The daughter is not married, and her parents feel faceless, forced her daughter to have a miscarriage

In our hometown, if the daughter was pregnant without getting married, parents and family members were very shameless. In this case, parents are likely to drive their daughters out of the house and even break the relationship with their daughters.If you say that the mother -in -law’s family, then the original gifts will be greatly reduced, so many people have strictly disciplined after the daughter grows up.People (elder sister or sister) monitor.

In today’s real society, many girls are pregnant before they are unmarried. Because their parents are influenced by traditional thoughts, families who are more conservative and backward will still think that they are very faceless, but the response is not strong before.

In the near future, my neighboring village family was 23 years old. After graduating from junior high school, I went to a semester after graduating from junior high school. I did not complete all my studies. Later, I opened a second -hand car company with my friends.Stable, time less.His sister also worked in nearby urban areas, with a small income, and has not given the family in the economy for many years.There is no house or a car, renting a house in the city, the mother works in a aquatic shop, the father does construction, the investment of multiple construction sites failed, the cost failed to recover.

Girls and boys are studying in the same middle school. They are still junior high school classmates and 23 years old. She is slim and 165 cm tall. The long black hair is scattered on the back. From a distance, A pair of big eyes, a full nose, set off the corner of the small mouth of the cherry mouth on the slightly Yang Yang, which said that Yangkou was blessing on the corner of the mouth, and the white teeth slightly rosy lips were like lipsticks.The red -flushed face is also a rare beauty.Her family conditions are a tyrant in the city. After graduating from college, she works in the city’s furniture factory. Each family of the family brings a luxury car. There are many shops. His villas are still shareholders of a group company.

The boy’s body with a height of 175 cm, the white face is like an egg that has just been cut off, black and black eyebrows are hung on the naughty eyes, the nose -like nose, the upper and lower rows of white as white as snow.The teeth, raising their hands to show the domineering of the king, especially when they came down from the luxury car, I do not know how many girls were obsessed.

His rich girlfriend is naturally no exception. When they fell in love, the boy did not know that his girlfriend was a rich rich girl. After knowing that he had hid for a long time for a long time, no matter how the boy played, the girl could pass a friend through friends.Finding him, except for the disparity of family conditions, it was really a natural pair. The girl parents knew that they were falling in love, but they did not block the bar.

In contrast, the door is wrong. The parents of the woman found that her daughter was pregnant, and she was completely opposed to this family.The hospital was aborted. The daughter resolutely did not agree that the relationship was unwilling to have a miscarriage. Therefore, the mother controlled her daughter’s personal freedom and was inseparable. In this way, the two sides stalemate in the hospital for one day and one night, and the parents still gave up.

After returning home, the girl’s parents asked to buy hardware and color gifts 66,000. The boy’s parents made it easy to do it, and the gift money was given to the girl. Her parents did not move. Because her daughter was pregnant, her parents felt very faceless.In the end, the girl was driven out of the house by her parents, and Yang Yan never recognized this relative.

This is a real story, not fiction. What do friends think?Is it right for girls’ parents?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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