the unit overtime was too busy for a while, he fell asleep.The small days of the two returned to the past, but can they really return to the past?

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